How to decorate the wall Economical! 30 ideas - charts and templates

How to decorate the wall Economical! 30 ideas - charts and templates

What to do if the house was an empty wall andhow to decorate it and what kind of decoration to hang on the wall - read the article! Here we have collected the basic methods of how to decorate the wall budget with their own hands! From the most basic ideas that even a child can repeat, to more complex ones, such as painting walls - choose any! Under each method there is a link with detailed master classes! The content of the article:


 We hang a large mirror on the wall! Mirrors not only look beautiful on the wall and provide an opportunity to admire yourself, but also visually increase the size of the room. We have adopted at most standard mirrors and all of them are mostly about the same: the bathroom and the corridor. Designer mirrors are very expensive, just last week I was convinced of this in the hardware store. But even an ordinary mirror can be transformed and decorated in such a way that neither it nor the walls will be recognized. See and be inspired by the ideas on the link: Master Class ""  Or many small mirrors - create the illusion of modernity Figured mirrors on the wall - at the peak of popularity Mirror feather - great accent on the wall!

Decorate the wall with wallpaper

The ideal option to design a blank wall for those who, for example, have old wallpaper on the wall or need something to close or disguise.

  • We buy a roll of wallpaper in a contrasting color or take a scrap of old wallpaper.
  • We post the collage first on the floor in order to understand what happens at the end.
  • And glue wallpaper paste on top of old wallpaper.
  • 10 rules Accent wall of wallpaper ATTENTION: You can glue over old ones only if they hold well!

    To paint with patterns and drawings

    The most expensive, but very beautiful methodto transform and decorate an empty wall in the apartment - drawing a pattern with paint for a stencil or masking tape. The advantage of this method is that it is durable and applicable to any room: in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Step-by-step master classes ""

    Colored tape or adhesive paper

    If you do not want to mess around for a long time with paint - simpleThe way to decorate a wall is colored tape or self-adhesive paper. We cut crosses, circles or hearts - now such a minimalist and geometric print on the wall is in fashion and it looks very stylish! Little crosses on the wall Decoration with adhesive tape wall decoration in children's adhesive tape Registration above the desktop in gold circles of self-bonding

    Fabric panels

    Such fabric paintings are an excellent wall decoration for both the bedroom and the living room. Will look great at the head of the bed or near the TV. The principle of creating panels of fabric:

    • A wooden frame is needed, its cost is about 1-2 dollars. And you can order in any framing workshop.
    • Choose any suitable cut of color fabric. You can use, for example, from an old dress or curtains.
    • With the help of a stapler on a tree or a furniture stapler, pull on the subframe. This process will take no more than 10-20 minutes.

    More master classes - in this article!

    Homemade paintings

    To do this, you are not required to be an artist,Consider the basic techniques of creating simple paintings for decorating walls. You need to understand what to draw on - the basis and how to draw. Choose methods and combine! The foundation:

  • Thick cardboard or watercolor paper. In this case, after making the picture is better to insert it into the frame for the photo. Or order a frame in the workshop
  • Covers for cardboard boxes, such as shoes
  • Subframe with a stretched and loaded canvas. You can buy ready-made or purchase a subframe separately and pull on a white cloth with a stapler
  • Paints: Acrylic paints are the best option for beginners. They are water soluble and easy to apply. How to draw:

  • Masking tape or duct tape - we apply chaotically and create beautiful geometry as in the photo below.
  • Templates - ready cut templates are applied to the base and paint over it. Even a child can repeat!
  • Stamps: any object can act as it, for example, your palm, a leaf of a tree or thread.
  • Master Class: Watercolor collage Such a homemade picture looks bright and colorful, done quickly, and it also costs almost nothing. Follow all step by step instructions and within an hour everything will be ready and the picture will be able to decorate one of the walls in your apartment. Materials:

    • watercolor drawings
    • scissors, canvas
    • white paint glue.

