How to decorate a coffee table: what to put and how to decorate to attract attention (39 photos)

How to decorate a coffee table: what to put and how to decorate to attract attention (39 photos)

A coffee table in the apartment is always needed andactual thing. It is useful not only in terms of decor, but also in everyday life. There are situations when I would like to freshen it up a bit and give a new look. And we will not talk about global changes, but more about simple decorative improvements. Content

Ideas for updating a coffee table

Before using one of the optionstransformations, the table will need to be completely cleaned of dirt and other unwanted defects. When everything is ready, you can begin the main creative work. Striped table. The idea is not very new, but alwaysoriginal. The design of such a table will look quite colorful and fresh. To get started, select the desired coloring colors. It can be traditional combinations, or the most unexpected and colorful options. In work, masking tape and brushes will help us. DIY striped table So firstcompletely cover the table with the background shade of the desired color. Then glue the strips of adhesive tape and paint the remaining area in a different shade. It is advisable to do everything in several layers so that the tones are rich and beautiful. In the final stage, just peel off the tape and wait until everything dries. For reliability (optional), you can cover everything with transparent varnish on top. In a similar pattern, do not only stripes, but also zigzags, triangles and any other geometric shapes. Stroke painting Having painted the table with such paint, you will get a black or dark green hue. The highlight of this solution will be the ability to draw with crayons right there. In such a simple way, an ordinary boring day can turn into real fun. Coffee table where you can drawThe film There are also many ideas, because the variety of films for gluing on a coffee table is quite large. It can be either a color film of any subject, or slate or even marker white. Now without problems it will be possible to write there with markers or draw with crayons. Colorful film as table decorationstrips You can use scotch tape to create a bright coffee table design. In the modern assortment, there are many interesting patterns and textures of adhesive tape, so there will definitely be something to choose from. Table decor with colored stripes of tapeDecor with tiles Decorative tiles or mosaics will undoubtedly turn your table into a real highlight of the interior. This version of the material is quite practical, because it is not afraid of moisture and is quite easy to care for. Table decoration with tiles PrincipleSticking is similar to the process as with the walls. Standard tile adhesive and grout are used. The work is simple, and the field for creativity is very extensive. You can lay out the table with a simple fragment of the picture, or make it in the form of a Spanish-style mosaic effect. Using book pages Sometimes it happens that too many books have accumulated in a house. It turns out that it is a pity to throw it away, but there is nowhere to use it especially. We offer to bring a non-standard idea to life and design a coffee table using book pages. For work, we need directly the pages themselves and PVA glue. Fix the work with varnish on top (it is recommended to use the spray can option). Now our surface is smooth and protected. Stylish table with book pages. LaceAn interesting approach to the design of the table will be coloring with lace. In this embodiment, it will act as a stencil. We will need an old lace, a tulle with an ornament or any other similar material with a pattern that we like. It is best to use a spray can or sponge in your work. So we will ensure accurate drawing and prevent it from smearing. Do-it-yourself delicate lace trim Books inas an accessory They will look beautiful on your coffee table and decorate the general interior of the room. It’s better to choose those options that are brighter and hardcover. You can focus on those that could reflect your hobbies and interests. Alternatively, put magazines instead of books. They will be not only decoration, but also entertainment at your leisure for you and your guests. Books as an element of decor Flowers This is one of the mostcute and natural materials that can be used in the design of the table. Fresh flowers in a large or small vase, a pot of orchids or any other flowers will decorate the table and create a pleasant atmosphere in general. Table decoration with flowers. Candles. ThisThe decor element on the coffee table is able to create a laid-back romantic atmosphere that will help you relax and forget all the bad. You can place long candles in tall candlesticks or small but scented ones. Candles in the interior of a coffee tableDecorative accent Such items can be a variety of souvenirs that you brought from a trip. The most important thing is that they cause you positive emotions and harmonize with each other. Well, if it will be one large subject, rather than several small ones. Original decorative emphasis on the table. Tray.He will play not only a decorative role, but also play a very useful role in terms of functionality. The most commonly used are rectangular versions of this item, but sometimes you can find round ones. Square tray with vase and flowers. Accessories fromnatural material A piece of nature can always be with you and please the eye. Place a small seashell, coral, beautifully crafted driftwood, cones, dried flowers and other similar items on the coffee table. use of natural materials for table decoration

Original ideas for the table

We looked at ideas for items that candecorate the coffee table. And why not consider the table itself as a decoration? If you come creatively and with imagination to this issue, you can get a rather interesting solution. A table of pallets If you have oldpallets - you can create a good version of a coffee table, which is almost ready in principle. It can be left in natural color and texture, or painted in any other. Additionally, set the wheels for convenient movement over the area of ​​a room or apartment. Fancy pallets table Radiator tableAnother non-standard idea that can really be realized. A wonderful combination of a radiator (as a basis) and thick tempered glass in the form of a tabletop can create a furor in the interior design of any room. Using a radiator as materialbasics A table from a window and books Sounds quite extraordinary and intriguing. It is done quite simply and does not take much time. You can make legs out of wooden blocks or books. Colorful table of books and windows. Coffee table.from the door If you recently changed the old interior doors to new ones - do not rush to throw them out. Why not give them a second life and make an extravagant table for a room for themselves. Extraordinary table from the doorsLittle table Nowadays, fashion designers use old tires in various manifestations of the interior, including as bedside tables or small tables. To create a table, we need a tire and plywood of a diameter suitable for you. If desired, you can make additional storage space or a cache in the middle of our table. Tire as a coffee table in the interiorlogs and chipboard At first it seems that the table is composed of absolute birch beams. But in fact, this is an ordinary plywood box, which is decorated with logs. Using logs as materialA table made of stump and logs The secret of this creation of art will be to pre-clean and polish the stump, if you wish, you can cover the surface with varnish or paint. The product is ready and can be used as an original coffee table in the interior. The original use of stumps in interior design Basket-table A beautiful wicker basket will become a good basis for a table, moreover, it will have an additional place for storing things. Functional basket with storagethings A table of boxes If you have old boxes of fruits and vegetables lying around in your country house, you can use them as an extraordinary coffee table for your home. It takes only four drawers and a bit of creativity to carry out such an idea. Drawer as a decor itemcoils Coils from industrial cables are a rare material, but if you are lucky enough to get them, they will become a unique highlight in the form of a table in the interior of any room. You can clean it and put it in this form, or make a little effort and time to decorate it with the help of various decorative materials. Using coils in the house The coffee table in the house is an indispensable item,which also requires design and a designer approach. It can be decorated with various objects, or made of unusual materials, which in itself will be quite interesting and beautiful. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!