How to weave from the rubber bands of the minion on the machine and slingshot (photo)

How to weave from the rubber bands of the minion on the machine and slingshot (photo)


Multicolored silicone rainbow Rainbow LoomWonderful material for the embodiment of their creative ideas. With their help, we can weave decorations, cosmetic bags, wallets, phone cases, various toys and figurines. After spending quite a bit of time, you can please your child with a new toy - a funny minion, the character of the cartoon "Ugly I". By the way, they are loved not only by children, so you can safely make a keychain with one of these characters for yourself or someone from your friends who have a good sense of humor. Consider in more detail how to weave a minion of rubber bands.

Weaving on the slingshot

In order to make a minion with your own hands, you will need a special slingshot, a hook for knitting (hereinafter abbreviated Kr.), As well as rubber bands of blue, yellow, black, white.
We start with the material of black color. On the peg on the right, we place a silicone ring folded four times. Next, wrap two units around both pegs of the slingshot, with the help of Kr. Pull out the lower iris, moving it to the center so that the knot is turned out. We start with blue material. In the same way we place them on the slingshot, throwing up the dark ones, and then, each lower row of weaving. So you need to weave four rows of blue, one black and two yellow.

We put the eraser first in blue, thenFour golden ones. The latter must be removed and changed into the right peg of the slingshot. On the left peg we put on a blue iris, folded in 4 turns, two more blue, and also yellow. We repeat all these actions five times.

On the left peg, put on one dark rubber band,Folded 4 times, then repeat from the place where the black gum was intertwined. The body of our toon is simple, repeat the same pattern several times. Wrap the dark eraser around the two pegs, and remove the golden ones in the middle.

We finish the work by collecting details of the minion. Remove the black eraser from the slingshot on the Cr., Make a loop, enter the blue in it, now we connect the details. Now you know how to make a minion of rubber bands with a hook and slingshot.

Weaving on the machine

In order to make a cute minion of rubber bands, you will need rubber bands of yellow, blue, black, white, pink, and also a weaving machine and a hook.
Golden working material, foldedEight, we wrap around the machine sticks in a circle. Next, unfold the machine sideways and pick up the Kr-m lower layer of interlacing, toss it inside. We repeat the same thing four more times.

Now you need to attach a dark and light iris,To get the eye of our character. Next, we need to weave another row in the same pattern, and then attach the pink rubber band - this is the mouth. We continue to work with yellow rings around the contour of the head.

We pass to the blue erasers. The scheme of weaving remains the same. We're breaking into the details. We begin with the handles, then weave a pocket of black erasers. Now attach them to the workpiece.

In the circle we put on blue erasers, and the bottom weaving is translated inward. This must be done 4 times. Separately, we rub our feet, attach them to our workpiece.

Now, we remove the toy from the machine, helping Kr, we'll put on another ring. Do not forget about the details, in our case this is a frame for glasses and a tie to them. Mignon of gum is ready!

Video: Learning to make funny minions of rubber