How to weave bracelets on the slingshot with rubber bands on photos and videos

How to weave bracelets on the slingshot with rubber bands on photos and videos


Funny bright bracelets of rubber bands on the slingshotWeave very easily. Therefore, this kind of needlework with pleasure is engaged not only adults, but also children. Bracelets made of rubber became one of the most memorable trends in 2016!
Today we want to introduce you to two masterClasses in which the entire process and the weaving of these unusual silicone bracelets are described in detail. Having carefully studied the step-by-step instructions, you can independently weave beautiful unusual bracelets.

How to weave bracelet "Rags"

A bracelet called "Ribbons" looks very impressive and at the same time it easily fits. To make such a stylish bracelet you will need:

  • Multicolored silicone rubber bands;
  • hook;
  • Plastic slingshot;
  • Small clasp.

We begin braiding the bracelet. Pick up the slingshot and rotate it so that the notches "look" directly at you. Put on a white rubber band in the form of an eight on the slingshot columns. From above, without twisting, throw a couple of details of the same color. As a result, you should have 3 elements on the slingshot.

Alternately, use the hook to lower the loops to the center of the weave. Prepare 2 red gums in advance.

Alternately, thread them on the tool in 4Turnover. Throw a white piece on the slingshot. In doing so, pay special attention to the fact that you do not need to twist it! Pick up the newly placed rubber band crochet and pull through all the blanks currently in place on it. For convenience, discard the top part from the right peg, place the previously made workpieces in the middle of the weave and re-attach the eyelet to the right column. At the next stage of the training master class, gently swing the lower hinges to the middle.

Pull on both tabs one more detailMilky white color. Screw on the hook in 4 turns 2 green lettuce. Using the same scheme as in the case of red billets, move this part to the center of the weave.

Remove the lower hinges from the left and right lugs andTransfer them to the center, so that the multi-colored details are between them. In the future, carefully make sure that the rubber bands do not get tangled and the multi-colored elements of the weave are in the middle. Continue to weave the same pattern, adding rubber bands of different colors. As a result, the bracelet should have a white braid and a multi-colored core. When the size of the bracelet grows to the desired length, proceed to finish the weaving.

To do this, first sketch the white part on theSlingshot. And then take off 2 pairs of lower loops to the center of the weaving. After that, throw the loop from the right shoulder to the left and attach the buckle. Carefully remove the finished bracelet from the slingshot.

Attach loose loops to the second half of the clasp.

A bright unusual bracelet is ready! If desired, you can make it two-tone or black and white.

Master class on braiding "Monstertail"

Small silicone rubber bands have wonThe sympathies of millions of people around the world. And this is not surprising, because of them you can weave not only different figures, charms, doll clothes, covers, baskets, but also jewelry!
Of all types of rubber jewelry, the largestPopularity, as in children, and some adults use bracelets on the slingshot. This kind of weaving is quite simple and at the same time very interesting occupation. Probably, that's why, its popularity is growing day by day!
In today's master class, we want to tell you about how to weave bracelet called "Monstertail".

To self-braid such a bracelet you need to prepare some tools in advance, as well as materials:

  • Turquoise and green rubber bands;
  • slingshot;
  • hook.

Let's start braiding the bracelet. At the beginning of the master class, picking up the slingshot, we wind the first turquoise elastic band around its columns. Just put the green rubber on top. You do not need to twist it. Then pull the turquoise elastic.

Colors of rubber can be any. Main braided bracelet according to the scheme described in the master class and carefully follow the alternation of colors. Taking a hook in hand, pick up the lower loop on the slingshot and remove it. Do the same with the loop located on the other ledge. Pull the green rubber band between the slingshot bars, as shown in the photo.

Continue with the above diagram. That is, once again remove the lower hinges and put on another piece. Weave this simple way until the length of the bracelet grows to the size you need. After this weaving must be fixed with a special lock.

The resulting bracelet can be decorated with a shell if desired. To learn how to do this, you can view a small tutorial video.

In this video clip, the whole process of creating a bracelet called "Monstertail" is first described in detail. And at the end we demonstrate the technique of weaving the shell.
Bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot are very easy to fasten. Even an aspiring needlewoman can make herself a pretty bracelet literally in one evening.

Video: Braceletik with own hands