How to make a vase from a can with your own hands: 6 ways and 50 photos

How to make a vase from a can with your own hands: 6 ways and 50 photos

Do you like flowers? The answer is obvious! Of course, they themselves are a great home decoration, but in combination with an unusual vase the bouquet will simply be excellent. Let's learn in this master class how to make vases from cans with your own hands. Such vases will not only diversify your interior, but will also fit perfectly, for example, on a small breakfast table, if you decide to please your soul mate. And if you accidentally picked a flower in the country or in the garden, but you don’t want to put it at home, a convenient vase from a bottle will help you out here! vase of plastic bottles do it yourself photoVases from plastic shampoo cansThinking how to make a beautiful vase out of a can, and consider it impossible? Scroll through the photos below and make sure that it is very simple, beautiful and quite inexpensive to make a vase with your own hands! We have identified 6 of the most popular and easiest ways to make a stylish vase from a can: it is painting, glitter, decor with paper, linen and lace. Learn how to make a vase from the jar in the next master class. The content of the article:

Method number 1: Painting glitter

A very simple and uncomplicated method isapplying glitter or glitter on glue or hairspray. This method is great if you need a festive vase or New Year's Eve. Detailed non-application technique with photos is in this article ““. Festive vase with glitter Great for a wedding

Method №2: Wall vases from baby food cans

If you have accumulated a few small jars of baby food, then they will turn out great wall vases. These vases are ideal for decorating the yard or giving! Wall vases This vase is perfect for a balcony or a cottage. We will need the following items:

  • Old battered board;
  • Jars of baby food;
  • Clamps for clamping jars;
  • Drill;
  • Cogs;
  • Hammer;
  • Metal punch / screwdriver;
  • 2 (or more) hooks;
  • Rope;
  • Brush with iron bristles;
  • Marker.

Vase Making Tools Technologymaking a vase Step 1 Use an iron brush to clean the board. Using a hammer and punch make a hole in the clamps (if there is no punch, use a screwdriver). The hole should be on the opposite side of the tie strap. Step 2

  • Take and alternately (most importantly, do not get confused if the jars are different) note where you want to place the jars on the board. Mark the points for drilling with a marker and drill them.
  • Place the jars in the clamps and, until they are twisted, push the screws into the holes drilled in the clamp, firmly fastening them in the holes in the board.

Step 3

  • Decide where you want to insert the hooks for the fasteners and drill holes there.
  • Insert the hooks into them, and tie a rope on them, with which you can hang the resulting crafts on the terrace, fence or wall.

And the best part - it remains only to decide whichthe flowers you put in your vases! It is possible, as in the photo, to pour water into the upper ones and place the stalks, and in the lower ones - processes with roots. And you can even light small round candles and gently put inside - in the late evening it will be especially pleasant to sit in the fresh air and admire the lights. Just do not forget about fire safety!

Method number 3: Painting cans

Coloring cans is the most popular way to decorate and is not surprising, since it is he who can radically transform even the simplest jar into a beautiful and elegant vase: What we paint:

  • Acrylic paints - easy to lay down and quickly dry and odorless.
  • Spray paints in a can - dry quickly and provide an even application.
  • The complete guide to how to paint a jar, read in this material. " Master Class: Vases from plastic cans Stylish vases can be made from plastic cans, for example, from under a shampoo or a balm. They look especially nice when there are several of them and are painted in 2 tons. We look detailed master class. Prepare the following:

    • Plastic bottles of mineral water and / or detergents (wash all chemicals thoroughly with them);
    • Adhesive tape;
    • Scissors;
    • Aerosol waterproof paint in different colors;
    • Hair dryer, sponge and oil (jojoba or sunflower);
    • Old newspaper.

