How to use ropes, cords and a rope in the interior (54 photos)

How to use ropes, cords and a rope in the interior (54 photos)

Agree there is some kind of magic in designideas? Walls, furniture, designer zest, decor items, all this in itself has no power. But it’s worth putting it all in a certain chronology, adding color and we can’t take our eyes off. Designers have many different tricks, and one cannot say for sure which one is the best. But one of them is the use of cords, ropes and ropes. Cords and ropes in the interior decor - photoCords and ropes in the interior decor - photo Probably the first thing that comes to mind is the marine style. Indeed, which ship will do without sea knots, but this is not only about this topic. Marine style interior using rope and ropes.Marine style interior using rope and ropes. Let's look in order: Contents

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Beauty or practicality? In addition to beauty and accents, ropes, tows and cords can be used as a very practical piece of furniture. They are made from jute, a very durable and environmentally friendly material. A thick rope can support a weight of about two tons. The scope of ropes, ropes and cords in the interior is very diverse. Coffee table with legs made of ropesCoffee table with legs made of ropes

Decoration of furniture with a rope and ropes

Ropes and other similar materials very often braid furniture. It can be:

  • Chairs;
  • Coffee table;
  • Armchairs
  • Puffs;
  • Headboards;
  • Shelves.

Interior decoration with ropes and ropeInterior decoration with ropes and rope The rope in the interior should be used in combinationwith natural materials: wood, leather, stone, ceramics. Do not use this decor in Victorian or French styles. Also, do not forget that this is more an emphasis in the interior, and not its main component.

Rope baffles and curtains

Recently, very often in apartments dozoning using partitions, not walls. It is very popular in studio apartments or when combining a kitchen with a living room. So the cable partitions are no exception. It is not at all problematic in making it looks romantic. For such a partition, you need to make holes in two strips of the same length. Rope threads are inserted into the upper bar, after which it is attached to the ceiling. And the lower bar is attached to the thread and either remains hanging and it looks like a curtain, or it is attached to the floor and a feeling of the wall is created. The smaller the distance between the threads, the denser the partition. Do-it-yourself rope curtains and partitionsDo-it-yourself rope curtains and partitions

Dressing interior items with ropes and cords

In addition to furniture, cords ropes and ropes are used to decorate all kinds of interior items, such as:

  • Vases;
  • Flower pots;
  • Mirrors
  • Clock;
  • Framework;
  • Paintings;
  • Laundry baskets;
  • Fixtures;
  • Floor mats.

The most popular way is to decorate a vase or a flower pot with ropes, since for this it is enough to simply braid it with a cord - and you will already receive an original decor item. Do-it-yourself vase decorDo-it-yourself vase decor And this is not the limit. Such things look more voluminous and figured. Very often I decorate bathroom objects with ropes. A bath mat and a laundry basket made of the same material look harmonious. At the cottage, where a lot of wood is used in the interior, ropes, cords and ropes only add coziness and a warm atmosphere. Beautiful rugs and tabletops made of multi-colored ropesBeautiful rugs and tabletops made of multi-colored ropes

Shelves, hanging chairs and rope beds

Recently, outboard gains momentumarmchairs and beds. And you must admit, there are not many options for hanging them on the ceiling. You can, of course, use chains, but not everyone likes them, and they don’t look everywhere, but the ropes are an excellent substitute for them. But during sleep, you can feel like a real sailor, and on a chair close your eyes, relax after a hard day and dream with a slight wiggle. Hanging bed in the bedroomHanging bed in the bedroom It is interesting to use a rope for shelves. If desired, they are very easy to make yourself. It is especially popular to use such shelves in children's rooms or in the bathroom. Here's another . Homemade shelves made of boards and ropeHomemade shelves made of boards and rope Another know-how in using ropes andropes - chandeliers. Do not be surprised if you go into the house, and a knot with a pair of burning lamps will be tied on the ceiling. Although, sometimes they take on more bizarre forms. Rope and rope chandeliers and lampshades - original home decorRope and rope chandeliers and lampshades - original home decor In general, we can say that the restriction onthe use of this material imposes only your imagination. The main thing is to choose the right partners and you can create your own unique style in the interior. We also recommend viewing:

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