How to clean the mold from the walls with home remedies

How to clean the mold from the walls with home remedies

If the walls and ceilings of your bathroom orother areas are covered with mold, which grows all the time and is not cleaned, most likely this is because the mold is under the paint. It might not make any sense, but if the mold continues to grow back, this indicates its growth between paint and drywall or plaster. This phenomenon is very common in humid rooms, such as in the bathroom or even behind the stove if you cook a lot, and pans, releasing steam, collect moisture on the walls around, collecting mold and fungus. If steam condenses on the back wall, behind the stove, you can find paint strippers or even remove drywall to fix this problem.

Chlorine Mold Cleaning

If mold grows over paint, then fix itYou can only remove the layer of paint and drywall treatment means from the mold. This process requires a lot of work, there is a way easier, but no less effective. You can simply clean the walls with chlorine or bleach and leave the room for a few days until it is completely dry. Then you can simply paint over the treated area with gloss or semi-gloss paint. Other paints can actually absorb enough moisture and the mold will start to grow again. Glossy or semi-gloss paints will act as a waterproof barrier and prevent mold from re-occurring. Now the bad news, the mold has not gone away, you just sealed it into the wall or ceiling. In the end, after a while you can see a dark spot under your freshly painted walls. This will indicate that the mold is growing under the paint.

Mold on the walls under the paint

If you have problems cleaning the walls frommold know that most likely it grows under paint. The best thing you can do is bleach or chlorine, carefully read the instructions of these products before use, and if the mold continues to return, you need to paint or remove the mold from the drywall, re-plaster and then paint the walls in a new way. You have several options. Always try to clean the mold with bleach first, and if there is a problem in the bathroom, then it is recommended to leave the door open to prevent moisture accumulation in the room. Open a window or turn on the fan, do this so that the moisture evaporates as quickly as possible, until you know exactly what the mold is gone.