How to make a round lamp from lace with your own hands: 2 ways

How to make a round lamp from lace with your own hands: 2 ways

Do you like lace ligature? Earlier, in the Middle Ages, girls decorated lace with festive items, now lace is no less popular both in clothes and in interior decoration. And if you like diffused warm light in the house and funny delicate glare on the ceiling and walls, then I suggest you try to make such a beautiful round lamp from lace napkins and a balloon. Two ways to make a round lamp from lace doilies yourselfTwo ways to make a round lamp fromdo-it-yourself lace napkins Why lace? Because we all remember the lace napkins with which our grandmothers decorated all the smooth surfaces in the house. Not a single apartment could do without these knitted napkins. And if you like it, if you want to return to this feeling of a children's fairy tale, then why not make a semicircular or spherical light lampshade from lace napkins. Are you all faced with the problem of finding a suitable lamp in the house? And this - you can do it yourself. By the way, a great idea for the decoration of fixtures in the country, if you do not want to buy new chandeliers there. What we need to make a lamp from lace

  • 1. Lacy napkins of one or several flowers;
  • PVA glue or ordinary wallpaper glue;
  • Balloon;
  • Wire and cap.

Method 1: A semicircular lamp made of multi-colored lace napkins

The first option: a lamp made of multi-colored lace napkinsFirst option: lamp made of multi-colored lace napkins We inflate a balloon to the desired size - this will be the shape for our future lace lamp. We spread wallpaper glue in a suitable container, for example, in a small basin. Dip a napkin in glue and put it on our ball. Wet lace napkins with wallpaper glueWet lace napkins with wallpaper glueThe ball, to make it convenient, you can put it on a bucket, a bowl or something like that. The remaining napkins are also blotted in glue and glued to the ball, trying to evenly place napkins of different colors on the surface of the ball. We glue the napkins, not reaching somewhere 2/3 to the bottom of the ball and leave to dry. By morning, the lamp will be ready. We put napkins on the ball, shaping the lampPutting napkins on the ball, shapingto the lamp When the napkins are dry, we just have to pierce the ball and take out its remnants from the finished lace lamp. It takes you literally half a minute. We pierce the ball and take out its remains from the lampshadeWe puncture the ball and take out its remains fromlampshade It remains to insert the cord into the lamp and attach the base. If possible, you can do this through the holes in the lace. If not, you can carefully cut the hole you need to size on top of the lamp. Since the napkins are saturated with glue and froze, our lace will not begin to creep up on the threads from this, you can not worry. Insert the base and hang the chandelierWe insert the base and hang the chandelier And here is ourthe lamp from lace napkins is ready, suspended, and you can turn on the light and admire what we got, and how cute it looks when the light is on inside. DIY lace napkin lampDIY lamp from lace napkins And on the ceiling and on the walls we will have fabulous openwork glare, about which we have already told you. Here is how it looks. Openwork glare on the ceiling from a lace lampOpenwork glare on the ceiling from a lace lamp

Method 2: Round lace lamp from white napkins

A similar way to make a lamp from lace, but this time we will use white plain lace napkins and make a completely round lamp. Here is one: Method 2: Round lace lamp from white napkinsMethod 2: Round lace lamp from white napkins This time we need everything the same as for the last lamp, only instead of wallpaper glue we will use ordinary PVA glue, and we will take napkins of the same color. In our case, white, you can take, for example, orange, and make a bright lamp to create a spring mood home. First, as usual, inflate the ball. Inflate the ball to the desired sizeWe inflate the ball to the desired size. Next, we prepare our napkins. This time there should be more of them, since we will paste the whole ball around them tightly enough so that the lamp holds its shape well. We prepare lace napkins for the lampWe prepare lace napkins for the lampWe smear the lace napkin with PVA glue using a thick brush and stick it on the ball. It’s best to immediately place the largest of the napkins you have prepared on top of the ball and hang the ball on a rope. Spread napkins with PVA glueWe spread napkins with PVA glue. Our task ispaste the ball completely in a circle so that our lamp is also completely spherical. Leave it in such a suspended state to dry. This takes 2-3 hours, but for reliability it is better to wait until the morning, if you started doing lampshade in the evening. Paste the ball with napkins Paste the ball with napkins. Puncture the ball. In the finished lamp, carefully cut a small hole with scissors. Through it we will pull out the remnants of the ball, and also insert the base with the bulb inside. The hole will turn out to be large, so after you have inserted the paw, we attach the lamp to the wire with a white wire (or another one to match the color of the lamp so that it is invisible), you can also just sew it up, but then it will be difficult for you to change the light bulb later. In the finished lamp we make a hole for the wireIn the finished lamp we make a hole for the baselamps As a result, we get a charming round lace lamp that will give diffused light and cast openwork glare not only on the ceiling and top of the walls, but throughout the room, creating an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and grandmother's tales. Do-it-yourself round lace napkin lampDo-it-yourself round lace lamp made of napkins We also recommend viewing:

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