    Vase tools; Painting technology: Step 1

  • We direct the flow of hot air from the dryer to the labels on the bottles. After 1-2 minutes, the paper should easily peel off the plastic.
  • Rub the glue on the bottles with an oil sponge and rinse with water. Rinse the detergent bottles again.
  • Heat the label with a hair dryer. Remove glue residues with a washcloth. Step 2

    • Cut the adhesive tape into thin strips (choose the width of the tapes as you like) and randomly glue on the bottles. If desired, you can overlay the bands on each other, forming patterns.
    • Pass your fingers well across the glued tape, leaving no irregularities and badly glued sections.

    Masking tape or sticky paperStep 3 Spread the old newspaper and place a bottle on it, which you will be painting first. Spray paint neatly, at some distance (otherwise the paint will be distributed unevenly and flow), begin to paint the bottle. It is advisable to paint in the open air, but if there is no such possibility, paint in a well-ventilated room. Give the paint to dry for 1-2 hours Remove adhesive tape Step 4 Wait until the paint is completely dry and carefully remove the adhesive tape. You can pour water into the resulting vases and put flowers in them. Even more IDEAS: - Master classes with photos here Master class: Multi-colored vase with acrylic This bright vase will delight you with its elegant look! Modern vase from the jar Take the following:

    • Any glass jar;
    • Acrylic paints (3 or more colors);
    • Old newspaper.

    Take dairy or acrylic paint Step 1

  • Clear the jar from the label.
  • Spread the old newspaper, put the jar on top of it with a bottom. Slowly start pouring paint to the bottom of the can; the paint will begin to flow along the walls - this is as it should be.
  • Watering, for example, white paint, take the paint of a different color and pour directly over the previous one, mixing them with each other.
  • Thus, make on a layer of all the colors that you have prepared.
  • Pour several layers of paint one after anotherStep 2 Leave to dry your vase for 2 days. Even if after a few hours when it is touched, it will be dry, the paint inside will not dry and will leak out if the dry layer is damaged. In this master class, you have learned from the nondescriptuseless jars to make cute decor items for your home. Having fantasized, you can make even more unusual flower vases suitable for different rooms of your home, and if you master this business to perfection, you can make vases even for gifts to relatives. We leave to dry for 2 daysget a nice and useful thing for the house, and even made with your own hands! And if the thing is made by hand, it means that it is safer and more valuable - the person invests his time and love in the manufacture. Very stylish vase for creative people.

    Method number 4: Decor vaz paper

    Also, it will be original if you paste over jarspaper, suitable as decorative paper and any handy, for example, old notes or sheets of long-forgotten books. Thin paper is best kept on a can with homemade glue: brew flour with water. It is completely saturated with glue and envelops the glass. For thicker paper, this method is not suitable - it is best attached to a thin double-sided tape. Master Class: A vase with kraft paper decor An unusual vase will harmoniously fit into a rustic interior or country style. To make this vase, take:

    • Round glass jar;
    • Double sided tape;
    • Kraft paper;
    • Scissors.

    Step 1 Carefully wash the jar, peel it off the label. Cover the jar with double-sided tape.  mayonnaise vaseTake any jar in the shape of a barrel We glue the jar with double-sided thin scotch tape. Take the kraft paper and cut it into narrow strips, which neatly, trying not to tear, twist into flagella. Making strips of width 5 cm We twist paper Slowly paste over in a circlejar of twisted kraft paper, lightly pressing it against the scotch tape. The vase is ready - pour water into it and put a flower so that it starts to delight you with its fragrance!

    Method number 5: Decor canvas

    Vase decor canvas is great if yourThe apartment is decorated in the style of Rustik or Provence. Where to get the canvas? A simple tip: linen bags are sold at any market or building store, their cost is cheap. Cut it into strips and decorate everything you want. ATTENTION: Cloth is very dense material. Best of all it holds the construction adhesive for construction in the gun on any basis. When gluing it is necessary to press it very tightly to the bank!

    Method number 6: Decor cans lace

    It is very simple to make a vase from a can by sticking it onher old lace. The installation of lace on the jar is best done with silicone glue or a mounting gun. The thinner the lace is - the tighter it will fit to the glass, so give priority to synthetic lace.