How to clean the house with salt

How to clean the house with salt

Each house is full of numerous cleaning products.but the cheapest and most effective is common salt. As if sea or small table salt, it can be used for cleaning and washing of many things.

10 cleaning methods

We present 10 ways to clean the whole house cjkm. Within a few minutes:

  • Clean metal objects with a mixture of salt, flour and vinegar, take proportions in equal amounts.
  • Cleans stains on the carpet - pour salt over the stained place. Wait a few minutes and get rid of the stain with a vacuum cleaner.
  • To easily clean the pan from the deposit at the bottom, immediately after use, pour the salt to the bottom and wash it in the usual way.
  • Coffee stains are removed if rubbing salt into the clothes in the clothes.
  • You can clean the iron in the same way, put salt on an old cloth, heat the sole, and then iron the old cloth several times with a hot iron.
  • To clean the sponge for washing dishes from bacteria, immerse them in boiling, salted water.
  • If the flowers were in a vase longer than usual and now it is impossible to get rid of the musty unpleasant smell emanating from the vase, simply wash the vase with salt, then rinse with warm water.
  • To get rid of ants pour salt places near windows and doors.
  • Make a super effective floor cleaner, dissolve 1 cup of salt in a bucket of water.
  • If you want dark sheets or jeans to keep their color for a long time, constantly wash 1 large spoonful of salt in the washing machine when washing.
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