How to decorate the house for the New Year: ideas for New Year's decor (25 photos)

How to decorate the house for the New Year: ideas for New Year's decor (25 photos)


    How to decorate the house for the New Year

    As a rule, in early December everyone startsdecorate their homes and apartments for the upcoming New Year holidays. New Year decorations and elements are able to transfer everyone for a while to a carefree fun childhood, to make the atmosphere in the house fabulous. And you can enjoy this atmosphere for a whole month. A few simple tips will help you decorate the house for the New Year holidays beautifully, stylishly and originally. The favorite colors of the New Year holidays are green, red, blue, white, and gold. If you mix them correctly and dilute them a little with other, no less interesting, colors, you can get an excellent decoration of your house or apartment for the New Year. On the eve of the New Year, everyone wants to create a small fairytale castle from their home.

    Christmas tree

    Most people have a New Year home decorationstarts with a christmas tree. Usually all family members are involved in this process. In order for the forest beauty to acquire a festive elegant look, you can use garlands, toys, tinsel, specially prepared crafts and even sweets and cones. The more creative you come to this work, the more interesting and beautiful it will look. An interesting solution can be Christmas toys from various improvised materials made by yourself. . . In addition to the main Christmas tree, you can arrange different original small Christmas trees throughout the apartment. Such Christmas trees can be knitted, sewn from fabric, weaved from beads, made of wood or paper. You can also decorate the house with fir branches, which will spread a pleasant aroma to the rooms. Under the main tree you can sprinkle artificial snow or beautifully lay cotton wool. Place the figures of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden under the Christmas tree and carefully arrange the gifts. Christmas treeDecorated christmas tree

    Christmas wreaths

    Colorful Christmas wreaths traditionally hang.on the front door. You can buy a similar wreath at any Christmas market or in a special department of the supermarket. However, if you try a little and show a little imagination and patience, you can make an excellent Christmas wreath with your own hands. If you make such a wreath from living spruce branches and add other natural materials to it, then your home will be filled with a fragrant aroma. You can hang a Christmas wreath not only on the door. It will look great on windows, walls, a chandelier, above a fireplace, on a chandelier and above a dining table. Christmas wreathChristmas wreath

    Window decoration for the new year

    There are many different options for New Year.window decoration. It all depends on your imagination. A classic window decor is paper cut snowflakes. Such snowflakes can be used not only for window decoration. Also on the windows you can apply a picture. You can draw it yourself or stick on a finished picture. Between the glasses you can beautifully put cotton wool, toys, tinsel, beads or use a ready-made garland for this. If this is not possible, then in this way you can decorate the windowsill. The cornice and curtains can be decorated with beautiful, hanging garlands or beads. On the other side of the window you can attach a figurine of a cheerful Santa Claus, who carries gifts to your house along a rope ladder. New Year window decorationNew Year window decoration

    Christmas candles

    A more festive atmosphere will make the apartChristmas candles all over the house. Autumn is just from ordinary candles using tinsel, satin ribbons, sparkles, cones and other decorative elements, to make beautiful, bright, festive candles. Which will become an interesting decoration of the New Year's interior. Candles for New Year's decorCandles for New Year's decor

    Funny christmas decor

    Do not miss out on holiday decorationout of sight any trifle. Various stickers on glasses, fridge magnets, a luminous garland in a glass vessel, decorative pillows, and of course vases with tangerines can perfectly complement the New Year’s interior. Christmas tree decorations do not have to decorate only the Christmas tree. They will look great on windows, furniture or in a vase on a coffee table. . Christmas toys in New Year’s home decorChristmas toys in New Year’s home decor Do you like the article? Share on social networks!