How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands in steps: 5 lessons

How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands in steps: 5 lessons

Before the arrival of guests, everything is cleaned up in the house.and hang decorations. And among all the garlands, candles and gifts, of course, a special place is occupied by the Christmas wreath. It can be hung on the door or wall, placed on the center of the dining table. In stores on the eve of the holidays you can seelarge selection of wreaths of various designs: with ribbons, balls, candles. But that it was really special and unique, and also cost much less to make it yourself. How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands? Very simple! Here you will find step-by-step 5 master classes on making Christmas wreath. Choose which one you like best: from balls, spruce, pine, from cones or even from a net. The content of the article:

Master class number 1: Christmas wreath of spruce

First, let's look at how to make a traditional Christmas wreath of spruce, which can then be mounted on the entrance or interior doors. Instruments:

  • straw wreath form (optional size),
  • balls (in size should match the wreath: with the increase in the basis of the wreath increases the size of toys)
  • decorations in the form of branches with red and zloty beads, red ribbon on the bow, pine cones (large and small),
  • spruce branches (thin so that they are comfortable to bend),
  • several other branches (for example, pine),
  • scissors, floristic wire (preferably green),
  • red and gold decorative flowers (three each).

Lay everything on the table and get to work. TIP: This form can be made independently of dry grass and cling film. Additionally wrapped with scotch tape. Step by Step Production Step 1: Making the Base of the Branches

  • First, make a base of pine branches. Spread them in the same direction, for example, counterclockwise, let the ends of the branches lie to the right, and lay the soft tops of the branches to the left. Attach them to the straw wreath, tied around with floristic wire, tie down to the base.
  • Keep adding more and more branches around the form.
  • Look, if there are any empty places, fill all passes with smaller branches.
  • So far, he looks a little disheveled andsloppy. Wrap a little more wire around to pull together all the big branches that stick out. The wire should hide behind the branches. Now we have a uniform lush wreath - the foundation for further work.
  • Step 2: Decorate the wreath

  • Now add a few other branches (in the same direction as the pine), spreading them evenly over the wreath.
  • Attach a red bow. You can do without it, so the view will be more festive.
  • You can add small pine cones, if they were not on the branches themselves.
  • The distribution of colors should be symmetrical(so that it does not happen that all the red decorations are in one place, otherwise it will look like a red spot). Conditionally divide the wreath into 4 parts, in one of them there is a bow, and in the other three add a branch with red beads.
  • In principle, it already looks good and you canleave, you can finish. IDEA: Or, to hang a wreath first in this form, and in a week to add decorations, so the wreath will not get tired of the holidays. Step 3: Add more decorations

  • For contrast, attach a few twigs with gold beads.
  • Fasten pine cones: wrap floral wire around the cone closer to its base, attach to the wreath, fixing well in place. Make sure that the wire can be seen as little as possible. At this point, you can also stop, or continue to add balls.
  • Attach three balls, taking into account the same conditional division of the wreath into four parts
  • Add three red and three golden ornamental flowers.
  • You did it! It turned out a wonderful Christmas wreath, it remains only to attach to the door to please yourself and your neighbors! How to make Advent Wreath Following the work scheme just described, you canalso create Advent Wreath. According to the tradition, there are four candles on it: the first one was lit 4 weeks before Christmas, each next Sunday they lit one more, so it was clear how the holiday was coming. Now a wreath of this type can be made for traditional reasons and for decorative purposes. In any case, it will help create a festive atmosphere. So, we proceed to work:

  • Create a wreath base from the branches, add small pine cones, as in the previous case.
  • We fasten candlesticks with a hot glue gun (preferably with sharp pins below to insert them in a wreath between the branches, but the usual ones will also come off), insert candles into them.
  • We decorate the wreath with large cones and decorative flowers (two in red and golden color).
  • ATTENTION! Do not leave such a wreath unattended when lit candles!

    Master class number 2: A wreath of balls

    To make such a wreath, you even, ratherall, do not have to go to the store for materials. After all, almost everyone has an iron hanger for clothes and Christmas balls. So choose a time to work and go! You will need:

    • 1 wire hanger, Christmas balls in red (the amount depends on the size of the balls that you have at home),
    • pliers, nippers (optional),
    • ribbon bow
    • sprigs of pine or Christmas trees (or garland),
    • wire or strong thread (better than green).

    Step by step execution: Step 1:

    • Using pliers, give the hanger a round look. Do not worry if it is not perfectly smooth, the balls will cover all the bumps.
    • Unscrew the hanger, that is, disconnect it at the attachment point under the hook.

