How to make an origami heart: a diagram, a master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make an origami heart: a diagram, a master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Takoesirdtse origami is not very difficult, but newcomers in this art should practice on rough drafts. The heart will look more interesting if you select paper with a contrasting color of the sides. The paper form will need a rectangular shape, the length must be twice the width.

Step-by-Step Schema

    • Place a sheet of paper horizontally, bend it in half, unfold.
  • Origami heart

    • The right lower corner is bent upwards to the middle of the sheet so that a triangle emerges. Straighten the sheet, do the same with the other corners.
  • Origami heart

    • A rectangle with two letters "X" came out. Intercept one of them in the center, bring your fingers together, crush the formed funnel on top, so that it forms a triangle.
  • Origami heart

    • Repeat this for the second "X".
  • Origami heart

    • Bend the free corners to the center,perpendicular to the fold, lift the formed triangle. Pushing on the central axis, spread it to make a square. Repeat for the remaining three triangles.
  • Origami heart

    • Turn over the workpiece. Take the upper corner of the diamond and drop it down to the bottom corner. Turn the workpiece over to the front again.
  • Origami heart

    • The edges of the squares resulting from step 5 are bent from the central axis to their center.
  • Origami heart

    • Corners along the edges bend back so that the shape now resembled an origami heart.
  • Origami heart

    • Expand the triangles as in step 5.
  • Origami heartTurn the hand-crafted thing to the front. A heart of origami with a flower is ready. They can be decorated with a gift box or it can be used as a bookmark.

    Origami heart - simple schemes

    Other ideas of origami hearts - video

    Modular 3D heart

    An unusual gift will be a modular origami heart. It will need 428 modules of paper of a suitable triangular shape. The process is quite laborious, here's a step-by-step description:

  • At the beginning of the assembly process, you need two closed rows of 5 modules, the third - 10 modules.
  • Then insert the modules between the modules and fix them.
  • For the next series, the build process is standard.
  • For a new series, put on the modules as before, butNow, between the three modules, add two more modules without fixing, so that the origami becomes voluminous. Do so and from the opposite side. Insert two more modules on both sides to the additional ones.
  • Processors of the next series are usual.
  • In those places where additional modules were added in the bottom row, insert two more modules on both sides again, so that the heart becomes even more voluminous.
  • To build the next four rows, you need 34 modules.
  • On the sides, where the thickenings are located, make 8 rows, alternating four and three modules in a row on each side, complete the 9 rows with two modules. Join the rows along the arc.
  • With each of the free sides, make 5 more rows.
  • Origami heartIf you want a modular origami heartlasted long enough, string the modules out of paper, pre-greasing them with glue. Thanks to the cavity inside, the heart can be used as a box for a small gift. And another way in the video:

    Cardboard in the form of heart

    Bookmark - quick and simple gift of paper. The scheme of its manufacture is extremely simple:

  • Rectangular sheet bend in half horizontally, mark the line of the middle.
  • The left and right ends are bent upwards.
  • About a third of the top edge, wrap back, fold the corners to form a heart.
  • A nice bookmark on the corner of the page in the form of a heart is ready. Origami heart

    Origami box with a heart

    A gift for a loved one can bea box with a heart. Choose a tight material so that the box holds the shape well. At the bottom you can write a wish or a declaration of love. The manufacturing process is described in detail in the video lesson.