How to paint and upgrade the chair: 5 Alterations for Beginners

How to paint and upgrade the chair: 5 Alterations for Beginners

Do not want to spend money on new chairs? Then you can simply carry out redecoration and alteration of old stools. Breathe new life into family and favorite things with the help of restoration! We suggest to get acquainted with 5 master classes asRenovate old wooden chairs with your own hands. We will show how to paint the chairs with paint, update the seats and upholstery of the chairs, make a simple cover. How beautiful it is to decorate the kitchen and office chair by yourself. Content of the article:

How to paint the chair paint

Changing the color of the chair and repainting it - you cancompletely change his style. Here we will turn the usual old wooden stool (and there will probably be one in almost every house) into a stylish element of the apartment interior. What paint to paint a wooden chair Any paint on wood ranging from enamel to alkyd or acrylic.

  • Acrylic paint - can be erased over time and when cleaning with a damp cloth to leave stains. BUT she is odorless.
  • Paints like Enamel and alkyd - have a strong odor, so it is best to paint in a ventilated room. But they are waterproof and do not wash!

How to paint a chair: Large surfaces, such as seats - roller. But the legs of the stool with a small tassel! Step by step painting technology: Required materials:

  • Old wooden stool
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (dark for seat and white for legs)
  • Brush

Step 1: Grinding the chair First, you need to sand the wood with sandpaper to remove the old paint and level the surface. Step 2: How to paint the stool with paint and varnish The paint will be applied in 2 stages.

  • Let's start with painting the seat. After grinding, you can see the color of the tree from which the stool is made. If it is dark enough by itself, then you can apply varnish for wood, leaving the natural color. If the tree is light, apply a dark paint for the tree, but such that the structure of the tree is visible.
  • Leave to dry.
  • After the paint is completely dry on the seat, you can start painting the legs.
  • Apply white paint with a brush and also leave to dry completely.
  • If the paint is very absorbed - then apply a second layer!
  • Here's what happened: Step 3: A few additions Since the painting is done in the farm style, you can also. For this you need to make a small scuff with sandpaper. TIP: To keep the stool in this state longer, apply a protective wax coating for wood over the paint.

    We update kitchen chairs

    Here we will update the set of four kitchen chairs, having painted the legs and backs white, and the dark brown seat. The scheme of work is similar to that described in the master class for updating wooden stools.

  • First you need to remove the old paint with sandpaper,
  • then alternately paint the seat in a dark color and the rest of the chair in white,
  • and at the very end apply a protective coating.
  • The difference is that here this process will be longer due to the greater number of elements being painted. Use the step-by-step instructions for updating the stool in the farm style and in the end you will get such a wonderful chair: Don't be afraid to experiment with colors of paints andfabric for plating, or with the effect of antiquity. Make the chairs suitable exactly for your taste and interior! - several master classes! Ideas for painting a chair Painting chairs in a different color is the most versatile way to make them modern and stylish. Below in the photo we brought a few ideas for the decor of chairs.

    Drag the old chair

    A quick way to update the chair is to drag the stool and give a new use to one of the sweaters. The cost of this will be only the purchase of paint. Necessary materials:

    • Chair
    • Paint (enamel on wood or plain acrylic)
    • Brush
    • Construction stapler
    • Pullover
    • Construction glue

    Step by Step Instruction: Step 1: Making the New Trim

    • It is necessary to unfasten the seat from the wooden structure of the chair, and then cover it with a knitted sweater and fasten it around the perimeter with a construction stapler.
    • Of course, you can also take fabric for plating, but here we consider the simplest and cheapest option from scrap materials.

    TIP: Of course, you should not take the whole sweater, cut off such a part for covering that would be enough to wrap the seat and fix it. Step 2: Paint the wooden part of the chair In this case, paint white with special paint for wood. Before that, the tree can be sanded with sandpaper to remove old paint and provide a better fix for the new one. Leave to dry completely. It remains to connect the two parts of the chair. This can be done with construction glue or thin nails hammered from the back. Ideas for chair stools When restoring a chair seat, it is not necessary to use a fabric; other cheap materials can go into motion: old belts or cloth tape. Master class like PHOTO: How - by reference!

    How to update the upholstery of the chair

    Agree that on a soft chair with a beautifulUpholstery is much more comfortable and pleasant to sit on than on a hard wooden seat. The bench, which we will transform here, is also suitable for the piano, and to put it in the bedroom next to the bed, and in the role of a high chair in the hallway. Let's take a detailed look at how to update the upholstered stool and drag it with a new cloth. TIP: If you have a leather seat - read the article. The entire project takes less than an hour, and is really easy to do on your own. Necessary materials:

    • Wooden Piano Bench
    • Fabric for plating
    • Scissors
    • Decorative Nails for Furniture
    • Hammer
    • Glue gun
    • Syntepon

    Step by Step: Step 1: Paint a bench This step can be skipped if the bench is in good condition and does not require painting, you just want to make it soft. If painting is necessary, first remove the old paint with emery paper, and then apply a new one and leave to dry. Step 2: Fasten the fabric. Lay and align the fabric on the bench surface, twist about 2 cm on one side (short), and fasten it on two legs (use two decorative nails for furniture, one on each of the two legs). on the picture. After that, carefully wrap the corners of these two legs with a cloth and fix its position with an adhesive gun (see photo). Now it becomes clear how much fabric to remove. Leave about 2-3 cm to tuck and trim the rest (this applies to all sides). Then secure the fabric on one long side.stool, and then on the other short side in the same way as just done on the short side. That is, tuck the fabric, fix it with a glue gun and nail it with decorative nails. After that, there is one long side of the chair with a loose upholstery, it is left to fill with padding polyester. Attach three nails at the corners: one right on the corner to hold the wrapped fabric, and two at the edges of the legs (at this stage it concerns the two legs on the long side of the chair with the skin attached). Step 3: Making soft upholstery. Now is the time to add a synthetic winterizer. This should be done gradually to evenly distribute it over the chair under the cloth. Add stuffing until the seat is soft enough, while not too stretching the fabric. It now remains to secure the fabric with the remainingsides and corresponding two legs. The scheme of action is the same as in the previous step with the other sides and legs. Note: on the stool between the legs, the number of nails may be different, but sufficient to keep the fabric (here the distance between the nails is about 3 cm). The bench has found a completely different look and now can serve as a real highlight of the interior!

    Decorate office chair

    A standard black office chair can be given a cheerful and colorful look. After such a change, your workplace will definitely become more comfortable and inspiring to new productive ideas. Necessary materials:

    • Office metal chair with padded seat
    • Paint in a can
    • Construction stapler
    • Fabric for plating
    • Screwdriver
    • Scissors

    Step by Step: Step 1: Fastening the trim In order to make a new trim, you must first remove the soft part of the seat from the chair. Here it is necessary to proceed on the basis of the method of fastening the seat on a particular chair: it can be glued or attached with screws. Take it off carefully so as not to damage anything. Then pull the fabric so that it is tight.obtyagyvala seat. The fabric should come from the back of the seat a few centimeters, the excess should be cut. Fix the trim will be building stapler on the back of the seat. Step 2: We paint the chair. Put the chair on an unnecessary sheet or old newspapers so as not to stain the floor when painting, if possible - bring it to the street. Choose a special paint for metal. After painting, leave the chair to dry completely. Step 3: Fasten the seat to the chair Return the seat to its original position, according to how it was attached. That is, you need either a screwdriver or glue. Now compare the final result with what was originally. It looks like a completely different chair: