How to make a card for Easter: a master class

How to make a card for Easter: a master class

How to make a card for Easter We have already offered you several options.creations, including creative ones. But today's master class tells in detail how to make a Easter card with the Easter cake depicted on it and painted eggs. In order to repeat our experience, it is enough to have some simple materials on hand. which can be found in almost every home where a needlewoman lives or there is a child over 3 years old, some free time and a desire to create.

To make a postcard for Easter, you will need the following materials and tools:

thick watercolor paper; color paper;Double-sided tape; red marker; scissors; pastel; pencil; glue gun; packing paper with an interesting pattern; mini decor: beads, rhinestones, ladybug. How to make a card for Easter: materials and tools

How to make a postcard for Easter from paper: job description

Cut out a sheet of watercolor paper blank rectangular shape. Bend the sheet in half Then fold it in half, and fold the lineThoroughly press through with your fingers so that all irregularities and folds disappear. I got a postcard folded 12x9 cm in size. The basis for the card is ready! Straight fold On the outline of the base with a pencil, draw festoons (or you can use curly scissors). Edge rendering Carefully cut the workpiece on the drawn line. Figured edge The basis of the postcard for Easter Black and purple pastel crayons tint the edges of the postcard. Toning the edge of the postcard for Easter Cut out the second layer of the Easter card - a rectangular blank of light blue color; let the contour be figured too. And we tint it with pastel crayons. Toning the edges Both parts of the postcard are glued together whendouble sided tape To make the volume brighter, we pre-glue together a few pieces of scotch, and then attach the part to the workpiece. Another option: use bulk glue pads. Making glue pads Build postcards for Easter We make the cake itself. The basis of the cake is a brown rectangle, and the topping is a randomly drawn and cut out “cloud” with “slips” on white paper. Cake blanks Our two-part cake is glued to the front side of the postcard. Use glue or double-sided tape - as you prefer. Glue the cake Cut out three Easter eggs from the wrapping paper with a bright print. Cut the eggs Glue them to the bottom of the postcard. Glue the eggs From green paper we make a couple of green leaves - and hide them between the eggs. Cut the leaves Glue the leaves Making a "ribbon". To do this, glue across the eggs a strip of blue paper or a real ribbon. On the center of the strip we glue a small bow. The ends of the girdling tape are cut so that the tips can be hidden behind the contour of the eggs. Overtighten tape We decorate the center Glue the bow Masking the place of pasting tape We make out a cake. On the "glaze" red marker put the dots of different sizes. Decorate the "icing" And after - we glue colored beads and rhinestones. How to make a card for Easter: the finishing touches Tip: You can make a cake “just like a real one” if you apply a thin layer of PVA glue on the glaze and sprinkle it with real sugar topping in the form of balls, sticks, stars, etc. The top right corner of the postcard is complemented with a green leaf and a bright detail in the form of a ladybug. How to make a beautiful card for Easter Decorating a corner postcard for Easter As you can see, making a postcard for Easter can be relatively fast, but for sure - it is interesting and easy! Enjoy your creative minutes! How to make a card for Easter: a master class with photos A simple DIY card for Easter How to make a card for Easter: photo How to make a card for Easter: a master class How to make a card for Easter from paper Olya Vedutova specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: