How to paint a brick wall on the balcony - 5 painting methods, photo

How to paint a brick wall on the balcony - 5 painting methods, photo

Brick wall on the balcony is greataddition to almost any interior style: loft, Mediterranean, country, modern, Scandinavian, and even c. However, it can not always fit organically into the interior in its original color. The most affordable way to eliminate such a problem is to cover the wall on the balcony with paint, contrasting or close to the color scheme of the room. It will preserve the texture of bricks and make the interior more holistic. Also natural brick wall in the interior isalways fashionable, for example, brick and natural stone - this is one of the trends in the design of the kitchen in 2019. But painting a brick is not as easy as it seems: the whole process requires additional preparatory and final works with masonry. It can be divided into several stages. The content of the article:

Wall preparation

Before applying paint, a brick wall must be cleaned of dust, dirt, cobwebs and mold.

  • Wiping dry debris, rinse the masonry onbalcony with any cleaning foaming agent and leave to complete drying for 7-14 days. If the wall is too dirty, use a hard brush to clean the wall.
  • Strong defects in the form of chips and cracks are better covered with putty, let it dry and apply a thick layer of primer, which will create a moisture-proof layer on the surface of the brick.
  • If the balcony is not glazed, then the wall should be treated with anti-corrosion and anti-fungal impregnation. The term of its drying is 0.5-1 days. It is colorless and virtually odorless.
  • Clean the wall with a stiff brush

    What paint to paint a brick wall on the balcony

    First of all, pay attention to the purpose of paint - internal work.

  • The composition of this coating contains componentsharmless to human health. These include acrylic, alkyd, oil and mineral paints. If the balcony is glazed, then the best option is paint based on acrylic. For the unglazed balcony - it is oil and mineral.
  • Choose paint from a medium or expensive segment. Since the economy class paint - short-lived and they are problematic in the application.
  • Matt paints rather than glossy look more natural on a brick wall.
  • Calculate the amount of paint needed: on average, if a normal wall takes 0.05 liters per 1 square. m. Then you need to take the brick from 0, 1-0.15 liters per square meter. Also, when growing up, look at the label and add 50% of the recommended volume.
  • The choice of color: take the usual white paint and with the help of pigments mix the color that you want. If you are afraid to make a mistake, ask the store sellers to do it for you.
  • If you have a concrete wall on your balcony, look at the article -

    How to paint a brick wall - the choice of brushes

    • The best option for applying paint on an uneven brick surface will be a regular brush with a width of no more than 15 cm.
    • To paint joints, seams and relief a narrow brush is required - up to 5 cm.

    The bristle material depends on the type of paint chosen:

    • for coatings with solvents in the composition should be taken brushes with artificial bristles;
    • brush made of natural material suitable for oil paints.

    The roller may be useful if your plans includeapplying patterns, patterns or prints using a stencil. And also if you want to leave the seams not painted over or you have a perfect flat wall, which is extremely rare, then you can help make the paint roller. Roller applications are much faster.

    The technology of applying paint on the wall

    Painting a brick wall is a long process.labour intensive. Possessing a porous surface, the brick absorbs any lacquer-and-paint materials, therefore, for a perfectly even color, you will need to apply several layers. In this case, to apply a new layer, you need to wait for the previous one to dry. When dyeing, it is possible to use completely different techniques to create a matte and glossy coating, in a single color or gradient, aged, shabby and deliberately coarse. Graffiti painted on a brick wall will organically fit into certain styles. Its aesthetics and elegance are present in monochromatic walls of pastel or neutral shades: gray, black, white, beige, pale blue, etc. Paint the wall with a brush

  • We paint over the seams between the bricks with a small brush from the beginning.
  • Then a wide brush with wide strokes cover the area of ​​bricks
  • We carry out the paint treatment from the top to the bottom of the wall.
  • TIP: Take small areas no larger than 1 per 1 meter: you must have painted the seams and then the paint has not dried until the surface has been dried Painting by roller The principle of painting by rollersame: initially treated the seams with a small tassel. And while the paint is not completely dry, we put paint for the roller into the pan and cleaned the surface with it. The beauty of this technique is that it is much faster to paint than brush and paint to go evenly. It is possible to create the illusion of a perfectly flat wall. After the paint has dried, usually after 1 or 2 days it is advisable to coat the wall of the balcony with varnish or a paint fixer. Stencil painting technique This technique involves painting only part of the wall with paint, for example, you can make a world map or another drawing.

  • For this process the wall as described above.
  • Cut out a stencil on parchment paper or even an old piece of wallpaper.
  • With the help of double-sided tape or liquid nails fasten to the wall.
  • Paint with a brush or roller.
  • stencil for painting the world map We apply a stencil on the wall Technique "1 brick" ThisThe balcony wall painting technique for fans loves to work, but the result is worth it. Such a rainbow and multi-colored wall can be made if each brick is painted in different colors. TIP: In this technique, it is better to do the opposite: first, paint over the surface of the brick with a brush, and then with black or dark gray paint to work the masonry joints. Inscriptions on top of a painted wall. Very stylish.look inscriptions on top of paint on brick. To this end, after complete drying of the base, a pencil drawing is applied. It is best to apply the cheapest marker - it is easily erased !! The top is painted with black ink. Especially beautiful such inscriptions look with.


    Painted brickwork on the balcony requires regular cleaning from stains, dirt and grease.

    • To protect against plaque and strongcontamination, the wall should be additionally treated with protective agents or a special water-based varnish, which also provides the painted brick with a more presentable appearance and a long service life.
    • But no matter how strong they are.paint and varnish materials, from time to time the wall will have to be repainted, since salt deposits inside the brick have a negative effect on the finishing layer.

    Remember to get rid of the finishing layer andreturn brick original appearance will not work. But even if you change your mind about painting a brick wall, having decided to preserve its natural look, do not refuse transparent protective coatings, oils and impregnations. They will refresh the appearance of the brick and allow it to last longer.