How to make a number for birthday: master class

How to make a number for birthday: master class

How to make a number for birthday That year I did a big one. This year there was no time, so I managed a little nine topiary. How to make it in all the details and step-by-step photos - our master class will tell. How to make a birthday figure with your own hands

To make a figure for my birthday, I needed:

corrugated board; 2.5 cm wide satin ribbon -about 2 m; small plastic flower pot in tone satin ribbon; 1.5 cm wide rep ribbon tape matching half beads - the length is equal to the girth of the pot plus a margin for the bow; sisal in tone half beads; semi-beads-pearls of two sizes; a wooden skewer or a long stick from ice cream; PVA glue; hot silicone glue (gun); pot filler (I have toilet paper and napkins); simple pencil; scissors; mock or stationery knife; ruler; matches or lighter.

How to make a figure for your birthday with your own hands: a master class

My height is 13 cm. On a piece of corrugated cardboard I drew a nine by hand, giving it the desired shape. She cut out with the help of scissors and a stationery knife along the contour, then cut out another one from the second piece of cardboard. Thanks to the double layer of cardboard, the figure turned out to be more dense and voluminous. Draw the base of the figure Basis for birthday numbers The blanks are ready, I turned on the glue gun and pasted the stick-barrel. How to make number 9 for the birthday of a daughter Then she quickly walked with glue all over nine and glued both cardboard parts together. How to make a paper number for a birthday Master class: how to make a number for a birthday Started wrapping, necessarily burningfire cut tape. Satin ribbon quickly razlazitsya, so it is important to singe. Wrap nine. Before each turn, I dripped some hot glue on the end of the figure, so the winding will not move anywhere. It took two meters of tape for the winding. I hid the ends under the following turns. How can you make numbers on your birthday How to make your own birthday figures I decorated the ribboned figure with pearl semi-beads of two sizes: 1 cm and 8 mm. Beads glued also with hot glue. How to quickly make a figure for a birthday I took the smallest pot for the number: it is square, the side of the square is only 7.5 cm. I glued a plate to the pot with silicone glue. Glue plate to the pot Stick-stick glued in the center of the pot. Glue the stick with the number on the bottom of the pot Then she poured PVA glue from the spout of the bottle andlaid the space between the barrel and the walls of the pot with toilet paper (below) and above — white table napkins. Then - again generously poured the gelva and pressed it with napkins. So I filled about 2/3 of the pot. Toilet paper with glue Wipes with glue After that, the remaining space filledsisal, just rammed it into the pot. His fibrous structure leaves him no chance to fall out of the pot on his own even during active games with festive decor. Bottom decorate with sisal Things are easy - to decorate the pot. I poured hot glue on the beveled corner of the pot and glued the tip of the rep tape. Then she wrapped it around the pot, measured the necessary amount of tape, cut the tape and singed it, and then glued the second tip. Now - bow. It went 9 cm rep tape. I cut the desired piece, scorched the ends, and then glued the ends end-to-end to the pot, masking the junction of the tape around the pot. Then - a drop of glue on top of the fixed ends of a piece of tape - and pressed the center of the piece with a finger. The result was a bow. Bow This bow is also decorated with a large semi-bead. We decorate the pot with the number of birthday We hope this master class was detailed enough not to leave questions on how to make a figure for your birthday with your own hands. That's what I got - see the photo. How to make the most birthday figure How to make a beautiful figure for a birthday How to make number 9 for birthday How to make a figure for a child's birthday How to make a figure for a child's birthday Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: