How to paint a table with your own hands. It turns out at all. Learn now

How to paint a table with your own hands. It turns out at all. Learn now

Many like furniture from natural wood. It has a special attraction. However, it is not available to everyone in the furniture store to purchase an original, painted and at the same time high-quality item. In this case, skilled hands will come to the rescue. If you want, you can do many things yourself. In addition, furniture made or stylized with their own hands, is distinguished by its unique warmth and energy. How to paint a table with your own hands. Photo №4 As an example, we can consider manufacturinground painted table of a relatively cheap material - pine. And it is not necessary to purchase new furniture. To create your table you will need:

  • Table top;
  • Table leg;
  • corners and screws, furniture glue;
  • Colorless lacquer;
  • Brushes and acrylic paints;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Patterns of paper.

If there is an opportunity, you can simplify the work,using an old table-top made of solid pine with a diameter of 860 mm and a thickness of 45 mm and a finished leg with a height of 700 mm. If this is not possible, you will have to do these details yourself. However, this is not difficult if you have woodworking tools and desire. Having prepared the details, you can proceed to assembly. In the center of the tabletop, a recess is made 30 mm in the shape of the upper part of the leg. To do this, a contour is first outlined on the table leg for milling. A special furniture glue is applied to the joint site, and the table top is mounted on the foot. At the junction they need to be strengthened by four corners 40x20x2 mm on the screws. The table is ready to become original, stylish and unique. The highlight of the table will be the painting of the countertop. The drawing can be anything - multicolored triangles, a bouquet of flowers in the Russian folk style, images of animals. In a word - it all depends on your imagination. First, practice with the drawing on a sheet of paper, if you want - cut out the template. Next, draw a simple pencil in the desired pattern and proceed with the coloring. Carry out the work neatly. After the table top is painted, allow the paints to dry completely, then apply a colorless varnish on top and allow it to dry thoroughly. There is no doubt that the table will become the main decoration of the living room, the object of admiration for the guests. This will not be anyone else.