How to make hand-made articles from cones.

How to make hand-made articles from cones.

The cones are a very suitable material forcreativity, especially for lessons with children. Decorated items they will never be lost, but on the contrary - will become a beautiful decoration of your interior during the Christmas holidays. With the help of cones it is possible to produce a variety of wreaths, garlands, pendants, balls and various Christmas decorations. Hands of the master can always turn this natural material into all kinds of figures of animals, birds, angels, grandfathers of frosts, etc. To create beautiful things from cones you need a little time and desire, and, of course, the cones themselves. Use your imagination to decorate your house with original and unique hand-made articles. Such a beautiful object as a lump has a number of advantages:

  • purity of natural material;
  • a pleasant fragrance of needles;
  • work on cones - a pleasant joint pastime with our children;
  • saving money on the purchase of holiday toys.

But before you start working with cones, you should stop on certain secrets:

  • cones have the property of opening up in the heat. You can fix its shape by immersing the joinery glue in the solution. 30 seconds will be enough. Thus you pass the distortion of the finished product form;
  • change the shape of the cones by dipping it in water and then tying it with a rope. So give the cone the desired shape and dry it.

Having become acquainted with such simple rules andfollowing them, you will get neat, and most importantly - beautiful products. A cone is a suitable material for making hand-made articles with children. It will be enough just once to walk into the woods for cones and you have enough materials for crafts for the whole winter period. It is necessary only to dream up on a theme of characters which it is possible to create together with children. The ideas are simple, but the effect is impressive. How to make hand-made articles of cones with your own hands .. Photo №1 An example is the production of a bear cub. For the trunk, take the largest cone. Attach to it other details, using the technology "flake to scales" (all cones need to be connected with each other so that the scales of one fall under the flakes of the other). Caps of acorns can be used for making ears and a spout. Take the black pepper peas to indicate the peephole and tip of the spout. The ready figure must be attached to the base of the tree with the help of glue. Very often, cones are used in the decor of the interior on the eve of New Year's holidays: they hang garlands of cones, "shish" trees are put in flower pots, etc. The simplest way is to decorate the house with golden cones. To do this, you need to pat them with glue, sprinkle with sequins and leave to dry. A golden knob can easily be turned into a pendant by attaching a ribbon to it. How to make hand-made articles of cones with your own hands .. Photo # 2 Together with children, you canholiday toys, and then a joint decoration of your house. A very good idea is a New Year's wreath made of cones. He can decorate the doors and walls of any house. Add all kinds of dried flowers, acorns, ribbons and other decor elements in this wreath. Attach a little effort and you will get your own masterpiece. How to make hand-made articles of cones with your own hands .. Picture №3 As the New Year came, he will leave, butthe desire to realize their own creative ambitions remains always. So do not focus only on the Christmas decor. With the help of cones you can create many unique interior items. Have enough patience and try to create a ball of cones. It will serve as a beautiful decoration element. It can be placed on a vase or suspended on the ceiling with a beautiful satin ribbon. How to make hand-made articles of cones with your own hands .. Photo # 4 And what a beautiful candlestick can come fromcones. Prepare a big bump, a piece of cardboard, a small candlestick, scissors and hot glue. Carefully dismantle the bump on separate plates, without damaging them. Cut out a circle from the cardboard sheet, which will serve as the basis for the candlestick. It should be twice the diameter of the candlestick. Glue the slate plates on a circle in a staggered pattern, passing only along the edge. Next, make another layer, placing the plates in the spaces between the first. Continue gluing the layers on top of each other up to the height of the candlestick. Then place a glass with a candle inside and an original candlestick made of cones ready to become an ornament of any evening. If you are interested in the idea of ​​a candlestick, but you want to make something easier, then simply glue the candlestick or candle with pine cones and decorate it with additional elements. Examples you can see below. How to make hand-made articles of cones with your own hands .. Photo # 5 Also of cones you can make a very cutebasket. Connect around 10 cones with a wire. To it was not very noticeable, choose a tone that is close to the color of the cones. The wire must be attached to one of the cones and then simply wrapped with the same. In the same way, make a second circle, but smaller diameter. Finished rings with hot melt. Make a handle using the same method as for making rings. Attach it to the wireframe. To make a bottom, use a thick cardboard. Our basket is ready. How to make hand-made articles of cones with your own hands .. Photo # 6 Use the ideas of creating unusual crafts made of cones, which will please you on cold winter evenings.