How to remove a tree stump: 3 ways

How to remove a tree stump: 3 ways

Sometimes on the site you need to get rid of the tree. And most often the tree is just cut down. After cutting, there is a stump that can spoil the appearance of the site and interfere. Therefore, there is a need to get rid of it. The content of the article:


    The first thing that comes to mind is to dig a stump. This method is suitable for small trees that do not have a strong root system. To remove the stump by digging, you will need a shovel, crowbar, a hacksaw and a hose with water. Remove the ground around the stump with a spade and flush away excess earth with water and a hose. Then you need a hacksaw to cut the most powerful parts of the roots of the stump. Try to tack the stump with scrap. If the stump could not be uprooted, it is recommended to dig the ground even deeper and make more cuts.

    Chemical method

    You can get rid of the stump and chemical method. To do this, you need to make a hole in the center of the stump and fill it with sodium nitrate. Then cover the stump with a film so that the rain does not wash away the chemical “stuffing” of the stump. To speed up the process, you can pour the saltpeter concentrate into the hole every day. When the stump is completely saturated with nitrate, it must be set on fire. Due to the nitrate impregnation, the stump will burn out completely, even those areas that are underground. It is prohibited to use this method if the plot is located on peaty soil. Also, it is not recommended to remove stumps that are located near structures in this way.

    Salt removal

    If the area where the stump is located is not usedfor growing plants, you can use salt. Pour into the hole coarse salt and pour periodically inside the salt solution. After six months or a year from the stump remains dust, which will need to be removed from the site. The simplest, but costly, is hiring specialists. With the help of a special machine in minutes, the stump will be removed from your site. Very often, this machine can be ordered from garden societies. True, such a service will require certain costs.