How to paint a bottle - 5 ways: plastic and glass

How to paint a bottle - 5 ways: plastic and glass

Glass and plastic bottles arean excellent material for making various original handicrafts that can be easily made by hand. You can decorate the interior of any apartment or house with such unique, stylish and very beautiful things, making them even more comfortable :. And such crafts will be a great gift for loved ones. To create various original gizmos from glass or plastic bottles, you can leave them in their original form, but they will look much more advantageous if you pre-paint the bottle. What can be made from such bottles:

When such beautiful bottles come in handy:

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For all links you will find Master Classes how to do it! For this technique, you can paint any glass: glasses, cans and wine glasses The content of the article:

Glass bottle paint

You should be very careful about the choice of paint, because the final result will depend on it.

  • An ordinary waterproof paint will work well, as well as acrylic paints, which are matte and glossy, transparent and dense, and are sold in cans and sprays.
  • Acrylic paints can be used in the form in which they are sold, and can be diluted with water, it all depends on what effect you need to achieve.
  • Also on sale are universal paints that are perfect for painting glass and plastic bottles.

What paint to choose for a plastic bottle

How to paint a plastic bottle for crafts? For the decor, you can use exactly the same paint as for glass. Best of all, they are not aggressive.

  • Acrylic paints are perfect for painting plastic bottles, but to protect the surface, you need to cover them with an additional colorless acrylic varnish.
  • Colored acrylic lacquer is the perfect way to paint plastic bottles for crafts.
  • Paint in cans is also suitable for the decoration of a plastic bottle.
  • Automotive paints give the most stable and beautiful effect; plastic bottles painted with such paint will not change their color for several years.
  • It can also be painted with ordinary enamel paints.
  • What can be done from a painted plastic bottle: flower pot, beautiful vase or look.

    What to paint: sponge, brush or spray

    • In order to paint a glass or plastic bottle, you can use a nylon brush, but in this case it will be very difficult to achieve a perfectly flat surface.
    • You can use a sponge, and dipping it in the paintdotted to apply to the surface. So the traces will not be visible, but you will have to cover the bottle with several layers of paint, each of which should dry out, and it will take some time.
    • The quickest and easiest way to achieve even painting is to use spray paint that dries very quickly.

    But in the apartment the paint should not be sprayed, because it has a strong smell and long disappears.

    5 coloring techniques

    All types of painting can be divided intoseveral techniques. Two of them are basic: it is applying paint from inside the bottle and outside. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, painting from the inside makes it possible to achieve a beautiful glow from the inside, but limits the combination of colors and textures. And the surface color gives the full will of your imagination: here you can apply stencils, make gradient color transitions, create textures. Choose the technique that you like. Workshop number 1: Paint the bottle from the inside with acrylic In order to paint the bottle for the decor from the inside with acrylic paint you will need:

    • Syringe.
    • Paint acrylic.
    • Liquid for dissolving paint.
    • Unnecessary capacity.

    Use the syringe to inject the paint into the bottle and distribute it evenly along the walls.

  • You need to be good before you start stainingwash and dry the bottle. In order to get a uniform tone of paint, and there were no stains when painting, the paint should be poured into a container and mixed well.
  • Then you need to type in the syringe paint insert it into the neck of the bottle and squeeze it inside.
  • Now slowly it is necessary to turn the bottle so that the paint covers the walls and the bottom over the whole area. In order for the excess paint to flow, you need to put the bottle upside down for a while.
  • Turn over the bottle and let it drip off excess paint.If you paint the bottle outside, it can be easily cleaned with a solvent. Bottles painted with acrylic can be used as original vases, besides they do not lose a beautiful reflection of glass, enlightening the bottom. The original vase for the house is ready. Technique # 2: Coating the outside Coating the paint outside gives a lot of possibilities, for example, to create beautiful stripes or other stencil patterns on the surface. Stencil non-application of paint Painting with electrical tape In order to paint the bottle outside, you will need:

    • Paint (acrylic or water-based).
    • Degreaser (you can use any alcohol solution for this).
    • Brush or sponge.
    • Newspaper.


  • To begin with, the bottle should be washed well, cleaned from paper labels and dried.
  • Then degrease the alcohol solution, if this is not done the paint just will not hold.
  • Now you can start painting using a brush or sponge, in any case, you need to start from the bottom.
  • Put the bottle upside down and leave to dry. After the paint is dry, turn over and paint over the top of the bottle.
  • Apply electrical tape on the surface of the bottle Apply paint using a brush or sponge. After complete drying (1 day), remove the tape Ready vase for decoration In order to paintall gaps, you need to put at least two layers of paint. Technique number 3: How to paint from a can This method is the easiest and fastest, but it is recommended to use it outdoors. Gradient color paint from balonchik. It will require:

    • Balloon with paint.
    • Alcohol based solution.
    • Newspaper.

    Before painting the bottle should be well washed,remove labels and glue from them. After which they need to be dried and treated with a degreaser. The bottle should be placed on the newspaper and at a distance of 30 cm, begin to spray paint on it. Painting principle: first, the darkest tone is applied, and then lighter shades over it. If one layer is not enough, the procedure must be repeated. When painting bottles with spray paint, you can use different stencils or tape, as a result you get unique, original patterns. Bottles painted in gentle light colors in combination with gold or silver paint look very impressive. Great autumn decor Technique number 4: Painting with glitter Very nice is painting with glitter or glitter. This is especially appropriate for a wedding or other celebration. The champagne bottles painted by this technology look very solemn and spectacular. Painting bottles with glitter and glitter Details onThis decoration technique can be found in the “Champagne Decor” material. Click on the button! Technique number 5: Textured painting technology Everyone knows that according to tradition at the wedding, newlyweds are put on the table two bottles of champagne, which young people pick up after the banquet and drink one bottle for the first anniversary, and the second for the birth of the first child. Therefore, the bottles must be beautiful and original. In order to make them such as in the photo apply textured painting technique. Painting the bottle with acrylic paint and sponge. Applying paint technique:

    • Clear the bottles, leaving paper labels leaving the foil on the neck.
    • Wipe with an alcohol solution to degrease.
    • We start painting, for this we need white acrylic paint and a sponge.
    • Then everything is simple, we dip the sponge into the paint and with a dotted movement we paint over the whole bottle.
    • Leave 15 minutes, and in the same way apply a second coat of paint. After complete drying of the paint, you can proceed to the decoration of the bottle.