How to make birthday flags with your own hands: a master class

How to make birthday flags with your own hands: a master class

Birthday flags with their own hands Turns out to do it yourself for the dayBirthday paper and cardboard - easy. Maximum hour of work - and elegant decoration for the holiday is ready. In our master class you will learn how to make such flags with minimal time and materials.

To make your own birthday boxes, you will need:

color cardboard A4; printed lettersfor the inscription (you can draw by hand); any bright stickers, in our case, are glue-based foamiran stars; soutache or any tape of suitable length for the suspension of flags (we have twice 3 meters of soutache); scissors; glue stick; hole puncher; ruler; pencil; Scotch. How to make birthday flags: materials and tools

How to make birthday checkboxes: job description

Calculating the amount of cardboard To start, I cut outseveral circles with letters to determine what size flags I need. The diameter of the circle is 6.5 cm. Accordingly, such a circle fits into a triangular flag (an isosceles triangle with a base of 10 cm). The height of the box is half the long part of A4 paper. I rechecked the theory on a piece of A5-sized cardboard, and at the same time I found out that there were three flags in such a sheet. How to draw flags for birthday Consequently, on sheet A4 there will be as many as 6. How to draw flags for birthday Flags I made one-sided, so that the garlandhang on the wall. If you want to hang the flags under the ceiling, then the flags must be two-sided. There are two options: either use two-sided colored cardboard, or glue the flags in pairs. So, let's calculate how many checkboxes we need in order to place the intended inscription. We consider spaces between words. So, I have: KATYUSHA = 6 flags; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! = 16 checkboxes. Those. all you need is 22 flags, plus a few extra ones - as much as it will turn out - to hang them around the inscriptions. So, we consider. On one sheet - 6 flags. 22 is not divisible by 6, but divisible by 24 (rounded to the nearest larger number, which is divisible by 6). Total: 24: 6 = 4. We will need 4 sheets of A4 paper. I took 4 different colors: yellow, blue, green and pink. They are quite bright and festive - and combine well with each other. How to draw a sheet of cardboard under the flags for a birthday We put a sheet of cardboard A4 vertically. On the upper part we make two marks: at a distance of 10 and 20 cm from the upper left corner. From the bottom left corner we also postpone twice by 10 and set marks. We connect our marks, as shown in the following photo. How to draw flags for birthday Connect pairwise mark in another direction. How to draw flags for birthday Connecting the place of the cross lines. How to draw flags for birthday We also connect the top and bottom marks of 20 cm fromthe left corner, i.e. the line will run parallel to the long part of the sheet. Thus we draw all the prepared sheets, and then we cut the cardboard along the lines drawn. DIY base for birthday flags Pay attention to the "trim." Cutting for bicolor flags If you add them in two, we get a few more colored flags. How to make two-color flags for birthday Connect the halves of the flags on the back of a piece of tape. DIY bicolor flags for birthday Flags are ready. We put them in order, as expected to be used. I kept the order, the colors laid out strictly in turn: yellow, blue, green, pink. So she took them in order to stick the letters of the inscriptions. Cut out circles with letters, smear each glue stick with pencil, abundantly and evenly, without lumps, and glue on the flag. Photo of flags to decorate the birthday We press. Happy birthday flag samples Punch hole make two holes. How to make a flag-streamer birthday The checkbox is almost ready. Birthday checkboxes for a child with their own hands Similarly, we do the rest of the checkboxes, not forgetting to leave the checkbox for spaces between words. Lay out the inscriptions in front of you and decorate. Flags with letters on the birthday with their own hands If you have ready-made stickers, then decorating will take just a few minutes. Birthday flags with their own hands: photo Build a garland of birthday flagswith your hands To distribute the flags on the garland evenly, leaving tails for fastening equal to the length, it is best to fold the hanger in half, and also write the inscription in half, defining the middle. Shift the first from the middle of the label box to the center of the tape or soutazh and string the entire half of the label. We do the same with the second part of the garland. Stretching: birthday tags Do not forget to use our "half" flags. Baby birthday tags Before the holiday it is convenient to store the garlands in folded form, like this. Garland: do-it-yourself birthday flags A fancy garland made from the flags on the birthday flags is ready! Garland of birthday flags How to make birthday flags Birthday flags

What else can you do?

  • the letters from the circles can be neatly cut with a clerical knife, leaving the circle itself whole, and in this form stick it onto the base of the flag; letters will be colored;
  • letters can be cut straight out of the box, then the wall will shine through it;
  • such garlands are appropriate even for the 18th anniversary: ​​instead of letters, you can stick photos of the birthday boy by year.

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