How to weave a bracelet from gum "Fish tail"

How to weave a bracelet from gum "Fish tail"

How to weave a bracelet from gum "Fish tail" One of the most favorite types of weaving isbracelet from gum "fish tail". Why it is so named - the question does not arise, just look at the picture, which forms the interweaving of elastic bands. And that's why it’s easy to explain, darling: weaving is so easy and uncomplicated that babies of 3-4 years also join handicraft and gladly make cute jewelry for themselves and their mothers (and also develop fine motor skills in such a way and prepare little fingers to the letter). In our master class it is shown in detail how to weave bracelets from “Fishtail” rubber bands. And if someone has any questions - ask them in the comments, we are always happy to answer them!

So, to weave a bracelet from gum "Fishtail", you will need:

Materials and tools for weaving a bracelet of gum Fishtail hook; machine-fork (we have - a large machine,but for convenience of photography, it’s quite convenient to weave on the “fork”); eight-clasp; gum for weaving. Here such a slingshot is an indispensable tool in the weaving of the “fish tail”. Slingshot for weaving a bracelet. Fishtail I suggest weaving a rainbow fishtail,dividing gum colors rainbow black or white. Accordingly, you will need gum red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. If, besides blue, there is also blue, then great - there will be a real seven-color rainbow! How to secure a bracelet made of gum Fishtail Bracelet from elastic bands Fish tail: colors

How to weave bracelets "Fish tail" of rubber bands: description of work

We put the first rubber band (black) on the slingshot with the figure eight, twisting it in the middle, like this: Gum bracelet: Round Fishtail Then we put on two more (red and black again) in the usual way, without an overlap. Rainbow bracelet from gum Fishtail The left edge of the lower (black) gum is crocheted, we hook the hook to the left and remove the loop from the post: Rubber band bracelet: step by step instructions Gum bracelet: simple fishtail Do the same with the right edge - and our gum is taken off. Weaving started! Lessons weaving bracelets of gum Fishtail In the usual way, we put an orange gum on both columns. Weaving bracelets of gum Fishtail: photos Hook up the bottom red rubber band and remove it from the left, circling around the slingshot post, as we did with the black rubber band. How to finish a bracelet of gum Fishtail Bracelet made of gum Fishtail: photo lesson The same - on the right side. We put on another slingshot (black) gum. You have probably already understood the principle of weaving a “Fishtail” bracelet. Small rubber bracelets Fishtail Now we remove the lower black gum, pulling the hinges left and right and removing them from the slingshots, leaving as if to hang on the elastic bands worn over. Gum bracelet Fish Tail: in stages Now - the turn of the yellow gum. We put it on the slingshot, and then throw off both sides of the bottom, orange, gum. Bracelet gum Fishtail: instructions We continue weaving, putting on the next gum and dropping on it the hinges of the lower elastic band. Observe the sequence of colors of the rainbow. The scheme of weaving a bracelet fish tail of rubber bands Our "fish tail" is already in full swing: How to make bracelets from gum Fishtail We bracelet we need the length. Bracelets of gum Fishtail: scheme Go to fasten the fastener. Bracelets of gum Fishtail: photos When we have already woven the cord of the desired length, we stop adding new rubber bands, but in the usual way we throw off the loop of the last but one elastic band up. Weaving bracelets of gum Fishtail On the posts, only one rubber was put on. Carefully remove the bracelet from the slingshot, holding the unclosed hinges with your fingers. Their together. How to make a bracelet of gum Fishtail And fix one side of the buckle-eight. How to make a bracelet of gum Fishtail Attach the tail of the bracelet to the second part of the buckle. Bracelet from elastic bands on a slingshot Fishtail Done! Bracelet made from gum Fishtail on a fork As you can see, weaving a bracelet "Fishtail" is very, very simple. And also - very fast! Bracelet of gum Fish tail on the machine How to weave a bracelet made of gum Fishtail How to weave bracelets from gum fishtail How to weave fishtail bracelets from gum Enjoy your creativity! Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: