How to weave lemur of gum on the photo and video master class

How to weave lemur of gum on the photo and video master class


Many needlewoman weave not only rezinochekjewelry, but also different animal figures. It is like a passion for girls. Great gift made in a good mood, will bring joy to its owner. Today we look at how to weave a lemur from gums.

To work needed:

  • colored rezinochki. With their help, you can create a bright figure;
  • machine. Greatly facilitate the process of work;
  • hook. You will need for a comfortable poddevaniya gums.

Some of the experienced masters are advised to buy a special kit contains all the necessary accessories. But rezinochki and plaiting scheme can be selected independently.

Scourge lemur on the machine

The remarkable animal that likes children and adults. Students have a lemur on a pen or pencil. This hack will decorate day student.
Tail and legs around a lemurwriting subject. Figurine looks very original and funny. Weave lemur will train motor skills of fingers and cause to be creative, to create an original product.
The first rubber band to wear on the first two cells of the central row of the machine. Two evenly transferred from the middle to the side bars.

The next movement will be stringing together two white gum on the central part of the column. Now add the two white rezinochki (hereinafter AR) for the second and third columns.

We make head lemur. To do this, you need to put two bright side to R. shtyrechki third, transferring them to the middle of the fourth.
Neck weave, stringing the fourth and fifth columns of the central three white R.

Go to the animal body. Put on four pairs of R. in the center and on each side one less (three). Rounding holding, transferring R. From the sides to the center.
With interleaving white and color R.Make a rainbow tail. The machine allows you to do a small tail length. Podpletaem to size using a tail hook. Lower R. cling and throws on the previous pins.

Legs should be woven two. One on each side of the torso. For this we have three one hitch R. at each end.
Eyes usually weave black R.
Now we go to the formation of the ears. On the body lemur strung triangles. All you need three figures.

With triangles begin weaving. First legs. As soon as available, they are removed from the machine.
Likewise provyazyvayut neck, head and body. At the top of a loop is formed and the product removed.

Similarly, you can weave a figure of a lemurShort R. weaving technique greatly differ will not. Only work you need to choose the machine with extended by one central pillar nearby. It is situated in such a way that the open face right rows.

Weave lemur adaptations without fail. If you can not use a machine or a fork, then funny animal such techniques can not be done for weaving bracelet. Therefore, in the beginning you will have to watch the video or read with step by step photos of the master class.

Video: Lemur from color rezinochek