How to make, arrange and decorate a false fireplace (28 photos)

How to make, arrange and decorate a false fireplace (28 photos)


    How to make, arrange and decorate a false fireplace

    Many would like to sit in the cold winterin the evening and a warm fireplace, in which wood is pleasantly crackling. But the owners of urban modern apartments only have to dream about it. The overlap of modern high-rise buildings simply can not withstand such a heavy load, and chimneys in high-rise buildings can be met extremely rarely. But to abandon the living room in the classical style is not worth it. The atmosphere of heat and utah can also be created with the help of a false fireplace, especially since it can be equipped with an electric firebox, which imitates the flame of a fireplace hearth. A falshkin is easy enough to make yourself. Various materials are suitable for this: polyurethane decorative elements, drywall, tile, chipboard and MDF.

    Polyurethane Falishkin

    The fastest and easiest way to makefake fireplace is the installation of a finished frame for the fireplace, made of polyurethane. Choosing the necessary decorative fireplace is not difficult, as there is a huge selection of similar products of various shapes and sizes on sale. In order to independently install a purchased decorative fireplace made of polyurethane, it is necessary to prepare the following tools and materials: • portal made of polyurethane; • putty; • decorative brick for furnaces; • contact adhesive. It is best to install a false fireplace on the side wall of the room. So he will not clutter up the space, and interfere with the passage. If you plan to install a backlight or an electric fireplace, you should take care of installing an outlet and electrical wiring in advance. The portal must be installed on a specially prepared place and fixed with contact glue. Finishing putty eliminates all the gaps between the portal and the furnace. Now you can start installing the electric fireplace, or decorating the firebox with decorative brick. Polyurethane fake fireplacePolyurethane fake fireplace

    Drywall fakeboard

    Another popular and budget wayfabrication of a false fireplace - the use of the remaining profile and drywall remaining after repair. Such a fireplace can be easily installed in a corner or a niche of the room. In addition, a drywall made of drywall can become part of an excellent shelf composition. To make a fake drywall from drywall you will need: • wooden bars or a metal profile; • drywall; • jigsaw; • screwdriver; • putty; • acrylic paint; • decorative brick or stone. To begin the manufacture of fake gypsum plasterboard follows with a sketch of the product design, which will indicate all the sizes and mounting points of the frame. The frame of the fireplace is made of galvanized profile. All parts of the profile are cut with special scissors for metal or a hacksaw. Then the frame is connected using screws and a screwdriver. In order to make the design more stable, the frame can be connected by transverse jumpers. After the fake fireplace frame is ready, according to the finished sketch, the necessary elements are cut out of drywall. All parts of drywall are carefully aligned and fixed to the frame with self-tapping screws. Plasterboard mounting points and joints are putty. The resulting structure is covered with acrylic paint or any other finishing materials: tile, artificial stone or stucco. The furnace is finished with materials imitating masonry. Inside the firebox, you can install an artificial hearth or candles. Drywall fakeboardDrywall fakeboard

    Fake fireplace decor ideas

    Fake fireplace decor will make the interiorany room more crowded and comfortable. For example, a collection of wines or jade figurines might take a place above an artificial fireplace. All that is needed is to install a special mount over the fireplace and place the objects of pride of the owners on it. Collection plate in fake decorCollection plate in fake decorAn artificial fireplace will be an excellent rack for storing various trifles. This version of the false fireplace decor is perfect for rooms with a small area where there is not enough space to store things. Shelving rackShelving in a false fireplace Inside a false fireplace, you can make a small home library. If you put a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp next to the fireplace, you will get a very comfortable place to read. Library in the falseThe library in the false room is very warm and festivea log composition looks cozy in a false fireplace. Although there is no fire in such a fireplace, firewood creates a special homely atmosphere. To translate such an idea into reality, you will need small logs that must be carefully laid out in an artificial fireplace. Composition of logs in a false fireplaceComposition of logs in a false fireplaceThe disadvantage of a false fireplace is that it cannot be lit in it. Although in the fireplace you can place a composition of a dozen beautiful candles and enjoy the real flame. Arrangement of candles in a false fireplaceArrangement of candles in a false fireplace

    Interesting ideas fake decor photo

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