How to decorate windows for the New Year (55 photos)

How to decorate windows for the New Year (55 photos)

How to decorate the windows for the holiday yourself? New Year is a time of miracles and fulfillment of the most cherished desires. The special atmosphere of the miracle is felt in the process of decorating your home on the eve of the holidays. An important role in the New Year's decoration of the house is played by window decoration. Beautifully decorated windows for the New Year will not only help create a special, fabulous atmosphere in the house, but also will cheer up passers-by. How to decorate the windows for the new year with your own hands Decorating windows for the New Year will not require youa lot of time. For decorating windows in your home, materials that are right at your fingertips are suitable. And any household can find the necessary tool. In this review, we have prepared for you original creative ideas on how to beautifully decorate windows for the New Year. Content

    DIY Christmas window decoration

    Perhaps everyone in childhood cut out snowflakes frompaper for the new year. You can recall childhood and decorate the windows with garlands of beautiful snowflakes. There are many different schemes with which you will get very beautiful decorative elements. Snowflakes can simply be glued to glass, strung on a thin thread or fishing line and fixed on the cornice. Window decor made of paper snowflakesWindow decor made of paper snowflakes You can even get real paper from plain paper.New Year's fairy tale. To do this, just cut out the figures of Christmas trees, houses, animals, fairy-tale characters from paper and fix the composition on glass. Garlands or candles burning on the windowsill will help strengthen the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Paper figurines in New Year's window decorPaper figurines in New Year's window decor Another traditional way of window decoration is toNew Year is a picture on glass. To apply a picture to the glass surface, use toothpaste diluted with a small amount of water, special stained-glass paints, or gouache. The drawing is applied with brushes or small foam sponges. The picture will be more festive and bright if you add a little sparkle or artificial snow. New Year's drawing on the windowNew Year's drawing on the window The real find for the lazy are variouswindow stickers with the image of Christmas trees, fairy-tale characters or inscriptions that can be easily glued to the glass. This simple window design will noticeably enliven the interior of the room on the eve of the holidays. New year window stickersNew year window stickers Read also:

    Decoration of windows with garlands and balls for the new year

    With Christmas balls, you can decorate not only the Christmas tree. They will look great in the decor of windows. Balls or other Christmas-tree decorations hanging on ribbons will spin beautifully each time they ate slightly adjusted curtains. Clusters of Christmas toys that are located in the center of the window also look good. It is best to use not very wide satin ribbons for such window decorations. Window decor with Christmas toysWindow decor with Christmas toys In the event that after decorating the New Yearthere are no extra balls and toys left for the tree, you can use cones, dry slices of citrus fruits, cookies, or any suitable decoration for window decoration. However, the easiest way to decorate windows for the New Year is to use garlands. It doesn’t matter exactly how the garland will be hung: by the type of lambrequins, New Year's “rain” or along the entire perimeter of the window, it looks magical. Looks great not only traditional electric garlands for decorating windows, but also to make a similar element of decor from Christmas toys, Christmas boots or letters. Decoration of a window with garlandsDecoration of a window with garlands

    Ecological New Year's decor of windows

    For lovers of wildlife, decorationwindows for the New Year with environmentally friendly materials. For example, a great solution is to decorate the window with twigs wrapped with twine, which will be used to fasten other elements of the New Year's decor. Such decorative branches can be hung from the cornice, then wrap garlands on them, decorate with Christmas toys or other decorations. As a decoration for the window for the New Year, Christmas wreaths are often used. Such wreaths do not have to be made of spruce or pine branches. For the manufacture you can use cones, tree branches, artificial or natural flowers, Christmas tree decorations, fabric or bottle caps. New Year's window decoration with natural materialsNew Year's window decoration with natural materials

    Window sill decor for the new year

    Perfectly complement the design of allthe above methods of New Year's decor of windows festive decoration of the windowsill. Bright, colorful garlands on the window sometimes bother, in this case, a more intimate and delicate atmosphere of the room can be created using decorative candles. Candlesticks, in this case, it is better to choose with the maximum New Year's appearance. They can be independently decorated with cones, twigs, various berries. A small artificial Christmas tree will look good next to the candlesticks. Various figures of New Year's fairy tale characters and animals are also placed on the windowsill. Pine and spruce branches decorated with matt tinsel spread on the windowsill will help to create a festive atmosphere. Transparent containers with garlands inside placed on the windowsills will complement the New Year's decor. Window sill decoration for New YearWindow sill decoration for New Year

    New Year's decor of curtains

    Those who do not have time or desire to decorate windowssnowflakes or drawings, they can simply tie up the curtains on the windows with thin ribbons decorated with cones, small Christmas wreaths, Christmas decorations or other attributes of the upcoming holidays. New Year's decor of curtainsNew Year's decor of curtains Do you like the article? Share on social networks!