How to make a rose from plasticine with your own hands (step by step)

How to make a rose from plasticine with your own hands (step by step)

Plasticine Rose How to make a rose from plasticine? In today's master class, we will show and tell you how a realistic, beautiful, and delightful rose is molded. By the way, children of middle and senior school age will be able to make it, and with the help of parents - and toddlers. Any mom or teacher will be pleased to receive from the child a hand-made craft made with love and inspiration. Our master class gradually reveals the secrets of how to make quite like a real rose from clay, step by step, step by step. It turns out at all!

To make a rose from plasticine, you will need:

plasticine green to create the stem andleaves; clay of any desired shade to create a bud; small scissors; plastic stack; a cotton swab, skewer or toothpick for the stem frame. Materials and tools for sculpting roses from plasticine

How to blind a rose from plasticine do-it-yourself: a phased master class

We begin the modeling of roses with the manufacture of buds. At first we create a base of a bud in the form of a droplet from colored plasticine. A drop Cut slice of clay into thin plates. Cut plasticine Each plate roll into a small ball. We knead the balls to get thin oblong parts. Rose petals are ready! Rose blanks Petals of plasticine roses On the tip of a drop-shaped base with a plastic stack, make cuts. Rose heart Getting to the formation of the bud. Attach the tip of the first blank to the top of the droplet and wrap the entire part with it. Gently press the top of the first petal with your fingers to the base. Start making roses from plasticine Attach the second petal, placing it at the junction of the tips of the previous one. Rosebud We continue to attach the workpiece in a circle. Sculpting roses from plasticine Last, the lowest petals, we fix a little lower than the main ones. At the same time, we twist their tips outside to make the rose bud more open and lush. How to blind a rose With small scissors we make shallow cuts along the edge of the rose petals. Now the bud is ready. How can I make a rose from plasticine Preparing the stem frame. To do this, remove from the sticks of cotton wool, and then attach it to the base of the bud. How to make a rose from a clay step by step So that the petals of plasticine roses do not lose their shape, while we make the following details of the color, we fix the craft in the plasticine bar. How to make a rose from plasticine (step by step) From green plasticine we roll the ball, and then we knead it with our fingers into a flat blank. Billet for sepals Scissors on the edge of the circle cut long sepals. Sepals for roses The base of the sepal incised. How to sculpt a rose from plasticine In the center of the detail we pierce a hole, put it on the stem and move it to the bud. Sculpting roses from plasticine Craft of plasticine: rose Plastic stick also make out green clay. How to make a rose from plasticine with your own hands The leaves are made of three green balls with a diameter of 5-8 mm. Give them a flat shape. The tips of the leaves should be sharp - squeeze them with your fingers. Leaf blanks Sculpting rose leaves from plasticine Using the stack, we create an invoice on the leaf surface. We also cut miniature cloves along the edge. We combine all three parts together in this way. Plasticine Rose Leaves Fix the leaves on the stem of a rose. How to make a rose from plasticine Everything, the realistic rose from plasticine made by hands on our master class is ready! Roses from plasticine: step by step Rose from plasticine do it yourself How to make a rose from plasticine How to make a rose from plasticine Rose lovers will also be interested to see and. Olya Vedutova specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: