How to put things on shelves and shelves (38 photos)

How to put things on shelves and shelves (38 photos)


    The order and storage on shelves and shelves: how to put things

    Aesthetic interior decoration plays a bigrole, since correctly placed furniture elements, accessories, and various small items create a positive mood in the house, make the housing beautiful and stylish. Many give decor items no less attention than the main interior items. Thus, over time, a large number of little things dear to the heart accumulate in the house. In this case, it is necessary to be able to correctly arrange a large number of different figurines, awards, vagas, books on shelves and shelves in such a way that they become a harmonious continuation of the interior of the room. If a large number of various, pleasant to the soul, trifles accumulate on shelves or shelves, which gradually began to squeeze out each other, you can use openwork baskets or transparent containers where to place a certain amount of decorative accessories. So, correctly selected in accordance with the style and color, the containers will not only arrange items on the shelves, and will help to hide old books and extra decor elements.

    Harmony and balance on shelves and shelves

    The absence or presence of harmony is strikingat the first glance at a shelf or shelf. If the number and variety of various things on the shelves is too large, you can violate the ratio of shapes and sizes of decorative objects. That is why things must be arranged in such a way that large and small, narrow and wide, low and high objects evenly alternate on shelves or shelves. For example, an elegant vase perfectly complements a large volume of the encyclopedia, and a stack of books will look good next to a narrow and tall figurine. It should be remembered that such compositions should look proportionate and uniform. Equilibrium in the design of shelving and shelvesEquilibrium in the design of shelving and shelves

    The laws of symmetry: we place things on shelves and racks correctly

    Another important rule when placing itemson racks and shelves: the right side should be balanced by the left, and vice versa. Or, for example, the upper right corner of the rack in which any large item is located must be supplemented with a group of small items in the lower left corner of the rack. In other words, objects close in shape to color and volume should be placed on shelves. Such compositions on shelves and shelves always look complete and produce only a positive impression. The laws of symmetry in the design of the rackThe laws of symmetry in the design of the rack

    A sense of proportion when storing and decorating shelves and cabinets

    Cluttering the surfaces of racks and shelves insteadbeautifully arranged things you can get a sense of chaos, in which beautiful and stylish decorative objects are lost. In order to avoid a similar effect of the shelf, it is necessary to force about 70% of the surface of the shelves, the rest of the space should be free. Properly designed shelvingProperly designed shelving

    The main color scheme

    The predominant color scheme of the room is necessaryalso transfer to shelves and racks. To do this, in the foreground shelves place decorative objects to match the interior and complement with suitable accessories in tone. To avoid harmony on the shelves, statuettes, frames with photographs, ceramic vases of no more than two or three colors should be placed on them. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the basic shades of furniture, pay attention to the drawing on the carpet, and only then proceed with the decor of shelves and shelving. For diverse decorative, bright objects, a shelving unit that has laconic shapes and a neutral color scheme is perfect. The best shelving is white, black or light gray. Racks and shelves of any other color should be harmoniously combined with the interior of the room. For example, if the room has a wooden shelf, then it should be combined with the rest of the wooden furniture. Shelf decorated in the right colors.Shelf decorated in the right colors.

    Main Rule: Free Top Shelves

    Do not place on shelves that areAbove the horizon, voluminous heavy objects. Otherwise, an oppressive, uncomfortable atmosphere is created in the room. All graceful, fragile, transparent decorative objects should be placed on shelves above eye level. And volumetric, heavy and large objects are better placed lower. Free upper shelves on the rackFree upper shelves on the rack

    Vivid accents: placing things on shelves

    So that the organized rack does not lookfaceless and boring, you can complement the compositions on the shelves with bright missing elements that can cheer up and revive the entire composition of the shelving or shelves. To do this, you need to select several original items that differ from the main decor of things in color or shape and place them on the shelves, so that as a result one of the geometric shapes (square, rhombus, triangle) visually turns out. Bright accents on shelves and shelvesBright accents on shelves and shelves Do you like the article? Share on social networks!