How to hang decorative plates on the wall: mount, holder without gvadey do it yourself

How to hang decorative plates on the wall: mount, holder without gvadey do it yourself

Decorative ceramic plates on the wall -Now they are gaining new popularity. This decor is increasingly common with designers and in trendy interiors! How beautifully to place and hang souvenir plates on the wall:

  • 5 ready-made layouts and beautiful hanging rules!
  • 6 ways to make a mount for ceramic plates with your own hands or how to use wall holders and hooks

You will not need much effort to attach such a souvenir on the walls, but the spectacular and original result is guaranteed! The content of the article:

6 ways to mount for decorative plates on the wall

But whichever of these decorating methods you arechosen, then everyone will have to perform the following process - to attach the plates to the wall. Here, too, there are several methods for fixing and attaching plates to the wall:

How to hang a plate on the wall without nails

The easiest method of fixing does not require nails, which does not even require you to drill the walls, and that is to buy special double-sided velcro in the stationery store.

  • if the plate is small, it is enough to stick one sticky tape on it and attach it to the wall,
  • if larger, somewhat on a plate.

Remember that in this method it is necessary to take into account the weight of the plate, if you want it to remain intact. The second method does not require nails:

  • Glue any basis to the plate - it can be a piece of wood or a piece of six cans. The condition is that it must be firm, keep the shape and not become limp from the glue.
  • We are waiting for our base to dry on the plate.
  • And then the base with the plate is attached to the glue directly to the wall.
  • Basis in this case improves the grip smoothplates with a wall. In addition, many plates are not absolutely flat, which makes them difficult to glue. Therefore, use the base. Which glue is better to take? Liquid nails or glue like "cold welding" perfectly will approach.

    Wall holder for plates do it yourself

    Using cold welding to glue on the backpart of the plate ribbon for which to hang the plate on the nail. If you do not like the look of the mount behind the plate, you can decorate it. Here, of course, you will have to make holes in the wall. But beauty requires sacrifice. If you do not have a special cold homewelding, you can use the usual superglue. Glue the ribbon to the plate, and also glue the circle (square, or whatever you like) of paper on top to secure the ribbon and make the design more reliable.

    Fixing plates with electrical tape or patch

    If you have a light ceramic plate and underhand is electrical tape or plaster, you can use it. When you attach the ribbon, keep in mind that its end must be quite long in order to glue abundantly along the entire length, in order to avoid slipping the ribbon out of the tape.

    Clip, wire and pin

    You can also make a circle-mount from the usual cover from under the olives, for example. Or take a wire or a pin

  • You can use a gun with silicone rods. The main thing is to warm it well and quickly attach the wire, pin to the plate.
  • In all these methods, for the best result, you must first degrease the back surface of the plate, you can even slightly scratch so that the adhesive materials do not lag behind and securely hold the attachment.
  • Ready hooks for ceramic plates on the wall

    You can also use special mounting-stand, which are attached to the wall, and they put a plate, or several, depending on the size of the stand. There are 2 types of such holders:

  • metal spring-based,
  • self-adhesive circles with eyelets.
  • In stores for hand made products orSpecialized art workshops sell special self-adhesive circles with eyelets that can be attached to a plate. Or the same type of attachment, but requiring the application of superglue for attachment to the surface of the plate. How to choose a wall mount? Only by the weight of the plate: if the plate is massive, then the best option is on the spring, if the plate is small, then take a self-adhesive one.

    The process of mounting plates to the wall

    Before you attach the plates to the wall, veryWe recommend you first make a paper layout. This is especially true if you use nails for fastening. And without nail fixing - if the plates are not properly glued, a beautiful flaw on the wall will also leave a non-beautiful flaw.

  • Put the plates to the paper, outlines them and cut them. This will give you the exact diameter of the dish.
  • We lay out layouts on the wall.
  • We fix them with a mounting adhesive tape for painting - it does not leave marks on the paint or on the wallpaper.
  • We draw in chalk or a pencil, which can be easily removed from the wall.
  • How beautiful to make a decorative plate

    Place and hang the plates on the wall can be different, while you must consider the interior of the room that you want to decorate. We offer several ideas that will help you decide: Layouts of souvenir platesready schemes how to hang plates on the wall - we look and repeat. Also, if you have a large object in the center, such as a beautiful mirror or a painting, you can beat it beautifully with the help of plates. The rules of fastening ceramic plates Chaoticorder If you like the “creative mess”, and you do not like strict lines, then the easiest way is to hang the plates of different sizes in a chaotic order.

    • They can be in the same color scheme or with pictures (nature, for example).
    • Plates do not have to be round, you can also use oval or square.

    Magnets When we travel, we usuallyWe bring magnets to the refrigerator, as a reminder of those cities and countries where we visited. But this is no surprise. Recently, I began to notice that in souvenir shops you can buy not only magnets and cups, but also plates with images of sights of the visited city. Here they can start to bring and hang on the wall. Thus, you will be able to plunge into pleasant memories, while not having the temptation to eat something from the refrigerator. "Plate puzzles" There are special decorativeplates, on each individual plate shows part of the picture. Thus, hanging on the wall all the plates, it turns out one holistic picture - “plate puzzles”. Geometry Lovers of orderliness and symmetryYou can hang the plates with lines or geometric shapes. Equal lines of identical plates, or a gradual transition from the smallest plate to the largest. You can make a circle, an oval or a square of plates around a mirror or picture. You can form the figures of the plates: flower, sun, waves, or something more abstract.

    Ideas for placing plates in the kitchen and living room

    Where will these taroles look appropriate? The first thing is a great decor for the kitchen or dining area. Also pay attention to how they look harmoniously in the living room, for example, above the sofa or near a large mirror. If square meters allow, you can also decorate the hallway or wall in the bathroom with plates.