How to weave figurines of rubber bands according to the master class (photo)

How to weave figurines of rubber bands according to the master class (photo)


Weaving from rubber bands is gaining popularity. The ability to create unique things with their own hands attracts not only girls, but also older girls. Very popular lessons and videos laid out on the Internet. With their help you can learn how to weave figurines of rubber bands. For such an interesting lesson, inexpensive tool kits are produced. They will help to qualitatively weave: beautiful ornaments (bracelets, rings, hair clips, key chains), clothes for your favorite dolls, cases for player and mobile phone, funny animals, fruits, accessories and much more.
The most popular among children are figurines fromRubber bands. Sometimes they replace the game with a pet. In addition, children like to fantasize, and figurines made of rubber can be weaved with unusual color or size.

How to quickly master the weaving of figurines

The best way is to watch the video withStep-by-step recommendations. Once the selection of the figure from the rubber has already been done, it remains to find a master class with a clear description. At first we will have to stop on simple figures, and then gradually improve our skills. Be sure to stock up on the necessary tools:

  • machine;
  • slingshot;
  • hook;
  • fork;
  • pencil.

Each tool makes it possible to weaveA variety of figurines of rubber even a beginner master. Video lessons allow you to see a three-dimensional image and listen to specialist comments. Consider the weaving of a figurine from a rubber band using the example of an octopus.

On a diagonal to put on columns three pairs of elastics. Each twist to the left eight. Take six more pieces and dress in the shape of a rectangle.

The entire lower layer of rubber bands lift and make a transfer to the middle. The next step is to remove the yellow from the extreme pins and transfer them to the right and left auxiliary ones.

On the next circle all the posts are used. Five times raise the bottom layer of rubber bands, while adding a new, but a different color. The eyes are made on the sixth row, and on the eighth the octopus's mouth is tied.

We finished Taurus, it remains to make paws. They need eight. Screw the chain with a hook. For each use eight pairs of rubber bands.

So weave figurines of rubber bands on the machine. You can use different techniques.

We twist a snowflake crochet

To weave figurines from the rubber, do notBe sure to use the machine. Many weave on a slingshot, a pencil, a fork. Trying your skills in different ways is very exciting. If there is no machine, then it is very easy to weave figurines of rubber bands on a fork.
These masterpieces weave the master with the help ofThe hook. This is an ideal option for answering the question: "How to weave figurines of rubber bands without a machine?". If the ability to crochet has already been mastered, then half of the experience already exists. A flattery snowflake.

We wind one rubber band four times around the hook. Through it we pass one more, on which there will be four loops. Catch the loose end.

Such identical blanks need three. Then remove them on a separate rubber band, the free end of which is hooked. This way make five blanks for the rays of a beautiful snowflake.

A loose loop is stretched by hook through already put on the hook. Loop tighten and remove the snowflake. For a keychain loop is lengthened.

To snowflake was more dense, you need to addNumber of elastics. And the form can be changed at your discretion. At present, there are whole directions that master new techniques of weaving. Figures from rubber bands are very exciting. As soon as it turns out to weave the first thing with your own hands, then it will not work. Creativity in the weaving is not limited. And the color variety makes it possible to weave unique unique products made of rubber.

Video: We choose figures for weaving