How to decorate a flower pot with lace, shells, mosaic, fabric, cereals and twigs with your own hands (39 photos)

How to decorate a flower pot with lace, shells, mosaic, fabric, cereals and twigs with your own hands (39 photos)

Indoor plants adorn the interior of the room,give it a picturesque and aesthetic look. In order for indoor plants to harmonize with the surrounding space and become a spectacular accent in the interior, care should be taken that the flowers are always well-groomed and grown in beautiful original pots. How to decorate a flower pot with lace, shells, mosaic, fabric, cereals and twigs with your own hands photoHow to decorate a flower pot with lace, shells, mosaic, fabric, cereals and twigs with your own hands photo Beautiful pots and flower stands canpurchase at the store, but they will cost a lot. In the presence of free time, improvised means and the desire to save money, you can create truly unique handmade masterpieces suitable for a specific interior design. How to decorate a flower pot with improvised toolsHow to decorate a flower pot with improvised tools

    Flower pots decorated with lace

    If the design of your apartment or room is made inromantic style, it is perfectly emphasized by its indoor plants in handmade pots decorated with graceful lace. Translucent white lace fabric will emphasize the interior, symbolizing the sophistication and sensuality of a romantic style. In order to make such a pot you will need lace fabric, glue and the pot itself as the basis for a future work of art. Glue is most often used by PVA, but other options are not forbidden. If you need to give the pot elements of a romantic style, then you should choose a white pot or delicate pastel shades as the basis. If it is necessary to give such a pot contrast and severity, then white lace can be combined with a black pot. Flower pot decorated with lace fabricFlower pot decorated with lace fabric

    Cereal flower pots

    Such pots will be especially relevant in the dining roomroom or kitchen. For the manufacture you will need the simplest clay pot, glue and various types of cereals - peas, beans, rice, buckwheat, millet. As for the process of gluing cereals onto the pot, here you can completely trust your creative impulses. You can combine different cereals in shape, size and color, or decorate the pot with rice cereal completely, and then paint it with paints. In addition, you can combine cereals with various beads or rhinestones.

    Decoration pot with knitted fabric

    The idea of ​​decorating the pot with a knitted fabric would berelevant for those who know how to knit well or crochet. It will be enough to knit a small cover corresponding to the size of the flower pot. You can use as plain yarn, or combine several different colors that are present in the interior of the room. Such an interior detail as a houseplant wrapped in warm knitted fabric will bring a feeling of warmth and coziness to your home.

    Seashell pot decoration

    Suitable for marine subjects. If the interior of the room is made mainly in blue and white, then such an element of decor, such as flower pots decorated with shells, will emphasize the marine style. A glance falling on flower pots with shells will mentally take you to the sea coast with snow-white sand, warm waves and fresh sea breezes. As a base, pots of blue-blue shades contrasting with white shells are suitable. Decorating a pot with shellsDecorating a pot with shells

    Mosaic pot decoration

    You can also beautifully decorate a flower potpieces of broken glass or utensils, laying it out with mosaic. To create such a handmade masterpiece you need to be especially careful not to get hurt. When the glue with the mosaic has dried, apply a layer of acrylic varnish on top. Mosaic pot decorationMosaic pot decoration

    Decor flower pot with twigs and stones

    The rustic style or country style isone of the most popular fashion trends in design. It involves extensive use of natural materials such as wood and stone. Decor elements made in this style should be simple and natural, like nature itself. There are many different ways to decorate a country style flower pot. In particular, wooden sticks can be used. The pot should be wrapped in burlap, fasten the wooden sticks of the same length by means of a rope and wrap the pot with them. A great alternative to the previous option can be stones. They should be small and relatively light. A flower pot decorated with wooden sticksA flower pot decorated with wooden sticks Flower pots decorated with natural stonesFlower pots decorated with natural stones

    How to decorate a flower pot with improvised means

    Of the ordinary, seemingly unremarkablehousehold items, you can get a unique work of art that will decorate the interior. So, for example, you can decorate the simplest flower pot with simple pencils with eraser. Or ordinary wooden clothespins. No less interesting option is obtained using buttons of various shapes and colors. Also, old beads can be an excellent material for creating a handmade masterpiece. Decoration of pots for indoor plants withusing various objects and materials is a creative and exciting activity that will not only brighten up your interior, but will most likely become a favorite hobby. Elvira Goleva for Do you like the article? Share on social networks!