How to weave animals of gum: photo and video workshops

How to weave animals of gum: photo and video workshops


Enough young needlework, weaving newfangledof colored rubber bands for a few years, it got millions of fans. They started to make bracelets and rings, just for hanging out, but then it captures the whole thing. For every lover of the craft there is his personal preference weaving techniques and the types of products that they like more. Female sex is committed to the manufacture of jewelry and accessories, such as bracelets and rings. there is nothing better for teenagers and children than to weave different figurines of animals and birds that can easily accommodate both trinkets and toys of rubber bands. In this tutorial, we will analyze the methods and techniques by which the animals are formed from the gum. These crafts can be woven using the most primitive technology, such as on the fingers or pencil on the forks or slingshot. For more experienced handy suit weaving machine and a mini classic lathe, which allows to make figures of animals and birds, and even many other crafts. In this lesson we will learn the process of making some of the figures of animals that can be used as key chains or toys. Let's start with the simplest of weaving training, which would require only a conventional metal or plastic hook.

How to weave the machine without mouse

This video belongs to those who teach youweave of rezinochek toys in the form of figures of various animals. In the specific case of this animal is a nice mouse, which we will do with the hook. For we need rezinochki white, pink and black. The first piece is wrapped around the hook four times. Then the knot is portable across the second iris, and then adding the third and so on. We must weave a chain of seven pink details, and then enter the work in seven parts white dopletaya chain them together. Without removing it with a hook, forming nodules. From pink nodules are obtained of animal paws and black glazik. Then transfer the pink bundle of three iris, enter the tool in the first loop of white, and white weave new elements. As you work, adding to the animal figure of a second knot to foot.

The next item is woven for abalone and blackknot for the nose of the animal. At this point, we fix the animal blank on both sides with plastic clasps, and put off for a while. Then it is necessary to weave the two pieces for the legs and one for the tab to add them to the figure of the animal in the process of further weaving. Even during the weaving add a second glazik black details. Thereafter, the workpiece is a three chains to be combined, stringing on a hook and carrying it on a white iris. At the sharp end faces add a pink nose, tightening an adapter last loop. At this stage the animal figure comprises three chains connected at the end. We need to put them together in length, which will require a few more rezinochek. Watch the video and repeat the steps of the lesson. In conclusion, the work gently straightened her arm, and look at her. Such toys from rezinochek will be an excellent gift for children.
Video: Weave Mouse

How to weave owl of gum on the machine

In the next few master class problemcomplicated because weaving is carried out on mini machine. It weave like key chains and toys of rubber bands. In our case, we must weave a beautiful owl, which may be a toy or trinket for a pen and pencil. Prepare the machine, hook and colored gum. Here is an animal Owl we will weave together.
We start with pulling the iris folded twicethree columns on one row. Next to extreme pegs cheat two orange parts, to do foot owl. Now combine the extreme opposite rows of pegs two green elements, and the central red. We move in the middle of the very first iris operation, which is lower than all the others.

Immediately thereafter, they transfer to the gum center, which will be the base legs. On the columns of one row stretch the green part, and the same perpendicular to the side on the right.
On the rightmost peg Remove the loop, exceptlower. Of red gum central teeth translate to those in the neighborhood. Then in the middle and right columns we stretch a pair of red rubber bands, and left two pieces of green. Then we picked up the bottom of the iris, and drag them into the middle of the workpiece. Recent bardovye tabs will move to the center.

At this point, we connect the green irisespegs on the two pieces, and the lowest bounce the gum in the middle. This weave repeat three lines in a row. Now we transfer loops to two pegs, previously pulled them. And now it's time to add the orange iris, which then becomes a beak, and on top of a green element.
Now take off those green units thatat the bottom, and after them elements orange. In the last step we need to add to the work of the owls eyes. To do this, do the workpiece by tightening the hook two black parts, and carrying them through the green gum. This last pull on the bars, and execute a circle in the usual way.

Those loops that we still have,will move to the next pegs to make ears. Put the element green hue, and weaving shooting from the machine. Our Owl quite ready. We performed a master class with step by step photos and learned how to weave animals of gum on the machine Monster Tail.

Scourge seal on the handle

This video shows how to makeanimals of the gums using a classic big machine. In this case, we will focus on how to weave from rezinochek toys that play a role in the suspension of pencils or pens. We gossip toy in the form of a cute kitten.

weaving technique on a large machine is recognizedthe world one of the most convenient and perfect for such a craft. To begin preparation for work, having an average number of teeth slightly in front of the other two. Open part of the pegs have to look at you. To prepare weaving elements of caramel color. To weave a cat's head, forming a polygon in the upper area of ​​the machine, using the pairs of brown and white iris, and redo the video lesson. The inner part of the figure and fill with rubber bands, and complete large triangles. Perform ordinary blanks for the ears, and we put them on the first rows of pegs extreme, the top of the cat's head. Then from the gums or beads form the eyes, and place them on the ground.

Then we put on the details for the neck and body seals, andthen in the area of ​​the body put on large triangles of gum, and then proceed to the process of weaving. Thus it is necessary to capture the inside pair of lower gum, removed from the column, and transfer to the column above. In this way propletayutsya elements upwards. Portable and also finished up foot and lower leg while the bottom remains. In this case, both legs are attached to the bars extreme numbers, upper and lower torso. When the cat's feet were on the ground, you must proplesti loops cat body, and then the animal's head. It's time to make a template for the spout, place it on the face, after which the remaining loops proplesti cat faces. At the top of the head will form a loop, tightening it as much as possible. After that, the whole structure neatly removed from the machine, and the upper loop is put into figures the hook. Spread figure, and black rubber bands complement the nose, making them a mustache. The figurine is ready, it remains only to put it on the handle as the suspension.
Video: Kitten of rezinochek