How to weave a kitten from a bead: a master class and weaving schemes

How to weave a kitten from a bead: a master class and weaving schemes


A kitten from beads is a perfect gift thatYou can present your family to any holiday: March 8, birthday, February 23, and others. After all, what can be more beautiful than a gift, which is made by hand with love and best wishes from the child.
In this lesson you will learn how to weave a cat in a three-dimensionalTechnique, get the scheme of Kitty's popular kitty. The manufacturing process is simple. In this you can be sure when you finish your work. So, how to make a cat out of beads? We look at the lesson and have fun with children.

Necessary materials

For work we take the following materials:

  • Beads (black, white, red);
  • Acrylic paints (black, white for painting balls);
  • Beads of a larger size (green for the peephole - 2 pcs., Pink for the spout - 3 pcs., And red for the mouth - 3 pcs.);
  • 2 balls for modeling a cat (head and trunk);
  • Fishing line;
  • wire;
  • scissors.

Cat with beads own hands

We model a volumetric body: We paint the ball in color, which will match the color of the bead - the color of the cat. For example, black beads, then we paint the ball into black. Only we remember that for a pussy it is necessary to leave a circle white.
On the ball draw a pussy - in the photo it's a white circle. When the paint dries on the ball, we begin the weaving from the beads.
On the circumference of the ball, weave a chain with a cross. In order for the product to turn out neat, the ball should be secured with a fishing line.
In both directions we weave a belt. In the area of ​​the papacy, the pthemum is a belt of white color. See details on the photos.

When during the weaving the row along the circumference is wide - it is necessary to clean the 1st bead.

A kitten from beads needs paws and a tail, we are engaged in their modeling: a piece of wire is folded in half. At the center of the wire we sew a bead around the color of the cat's paws.
We twist the wire and leave the tails of 3 cm. Also do not forget to leave another 2 cm from the expected length of the legs. This 2 cm cut is needed to tighten the legs.
We make 5 pieces of the required length: remember that the longest segment is the tail, and short lengths - we use for the front legs.

We fix the tail and paws to the body: we stretch the wire through the bead in the intended place, and the rest of it is wrapped around the wire, we cut off the excess.

After we fixed all the limbs, we proceed to braiding. We put the 1st row behind the beads of the body and the plait with a mosaic band. For a normal thickness, the basis is to take 3 beads, and then 5 beads.

Doppletem to bead and on the edge of the flagellus with a cross-stitch of white beads with the addition of beads in the following rows.

We are braiding the bead and the kitten's foot is ready. Next, you should do the same manipulations with the other legs and tail.

How to weave a cat's head? For the head we use a smaller diameter of the ball.
Such a small ball is painted with paint on the color of the body. Wait until it completely dries.
When the balloon for the head dries, it must be secured, passing through it a needle with a fishing line. Then you can start weaving with beads. The plait also, like the trunk - from the waist.
After weaving the head, we can weave the heart: In the form of a heart plaid cross-stitch 2 canvases. One side should consist of five crosses, and the other, shorter - 3 crosses. For weaving a three-dimensional heart, it is necessary to insert the beads and sew on the sides. Next, the heart sewn to his paws.

How to weave the cat's face?
Shave a pretty face: Sew 2 green beads in place for the eyes - symmetrically. Nose and mouth with a plait between beads of the muzzle (3 pink beads - this is for the spout and 3 red beads for the mouth).
We make ears. On the wire string a corner and rub the remains. There are no clear rules for weaving the ears. Therefore, you can weave according to your imagination.
For antennae - it is necessary through the face to skip a few pieces of fishing line. In the photo they resemble real "cat's mustache."

The ready head of the cat is put in place. To the cat did not get a long neck like a giraffe - just weave just 1 row of crosses, on the bottom of the head.

We sew the cat's head to the body, tighten the fishing line tightly and smelt the tips.

Here is such an easy master class and a nice little cat made of beads is ready. It turns out a cheerful miracle, which is not a shame to give to your relatives, relatives and friends.
Let the master class and weaving bring youPeace of mind and pleasure from the work process. By this principle, by the way, there will be another addition - a cat made of beads. She make up a cat company! It turns out a nice couple.
How to make a cat out of beads? For this, just change the color of the beads, for example pink, and our artwork will play with new colors.
As a bonus and to facilitate the work you can use interesting diagrams and a video tutorial on creating the original figure.

The scheme for weaving a cat from beads

Source of the scheme: the book Ingrid Moras "Animals from beads."

Schemes of weaving funny kitties

In addition, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the spring collection of colored seals "Hello Kitty", which must be weaved by brick and mosaic technique.

The first scheme: Cat of beads - Kitty-bee!

The second scheme: Kitty in the form of a butterfly

Third Scheme: Kitty Fairy

Make a cat out of beads by such schemes will not be difficult, and after beading, crafts will have this appearance:

The size of these cats is only 6 cm. Such a scheme is drawn in the program EasyBeadPatterns. To such kittens turned out more voluminous - in the middle you can put sintepon.

Video: Cat shoe from beads