How to cut a glass bottle with a regular thread - in 3 minutes

How to cut a glass bottle with a regular thread - in 3 minutes

Master class on cutting the bottle with thread AllIt is well known that you can make many useful and original things with your own hands from unnecessary glass bottles. However, not everyone knows how easy it is, because many people do not know how to cut off a part of the bottle without a glass cutter. We offer you a master class on how to cut a glass bottle with a regular thread quickly and easily at home without using a special tool. The content of the article:


In order to cut the glass bottle we need:

  • A piece of ordinary cotton thread.
  • Acetone or alcohol.
  • Capacity with cold water.
  • Matches or lighters.

Thread cutting order

Step 1 Cotton thread dipped in acetoneOutline a line on which to cut the bottle. We moisten the thread in acetone and we wind it several times along the intended line. Tie a rope and cut off its ends. Ties tightly Cut the ends of the thread Step 2 Holding the bottle horizontally above the water tank, we light the thread. At the same time the bottle must be turned to ensure uniform heating. We set fire to the thread Step 3 As soon as the thread burns out, immediately you need to dip the bottle in a container with cold water. From a sharp temperature drop, the glass itself will crack along the line where the rope was. Dipping the bottle in very cold water Step 4 Separate the two parts of the bottle with your hands. At lastStage can only process the edge with an emery or file. Then you can make an original candlestick or a flower vase from the glass you received, decorating the product to your own taste, in general, experiment! Grind with sandpaper cut