    Step 2:

    • Place the balls on the wire. If the end is too sharp or uneven, cut with nippers. After strung all the balls, bend the hook with pliers to secure the circle.
    • There is no need to hang balls from above near the hook, as there will be a ribbon and coniferous twigs on this place.

    Step 3:

    • From the top of the wreath on both sides of the hook, attach the branches (tie them with wire or thread).
    • Make a ribbon bow and attach it under the hook.
    • All is ready! Even there is a hook right away, it remains only to hang!

    Master class number 3: A wreath of cones

    Cones Christmas wreath is very simple inperformance, but its main advantage - it is stored for a long time and does not crumble, unlike the spruce wreath. It can be sent to storage until the next New Year. Materials:

    • Cones dry from 30 and more pieces, depending on the diameter of the wreath
    • Basis for a wreath (if there is no finished photo but cut the torus from thick cardboard)
    • Glue gun.
    • The decor is at your discretion.

    The order of work: Stage 1: Laying the first round

  • Using a glue gun, fasten the cones to the inside of the Thor or the circle.
  • Inward it is best to attach smaller cones.
  • The distances between the cones are -1-2 cm. They should not be fastened closer. You can even 3-4 cm
  • Stage 2: We do the same thing, but on the outer side of the circle of larger bumps. The distances between them are 3-4 cm. They should lie free - not to fit each other. Stage 3:

    • And now we’ll fill the middle row - it’s supposed to be on top of the inside and the outside row. It is possible to fix the cones not vertically upwards, but slightly pointing in different directions, filling the voids.
    • We make decor with branches of berries or lively spruce.

    TIP: If you add a garland over it, it will be even more effective!

    Master class number 4: From pine branches

    “Simple and tasteful” is the most appropriate phrase.for this method of manufacture. Christmas greens and a minimum of decorations. but nevertheless, when looking at the door with such a wreath, it immediately becomes clear that a truly festive atmosphere reigns here! Materials:

    • thick wire wreath form,
    • greens (real or artificial pine branches, other conifers also fit),
    • cones, wire (for binding branches),
    • glue gun,
    • little bells,
    • ribbon for bow.

    ATTENTION! When choosing the length of the wire form, keep in mind that after fastening the branches, the wreath will increase in size several times. Production steps:

  • Take a few coniferous branches and attach themto form using wire. First fix the ends of the branches, then wrap them around the wire several times, wind it with wire. So wrap the whole base.
  • Make another ball of branches on top of the previous one, in the same way. It should make a uniform coniferous wreath.
  • Attach a few cones.
  • Add 3-4 golden or silver bells to create a festive mood. Secure with a glue gun.
  • Make a ribbon bow and attach it to the wreath.
  • Each time, opening the door, you will hear the quiet ringing of the bells and understand that the holiday is in the air around!

    Master class number 5: Wreath of decorative mesh

    You will surely surprise all your neighbors with this wreath! This colorful hemisphere will not leave anyone indifferent, at one glance a smile and a sweet anticipation of the holiday will appear! Materials:

    • round base for wire wreath,
    • decorative mesh in rolls about 50 cm wide (several colors, compatible with each other),
    • fluffy decorative wire.

    TIP: If you do not have such a base for a wreath, then you can cut it out of thick cardboard with a torus thickness of 10–15 cm. Then the mesh can be fixed with a needle and thread or with a glue gun. Production steps: Step 1:

  • Cut approximately 25-30 cm of mesh and roll it into a roll. In the center squeeze fingers. To make it more convenient, you can take someone as an assistant to hold the bundles.
  • You will need a lot of these rolls, they should not be exactly the same in length.
  • Step 2:

  • Group the rolls together by 4, connecting the centers, and tying them in this place with fluffy wire. Leave the ends of the wire for attachment to the base.
  • Each such part is tied to the base of the wreath (the remaining ends of the wire). They should be tight to each other, leaving no free space.
  • Continue until the entire place is full.
  • Done! It turned out very colorful and festive! If you wish, you can hang a toy on a wreath so that it will be in the center. But look, do not overdo it so that it doesn’t work “too much,” because everywhere you need to know when to stop.

    Wreath Ideas

    In the end I want to note that is represented here.several ideas for making wreaths. And they are, in fact, a lot! After all, it is worth replacing a small detail, making your own author's amendment and you will get a new unique copy! Include fantasy and create! Connect the whole family to this process to make the process even more interesting and enjoyable! Merry Christmas!!!

    Designer Wreaths 2019

    In 2019, vertical wreaths come into fashion, which are mounted not on the wall, but on the ceiling, as a suspension. The assembly principle of the wreath is the same as described above. BUT

    • You can place candles on top of them.
    • Add hanging elements

    Fantasy no chapel. The main thing that was where to hang it on the ceiling! If you have a chandelier is not very - then you can just place under it.