How to sew a tunic for a girl: a master class with photos

How to sew a tunic for a girl: a master class with photos

How to sew a tunic for a girl Little women of fashion love to turn in skirts anddresses, so sometimes they refuse to wear clothes of “standard” cut, especially practical pants and a blouse. And what if you sew a tunic with a cute "skirt"? In combination with appliqué, boat-neck and, of course, pink shades, such a blouse will certainly conquer the princess! The tailoring of this product will take you from 3 to 5 hours of time, and in return the daughter will receive an original knitted tunic, which can be worn for holidays and for walks.

For sewing children's tunics will need:

dense pink cooler - 0.5 m; thin footer with pandas - 0.5 m; a small piece of nonwoven; pink thread to match the cooler; tailor pins; scissors for cloth; sewing machine. Materials for sewing tunics for girls Specified footage of the fabric should be enough "withhead "on any size pattern of this tunic. The pattern of the tunic for a girl is taken from Ottobre magazine (No. 1/2015, model 23; we already described sewing from the same number). The workshop shows tailoring a tunic for size 110. This is what this model looks like in a magazine: Sample Pattern slightly complemented: in the original tunic sleeves - without cuffs, and we added high cuffs made of fabric with pandas. For a size of 110 cm, parts of the cut will be of the same size as we indicated on the base pattern. In addition, if you, like us, make the cuffs, then their length should be made 12 cm (with a total height of the sleeve will be 39 cm). Detail 1 is the front; 2 - back; 3 - sleeve, 4 - Basque, 5 - neck throat.

How to sew a tunic for girls from knitwear?

one. Transfer the pattern of the tunic to the paper and cut the details along the contours. Attach the patterns of the pattern to the fabric and carve out the necessary details: two "skirts" and two cuffs of fabric with a pattern, as well as in front, a back, two sleeves and a neck from a pink cooler. For appliqué, select a suitable fabric item (for example, a panda's head) and cut it out along the contour. Open the tunic for a girl 2 The first step is to sew the appliqué on the front part of the blouse. To do this using knit fabrics is rather difficult: the fabric can stretch, deform and twist. Therefore, the application should be sealed - attach flizelin to it with a hot iron. Applique need to glue 3 Apply with non-woven fabric attach to the front of the tunic at the place where you want to sew it. First fix the appli cation with two or three pins, and then with a basting stitch walk along the edge of the appliqué. Basting appliqués four. Sew the appliqué using a thread to match the edge of the part (this is black). If you are not strong in sewing appliqués (after all, you need to deftly turn the fabric so that the needle does not go deep into the appliqué or, on the contrary, behind its outlines), do not press the machine's pedal: stick the pattern slowly turning the wheel of the machine. How to make an appliqué on jersey 5. In order for the front part of the tunic to be fully prepared, you need to sew a skirt on it. To do this, put both parts together along the bottom edge and secure with tailoring pins. Sew a Basque 6 Sew the parts on the machine using a knitted seam (inclined teeth), and then process the fabric allowances with a zigzag with an interval of 1.5. Do the same with the back - sew a skirt to it so that you can connect the back with the front. Assembling the front of the tunic 7. Fold the front and back face to face, secure the shoulder lines with pins. Tunic assembly eight. Stitch the shoulders on a typewriter with a knitted stitch, then zigzag it off and stitch it out on the front side, turning the allowances in the front part. It is best to detach with a straight seam with an interval of 3. Shoulder seams 9. Bend a long neckline in half (along the strip) and press. Then line up the edges of this part so as to close them into a bagel. Fold the neck on the fold, zasyuzhennomu before. Piping for the neck 10. Attach the neck to the upper cutout of the main part of the tunic and secure with pins. How to treat the neck 11. Stitch the neck with a knitted stitch, then treat the allowances with a zigzag or another knit stitch. Flank off the front side, turning the allowances down. Throat processing 12. Attach the sleeves to the armholes of the sleeves (inside out) and fasten them along the edge of the armhole with pins. Sew the sleeve 13. Sew on the sleeves: use knit seam first and then zigzag to trim the edges. Assembling a tunic for a girl 14. Turn the product inside out and gently fold it so that all the seams match each other. Pin the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. Sew through the knit stitch and zigzag. The tunic is almost ready: at least at this stage it can be tried on. Baby tunic assembly 15. Fold cuffs in half, like a neck, and press. Then sew the edges of the cuffs, fold them along an ironed line. High cuffs to the tunic 16. Put the cuffs on the sleeves, fold the cuffs and sleeves together and fasten them with pins. How to sew cuffs 17. Sew on the cuff with a typewriter: first, knit stitch, and then zigzag. Sewing on the cuffs 18. Twist the lower edge of the tunic twice (for the first time - 5 mm, and the second - 10 mm), fix with pins and walk along the manual basting seam. Marking the bottom of a children's tunic 19. Sew through the bottom of the tunic with a straight seam with an interval of 3, retreating from the edge of the folded fold 1-2 mm. Processing bottom of the tunic Knitted tunic for girls ready! Children's tunic: master class Tunic for girls: master class How to sew a baby tunic This model is good because it is suitable for anystretching fabric: thin, dense or even winter with a pile. Even if you sew a monotonous tunic, it will turn out to be unusual and festive thanks to a peculiar cut! Kaho specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: