How to sew shorts with their own hands: a master class

How to sew shorts with their own hands: a master class

How to sew shorts Sewing baby clothes is not as difficult as it first sight. It is better, of course, to start with simple models - say, a shorts for a child, rather than aiming at sewing. For physical education in the garden is not necessary to purchase a complete set. There is a more creative and, if you wish, a budget solution: to sew shorts with your own hands. And with our master class you can easily handle such work.

So, to sew shorts with their own hands, you need:

Materials for sewing shorts • fabric, it is better to take knitwear - it stretches welland sits on the figure; • thread color suitable for the fabric; • elastic along the waistline plus a small allowance; • pins; • tailor's chalk or remnant; • scissors; • sewing machine.

How to sew shorts do it yourself: job description

From knitwear we cut out just such a figure (do not forget about allowances, leave more and more at the top and bottom - on the fold and belt): How to sew baby shorts with their own hands You can take a sample of old pants orshorts and remove the pattern from them. In this case, the height of future shorts, you can vary on their own - from the belt to the bottom of the shorts. All we need are two identical parts. How to sew a child shorts with their own hands We process the edges of parts. I do not have an overlock, so I brush over the edges on a regular typewriter with a zigzag stitch. How to sew a child shorts with their own hands It turns out very well - such a seam copes with the function of protecting the fabric from rash or arrows - if it comes to knitwear. How to sew baby shorts Fold our parts face up to each other. How easy it is to sew baby shorts We grind them along the line from the waist to the most prominent point, along the so-called seams of the seat. Sewing seams Now we expand the stitched details like this: Build shorts with your own hands And sew step seams - form the shorts. Sewing a short shirt with your own hands It remains only to process the top and bottom of the product. Fold the fabric inside and lay the bending seam on a typewriter. How to sew shorts with their own hands I worked on the bottom of the shorts with a decorative zigzag stitch, and at the top I laid a regular machine stitch. How to sew shorts Do not forget to leave a small hole in the hem of the shorts along the waist line - we will later insert a rubber band through it. How to hem shorts By the end of the gum we fasten a pin. It is better to immediately cut off the desired length - this is the waist length tight, but not tight, plus 1 cm for stitching the edges. How to sew shorts And stretch it through the entire hem along the perimeter of the waist. We put gum in shorts We take out the tip of the gum through the hole, straighten it. Processing the top seam of the shorts Cut off the excess. How to sew shorts The ends of the gum sew overlap or knotted, but the second method may not be very comfortable to wear. We put gum into stitched shorts The knot or stitching place hides inside the belt, into the hole through which the elastic band is pulled, we sew manually. How to sew shorts with their own hands That's all, the shorts for the child are ready - as you can see, it is more than simple to sew them with your own hands. DIY shorts Elena Modenova specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: