How to paint a bottle of champagne for a wedding - 5 lessons

How to paint a bottle of champagne for a wedding - 5 lessons

Are you dreaming to have a beautiful wedding? Then our 4 master class on how to unusually paint a bottle of champagne for a wedding, just for you! Economical, self-made decoration will not leave guests indifferent and will significantly reduce spending on trifles. But a beautiful bottle painted with safe acrylic paint is also a pleasure to open and pour into glasses! Want to know how to paint a bottle of champagne for a wedding so that guests admire exhale? Then hurry to prepare the necessary tools and begin! The content of the article:

    Painting with gold and glitter

    Bottles of champagne are covered with gold paint. We will need the following tools for making wonderful gilded bottles:

    • Newspaper / cloth, which is not a pity to get dirty;
    • Decorative gold spangles (gold glitter) - you can buy ready-made ones, or you can work a little and cut them yourself;
    • Spray paint gold;
    • Empty bottles / alcohol bottles;
    • Glue - it is possible to use both aerosol and liquid special for decoration;
    • Paper towels;
    • Gloves;
    • Shallow bowl.

    Step 1 Let's start with cleaning the bottles from the labels - you can rub them with dishwashing liquid, soda or try to warm them with a hairdryer, which the label should easily get off the bottle. We paint bottles with golden paint from balonchikSpread newspapers or unwanted cloth, arrange the bottles. Put on gloves so as not to torment your hands with sweat, rubbing them of paint. Begin to paint the bottle with gold spray paint. So that the paint does not flow and lays down evenly - spray it at some distance, not going very close to the bottles. Apply 2 coats and let the paint dry. If you are painting for the first time, then you should read the technique in detail. Dyed bottle in 2 layers Step 2

  • Pour decorative glitter into the bowl.
  • Spray / spread the bottles with glue and sprinkle them well with glitter.
  • If you notice that you missed parts of the bottle - do not be afraid, add glue and sprinkle more.
  • To keep the napkin better, fasten it with the help of Scotch tape.

    • To decorate a part of the bottle, take a paper towel and wrap the bottle a few centimeters above the bottom of the bottle.
    • Make sure the paper line runs smoothly. Cover the rest of the bottle with glue and sprinkle with sequins, wait until they dry, and remove the napkin.

    Thus, you can decorate a variety of bottles and collect your collection! Also on the basis of this master class you can experiment with color and texture. For example, champagne in red color or covered with colored glitter look gorgeous at a wedding. Also do not forget to decorate the glasses for the newlyweds in the same style. Even with glasses you can make elegant candlesticks for table decoration - click on the button!

    Silver painting and texture creation

    and with the help of strips. To transform these bottles you will need:

    • A bottle with colored glass and a bottle of unusual shape;
    • Sticky tape or paper;
    • Silver spray paint;
    • Volume paints for design;
    • Gloves;
    • Newspaper / cloth, which is not a pity to get dirty.

    Step 1 Take a bottle with colored glass and cleanher from the label. We glue a tape or paper on a bottle as your imagination wants. Be sure to run your finger over the glued part to remove air bubbles. Step-by-step technology to create strips on the bottleStep 2 Lay a newspaper / cloth and wear gloves. Apply 2 coats of paint to the bottle and allow to dry. Gently remove the paper or tape; Take your time to avoid jagged edges. Apply bulk paint, then make the coating in 2 layers

  • We take a bottle of unusual shape and clean it from the label.
  • We apply dotted volumetric paints on the bottle, painting any patterns with dots. Give dry.
  • Apply 2 coats of paint to the bottle and allow to dry.
  • TIP: Bulk paint can be replaced with any thick glue, for example, “liquid nails.” The same technology can be used to make the letters of the newlyweds on the bottle: first, apply adhesive paper in the shape of a letter, paint and remove after drying. We make letters on a wedding bottle. The same method can be used for Master Classes in this article.

    Bottle of champagne in white color

    Making with white acrylic and salt To create such a beautiful little thing we need:

    • Newspaper / cloth, which is not a pity to get dirty;
    • Gloves;
    • Bottles of different shapes;
    • White spray paint;
    • Epson salt / simple coarse salt;
    • Flat dishes larger than a bottle;
    • Glue - you can use both aerosol and liquid special for decorating.

    Step 1 We clean the bottles, prepare a place for painting. Do not forget to paint at a distance for uniform application. We paint in 2 layers. After applying the glue to the bottle, we “roll it in”in salt Step 2 Salt is poured into a flat bowl. Apply glue to the bottle on the neck, roll it in the pot and get a lovely snow-white bottle! You can use absolutely any bottles for this - they will all look extremely elegant. Snow-white and fluffy bottles are ready. Look at the different versions of the bottles and their colors. Looks very extraordinary! Perfectly fit into any room, giving it originality.

    Decor thread

    It will be original if before paintingGently stick any thread on the bottle. To do this as accurately as possible, it is best to place it with tweezers or ear sticks. After the glue has completely dried, we coat it as usual with acrylic paint. TIP: Acrylic paint does not have to buy a special one. Can cover the usual from the hardware store. For example, if you have left after a recent repair

    Bottle structured by shell

    Wedding bottle with hearts To create this magic bottle, we take:

    • A simple glass bottle;
    • Egg shell;
    • Special liquid glue for decorating / you can experiment with other adhesives;
    • Napkins / white toilet paper;
    • White acrylic paint;
    • Medium hardness brush;
    • Crayons / crayons;
    • Scissors.

    Step 1

  • We take napkins or toilet paper, if you take the paper - separate the second layer, otherwise it will not work to fulfill the idea.
  • With pencils or crayons we draw on a heart napkin as you like, and cut out, slightly receding from the drawing.
  • Take the napkins and draw hearts on them. Step 2 Take the shells and break them into small pieces. Let them dry and begin to apply with glue to the bottle. Put your hands on the still wet glue eggshell Step 3

    • Free from the shells leave only the base of the neck and the bottom of the bottle.
    • We paint over the bottle with white acrylic paint, carefully painting the eggshell joints.

    Brush cover with any acrylic paint Give dry well STEP 4 Gently glue with glue and brushhearts Gently put a napkin with hearts to the bottle and careful movements, from the center to the edge, draw with a brush with glue. Do not forget that this paper is very thin and will be easily torn when it is hasty. STEP 5 Take your time and you will succeed! You can apply the pattern on the entire bottle or on its part. To consolidate the result is ideal to cover with matte or glossy varnish. These are the stages our bottle went through before becoming a real beauty! Such a decorated bottle will fit into anyinterior, giving romance and comfort. This master class showed only a small part of how to decorate the bottles for the wedding, making them bright original accents.

    Champagne Bottle Design Ideas

    If you want to make a wedding moreUnique, and maybe add a little comfort to the house, we recommend that you look more ideas on the design and painting of bottles. Unusual candlesticks, bridegroom robes, original pots and much more - all from ordinary glass bottles! You will definitely find the very option that will fit perfectly into your life!