How to make ice-cream: a master class

How to make ice-cream: a master class

Ice cream soap Happens, you will see beautiful soap, and already hands are pulledcreate the same or similar, but ... form. Need just such a form! Which, unfortunately, can not be bought anywhere. But today's master class is not one of those. With the popularization of homemade ice cream recipes, a set of molds for the delicacy casting appeared in almost every kitchen. And it has not yet finally gotten warm - I suggest using it with fantasy, namely, using it to make original soap in the form of ice cream. In this MK I will create soapy ice cream. This soap looks very appetizing and smells delicious, for some time can serve as a decoration of the bathroom ... but in the end be sure to use it for its intended purpose! Moreover, it is very convenient to hold such a shape in your hands, and the wand is easily detached. Make a few soap "ice cream" in reserve - and you always have on hand will be gifts for any occasion.

To make ice cream soap, you will need:

white soap base 150 gr.; pigments for soap: blueberry, pink, yellow; strawberry pie flavoring; alcohol. Tools: heat-resistant dishes; wooden stick for mixing ingredients; toothpick; wooden stick for ice cream. Materials for making soap and ice cream

DIY ice cream soap: a job description

For each layer you need an equal amountBasics - in my case, it took about 40 grams: it all depends on the volume of your form, so before you start work, I advise you to know in advance the capacity of the container (this can be the label on the form itself or the inscription on the package; or you can check it with experienced by - fill the form with water, and then pour it into a measuring spoon or glass) and divide the resulting volume by the number of layers in our soap dish. So, first of all you need to melt the foundation. I use a microwave on medium power to melt soap, setting the timer for 15 seconds; then check the status of the soap and, if necessary, add another 10 seconds. Make sure the base does not boil! Otherwise, it will become unsuitable for further use. The melted base is painted with three drops of pink pigment. We add dye We flavored melted soap with the help of fragrances: 5 drops are enough, but if you want a very rich aroma, we increase the amount at our discretion. Flavored perfume Mix everything well and pour the soap into the mold, then immediately sprinkle with alcohol to eliminate the possibility of air bubbles on the surface of the filled layer. Alcohol promotes bonding of layers. The frozen first layer must be thoroughly scratched with a toothpick: this will allow the soap layers to firmly adhere to each other. Soap layer When the previous layer completely hardens, melt the next 40 grams of white base. Dye it yellow, dripping three drops of pigment. Dye Flavor with a perfume and stir well. Flavoring The previous layer in the form is re-sprinkled with alcohol: this measure will also have a positive effect on the adhesion of the layers. Fill the base in the form and once again sprinkle with alcohol. Alcohol kicks out air bubbles Before pouring the last layer is necessaryprepare ice cream stick. I use a regular sushi stick. Using scissors, I cut it in half, then use a pair of pliers to flatten the end of the wand a bit from the side of the cut. Processing sticks for soap Soap stick preparation Scratch the previous layer of soap with a toothpick. Scratching soap for better adhesion of layers And, until the last layer is completely frozen, we insert a wand into it so that it is about half peeking out of the form. Insert the stick The last layer of soap: melt in the microwave, painted in blueberry color. We tint the base in blueberry color Flavored. Flavor the base Spray the previous layer with alcohol. Soap ice cream with your own hands Fill the last layer of the soap base, sprinkle it with alcohol. Ice cream soap recipe And only after the soap has completely set, we take outits out of shape: do not pull the wand, and gently undertake the soap itself. If this is a gift, immediately put in a transparent bag and tied with a bow. Funny ice cream ready. I hope the master class was useful for you and did not leave questions on how to repeat the whole process. How to make soap, ice cream Natalia Luzina-Trofimova (Natalochka) specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: