How to use bright textiles to create a spring interior (30 photos)

How to use bright textiles to create a spring interior (30 photos)


    Creating a spring interior with textiles

    As you know, fashion trends may not change.only in clothes, accessories, jewelry, cars, but also in the interior of an apartment or house. Recently, many people prefer to invite designers to create a fashionable interior, who help to determine the color scheme of the interior and give advice on the arrangement of furniture. However, if you are a creative person, it will not be difficult for you to realize your own ideas for creating an interior. The completeness of the home interior gives not only the right lighting and good repair, but also the use of textile items. Especially good textile items help complement and complete the spring interior.


    To create a cozy spring home interiorit is best to opt for curtains with ruffles. The presence of lambrequins, shuttlecocks and various original garters will not be out of place. Remember that when choosing curtains, the main criterion is not only the quality of the material, but also the color scheme. The latest fashion trend is the curtains, made in bed colors and which contain bright spots. If the curtains are plain, then a bright accent of the room can be done on sofa cushions. Thus, the room will appear personality. Curtains in the spring interiorCurtains in the spring interior

    Covers for upholstered furniture

    Wraps and covers for sofas and armchairshelp to add a little romance and comfort to the spring interior of your home. The last hit of the season are covers made in soil. These covers are a bit like peasant blankets. If a large amount of residues of different fabrics has accumulated in the house, and you can sew yourself, then it will not be difficult for you to make such covers or capes. In order for such covers and wraps to look harmoniously, use several shreds of fabric with an active pattern and several plain, basic shreds. Cases in the style of soil in the spring interiorCases in the style of soil in the spring interior

    Carpets and rugs

    To create a spring home interior, you canthe main carpet can be selected with restrained neutral tones and supplemented with several small rugs of bright colors. For example, a small bright rug can be placed in the corridor and at the entrance to the living room. Carpet in the spring interiorCarpet in the spring interior

    Cloth Wall Decor

    One of the most unusual approaches when creatingThe spring interior has become a wall decor fabric. Various panels of fabric on the wall look interesting. It is also possible to take shreds of excess fabric with an interesting print or pattern and, using a trailer, fix them on the back of the old frames, and group the resulting “paintings” on the wall. Cloth Wall DecorCloth Wall Decor

    Spring kitchen interior

    In order to give spring moodyou can use the curtains on the cabinets, chair covers, beautiful curtains on the windows and matching kitchen towels that are tailored to match the interior of the kitchen. You can get spring comfort by using bright colors in the interior, but you should be careful with the colorfulness, since everything is good in moderation. The abundance of colorful objects will look foolish and tasteless. Spring kitchen interiorSpring kitchen interior

    Textile Trivia

    You can complement the spring interior with variouslittle things: floor lamps with a beautiful close-fitting, embroidered paintings, tapestries, and, even, soft toys. Recently, things made by hand have become very popular. If you have needlework skills, then you can easily complement the interior with beautiful and fashionable little things. Textile menochki in creating a spring interiorTextile menochki in creating a spring interior Do you like the article? Share on social networks!