How to tie crocheted pencil case with voluminous butterflies

How to tie crocheted pencil case with voluminous butterflies

How to tie a pencil case This site already has several similar friends.a friend in the style of knitted pencil cases: only the pattern by which they are connected differs, so in this master class I will briefly talk about how to tie the case as a whole, but I’ll dwell on the butterfly pattern in detail. Practice shows that canisters of this style get acclimatized well in school: a child is not distracted by sorting pencils according to special divisions-elastic bands, but can quickly reach the necessary subject during the lesson and just as quickly collect all things back into the backpack. For convenience on the case - a wide zipper-tractor and a tied coin, which you can pull to fasten or unfasten the case itself. Crocheted pencil case I also advise you to get acquainted with a more simple one, and if your child is a fan of minions, then you definitely need to connect.

To tie the case, it took:

acrylic yarn of several colors - white,pink, turquoise and green YarnArt Elite (100% acrylic, 100 g - 300 m); 2.5 mm hook; lightning tractor one of the colors of the yarn; knitwear of white or any pastel shade for lining; sewing thread to match lining and zipper; sewing needle; scissors; ruler or measuring tape; remnant or tailor chalk for cutting.

Crocheted pencil case: job description

How to tie crochet case: outer knitted part Begin to knit from the bottom. To do this, knit a chain of air loops 15 cm long from white yarn. Next, we knit in a circle a row of double crochets, making in the extreme loops - 5 tbsp. with a crochet. Now our task is to turn this sausage into a rectangle. Two rows of knit with single crochets, first pink, then green yarn. Pay attention to the scheme. Bottom scheme for crocheted pencil case Tying pink yarn in the first column ofbeam tied to the extreme air loop, we do 3 tbsp. without nakida, then knit 3 tbsp. without nakida and 2 tbsp. without nakida to the last column of the same bundle. Next, continue to knit with crochets. Go to the green yarn. We knit with columns without nakida, making 3 tbsp. without nakida in the central column of each beam of 3 tbsp. without nakida previous (pink) row. The next 2 rows are double crochets, white yarn. Just as in the previous row, we do 2 tbsp. double crochet in the central beam column of 3 tbsp. previous row. The last row of the bottom is made of green yarn, with single crochet; do 3 tbsp. without crochet in each bundle of 3 tbsp. double crochet of the previous row. We have a rectangle. Bottom knitted pencil case Go to knitting the walls of the case. We change the yarn for turquoise and knit a number of columns without crochet without increments, capturing only the back wall of the columns of the previous row. Thus, the bottom will stand out in relief. Crochet the butterfly pattern with 2 rows of knit knit fabric with white yarn, double crochet. The next row - we take a turquoise yarn and determine where our butterflies will sit. Thus, we calculate the distance between them in the crochets, which need to be knitted. So, we reach the right place, we knit 4 points. lifting and 3 tbsp. with 2 nakida in one loop. First wing Further - 4 inc. and deaf loop in the same loop of the previous row. Then - 3 V. p. lifting, 2 tbsp. with nakid, 3 vp, a deaf loop; 3 vp lifting, 2 tbsp. with nakid, 3 vp, a deaf loop; 4 vp lifting, 3 tbsp. with 2 nakida, 4 vp, deaf loop. Pay attention: the base of all the columns of the butterfly and deaf loops - lies in the same loop of the previous row! Knitting butterfly Knit four butterfly wings We leave the thread behind the butterfly and continue to knit our pink row with single crochets. We tie a row with a butterfly Crochet stitchless, butterfly pattern Just knit the rest of pink butterflies. We reach the end of the row and change the yarn to a light green one. We also knit a number of columns without nakida, but still - abdomen and antennae of our butterflies. Second color row We reach the butterfly and make art. with 2 naquids with a base around a white double crochet column (directly under the butterfly). Abdomen butterflies Abdomen in butterfly pattern Then we knit the antennae: each of them consists of 3 cp, then tied with blind loops. Crochet butterfly pattern: master class We coped with the antennae - and continue to knit a numbersingle crochets. Then we repeat everything: 2 rows of white yarn columns with nakida, then - two-color butterflies. We tie up the pencil case of the desired height, ending it with a color row of columns without a nakida, and proceed to the roof. Crochet butterfly pattern Upper part of the pencil case and zipperthe first row without decreasing with single crochets, colored yarn, capturing only the back of the loop of the previous row. It will be convenient to outline corners corresponding to the corners of the bottom, using plastic labels for knitting or safety pins. Now, in every corner in each row, we will cut 3 tbsp. with crochet or without, tying them together. Thus, we knit 2 rows of crocheted white yarn columns, then 2 rows with crocheted colored yarn. Everything, in the remained space will successfully lay down a lightning. At this stage, I advise you to evaluate the volume of butterflies. I had to grab a little wings, sew them to a knitted cloth, so that the wings did not wrinkle and the knitted pencil case always looked presentable. How to sew a lining and sew a zipper - I told in detail in the master class on. Crocheted pencil case with butterfly pattern Sew zipper in knitted pencil case Crocheted pencil case The zipper coin is made in the same way as in the master class on. How to tie a crochet pen case So quickly and easily you can tie a pencil case for a girl to school. How to tie crochet pencil case: scheme How to tie crochet case for beginners How to tie crochet pencil case Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: