How to decorate a hair comb: a master class

How to decorate a hair comb: a master class

Hair comb This summer is very popularflower hair ornaments: all sorts of wreaths, headbands, rezinochki, hairpins are worn by small girls and women of mature age. Such decorations can be made with your own hands, spending a little time and effort. The process is very pleasant and the result is pleasing to the eye. In addition to the finished latex roses, you can use.

Hair Comb Decoration Materials & Tools

For the basis for decorating we take the usualplastic comb, in addition to it, you will need the following materials: - glue gun; - latex roses; - leaves of cloth; - decorative twigs, berries; - acetone or nail polish remover; - cotton pad. How to decorate a hair comb

We decorate a hair comb: job description

Before you start, you need to take care ofthe workplace: we cover the table with oilcloth, as in the process there are a lot of scrap and drops of glue fall on the table, which then have to be torn off. So, let's start - we defat the scallop with nail polish remover. This is necessary for a stronger glue adhesion to the plastic base. How to decorate a hair comb Apply the melted hot glue evenly along the edge of the scallop, place the leaves on it (it is better to pre-determine their location). How to decorate a hair comb How to decorate a hair comb We prepare decorative elements: we cut the stalks, fold and twist the legs of the berries, glue the petals of roses, so that they do not separate and in the process of socks the center piece does not fall out. How to decorate a hair comb It is advisable to “try on” the decor before attaching it to the comb. You can start gluing from the middle as well as from the edge. We put a little glue on the leaf and put a rosette. How to decorate a hair comb The berries must be glued so that they andheld tight and looked neat. Therefore, most of the legs hide under the roses. From above on the stem of the berry we immediately glue the flower. Color roses alternate through one. How to decorate a hair comb How to decorate a hair comb Fill the distance between the roses with glue, carefully glue in the decorative twigs. They, like roses, it is better to take two colors and alternate through one. How to decorate a hair comb Next, glue the berry again, on top - a rose,between the roses, do not forget to leave a small gap, and glue in the decorative twigs. And so alternate until we fill the entire surface of the plastic base. Since the number of colors is taken odd, make sure that one rose was glued clearly in the middle of the comb. Decorate hair comb Wedding scallops for hair Hair comb By the same principle, you can make a hair tie. We glue one leaf on one side of the rubber, the second on the other, thus making the basis for the future of a bunch. Foundation for hair tie We glue the branches with berries in the middle, flowers on the top, and decorative branches between the roses. Thus we form a bunch of an odd number of flowers. Decorate hair elastic Ready hair tie In the same way, you can decorate a children's bandage on the head or the bezel. The principle of operation is very simple, absolutely everyone will be able to cope with the task! Enjoy your creativity! Set of handmade hair ornaments with artificial flowers Artificial flower hair tie Comb for hair do it yourself Wedding hair comb Irina Golub specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: