How to paint a tree white stylishly: 3 lessons with photos

How to paint a tree white stylishly: 3 lessons with photos

White painted wood looksat the same time very simple, stylish and cozy. This type of painting with preservation of wood texture has become one of the most popular styles of interior and exterior! In this article we will look at 3 simple methods of painting wood with the effects of scuffing or aging, as well as beautiful and inspiring examples of floors, walls, doors and furniture painted with them. The content of the article:

    What paint paint?

    Traditionally, whitewash has been used as a cheap andA simple way to protect wood (lime has antibacterial properties) and give it a neat look. Now, when we recreate a whitewash, this is usually done using any white water-based or acrylic paint for internal or external work (this is what we will do in the methods described here). Water or odorless acrylic paints !! and you can use them indoors

    Wood and necessary materials:

    Different painting methods will show how strongthe appearance of the wood may change, whether it is a smooth pine board or an unpolished pallet. All three methods are very easy, fast and with a great result!

    • White water-based paint for indoor and outdoor use
    • Paint Mixing Tank
    • Rag
    • Brush
    • Scraper or piece of hard plastic for method number 2
    • Candle for method number 3

    No. 1: Painting with a rag

    Many types of wood that are sold inconstruction stores are already polished and have a smooth surface (for example, boards or sheets of plywood), but there are also raw boards. This whitewash method is suitable for both smooth and unpolished wood. It creates a neat and refreshing look, perfect for the modern, farm or Scandinavian style. White paint makes the tree more refined, while leaving the opportunity to see the structure of the boards, their natural pattern. How to do:

  • First dilute the white paint with a special solvent.
  • After that, dip the rag into the mixture of paint and wipe the wooden surface with it, making an even layer.
  • Apply another 1-2 coats of paint if you want tothe color looked more intense white. Let the paint dry after each new layer. Of course, you can use a brush, but it leaves smears, and from a rag the surface is perfectly smooth.

    No. 2 Paint Fill Method

    This method is best suited for unpolishedwood with a slightly rough surface (for example, for a wooden fence). With it, the tree can give a rustic look and the effect of antiquity. Step by Step:

  • Clean the wood with soapy water and a brush and leave to dry.
  • If your paint is too saturated, dilute it with a solvent.
  • After that, pour a little paint on a wooden surface, and then take a scraper and distribute the paint on the wood.
  • On unpolished, i.e. not quite evenwood surface, the paint layer will not be the same everywhere. A little more paint will flow down the grooves and less on the bulges, that is, in some places the white color will be more saturated and in some places more transparent, which will create the effect of antiquity. The result of painting the wall in this way can be estimated at the top.

    №3 Painting method with a candle

    Rubbed white paint through which placesyou can see the tree itself in its natural color is wonderfully suitable for the restoration of antique furniture or the creation of a new, but in the same style. In the photo below you can see an example of such a painting of a tree with wonderful designer handles laid out on it. Instruction:

  • Take a clean wooden plank (no matterground or not) and a candle. Rub the candles on the surface of the tree in several places. It is necessary to press on the candle quite strongly so that a clear trace of wax or paraffin remains on the tree.
  • After that, paint the wood with white paint and let it dry completely.
  • Dry painted surface wipe with a rag, and with some pressure. In those places where there was a trace of a candle, the paint will lag behind the surface.
  • Below is an example of a white wooden floor,painted by this method. It is worth noting that with this use it is better to apply a layer of protective varnish on top of the paint for more durable use.