    Step-by-step instruction:

  • Make a few watercolor drawings on wet paper. You can take any old drawings, your own or children's ones, no matter what is shown, then they will be cut and only the color gamut will be visible.
  • Cut the pictures into small triangles. Do not worry about even lines or the same size, it does not matter here at all.
  • Next you need a canvas, in the photo it is 60 cm x 60 cm, but here at your discretion. Cover it with white paint and let it dry.
  • Lay out the triangles on the canvas, leaving betweengaps and glue them. The picture is ready! Master class: Stencilled inscription on top of a picture An interesting way to display an inspiring inscription, a favorite quote or verse. Materials:

    • a picture (landscapes are well suited), glued stencils of letters,
    • scissors, white paint (it is possible and a different color at will and based on the colors in the picture itself).

    Step-by-step instruction:

  • Select a picture for the background on which you will write. Prepare stencils (buy or print yourself on the adhesive paper). Cut the letters, at this stage only about.
  • Spread the letters on the picture, forming an inscription to see if everything fits and what should be the intervals. Trim all letters neatly along the contour and paste them onto the picture.
  • Take the white paint (in this case, it is well suited for the selected landscape).
  • Apply paint on top of the lettering painting. Wait for the paint to dry.
  • Carefully peel off stencils without spoiling the layer of paint around them. Letters should be smooth and sharp.
  • The picture is ready to take its place on the wall of your apartment!


    This method will help not only decorate the wall, butalso enjoy pleasant memories every day. You can veil the entire wall, or only a part of it, insert a photo into the frame, or immediately glue it onto the wall, hang it up randomly, or form a pattern — whatever your choice, it will turn out beautifully in its own way. - in this article!

    The plates

    These can be souvenir plates brought fromleisure, or painted with their own hands. They can decorate both the kitchen and the hall or even perfectly fit the walls in the bathroom! There are several ways to hang them on the wall and methods of fixing, you can see the link in more detail: »»


    Create a wilderness spot in your home. Place the branches in the frame and attach to the wall. In the photo options for how this can be done, you can use them, or your own on this basis. Can be used as processed so coarse branches.

    Vertical mini garden

    Plant your house without forcing the tables andwindow sills. Small light pots or vases, made in the same style and attached to the wall in the form of exposure, will help you to do this. Pots can be bought at the store, or you can make yourself from wood or cans. How - in this master class! - look in this article!


    This method will help not only decorate the wall, but alsomake it more functional, place those important things that you would like to have quick access to or simply admire: books, flower pots with flowers, souvenirs. Make (or buy) a shelf of the original form and it will be not just furniture, but a real element of the apartment decor.

    Paper Crafts

    The paper is inexpensive, it can be of various colors and densities, and what you can’t do out of it. Since the field for action is indeed broad, we divide this clause into sub-clauses: Cut out figures Butterflies, hearts, flowersand in the same vein - all this will need only scissors, paper and some free time. You can cut it out using a ready-made stencil or you can draw it yourself, the figures can be flat or curved, creating volume. Paper crafts with a 3D effect. Here you have to show hardness and endurance, but the result is worth it. Stickers Ordinary white stickers, bentseveral times, the original wall decor is transformed. Colored stickers look great even if you just hang them with smooth color transitions, you can also use the most simple origami techniques. Paper panel You can cut the paper into smallpieces, rounded on one side, and hang out so that each came a little on the previous one, thus creating a panel. In the end, you can paint it all from a can or leave it in its original color. Paper baskets for cupcakes Thanks to theirshape, size and reliefs on the sides, they are suitable not only for baking, but also for decoration: easily formed into flowers or just an interesting abstraction.

    Other photos of wall decoration ideas

    Even things like wine corks, pencils,pebbles, spoons and other "ordinary" can appear in a completely new light. Take a closer look at the things around you, turn on the fantasy and think how else you can apply them, besides the usual functions, and you will undoubtedly see many different options for decorating an empty wall that you haven’t even thought about before.