How to weave of gum snake photo and video lessons

How to weave of gum snake photo and video lessons


From bright colored rezinochek weave a variety ofthings. This bracelets and rings, flowers and figurines. This tutorial will show novice needle women how to weave a snake out of gum. For this craft you can use the technique of weaving hook, with two pencils and slingshot. The most beautiful three-dimensional snake can weave technique Lumigurumi. This activity, which will require you to quite a lot of time, and the availability of the machine and hook rezinochek certain colors. The machine may weave snake easier. We will need about seventy irises, in contrast to the bulk of the snake. Purchase a few hundred elements, so that they did not lack, and then you will certainly be able to weave a large volume snake. In most cases, it is woven snake gum, starting from the tail, the value of which will vary depending on the number of pegs. But how to weave a complex three-dimensional snake, you need to practice, and to make it the simplest and most primitive way, using improvised tools, available in every home.

Weave snake on pencils

To make these cute snakes here, you need toprepare parts of different colors. Colours gums are chosen so as to create the illusion of a snake striped coloring figures, which we weave.

These are the colors will fit just perfect. We will prepare the gum, and the most primitive tools, the role of which can be used ordinary pencils, or even their own fingers. First we turn the white part in half, then twisted figure eight, and is located on two sticks. Top two straight stretch the gum.

Then we move up and shoot those iris,who were at the bottom, resulting in a semblance of a bow. Continue braiding technique will be the same, adding rubber bands of different colors in the upper part of the craft, and transferring the lower elements of the top.
The size of the snake is chosen by yourself, inDepending on how you intend to use this hack, or what size you want to do. After finishing the production of the tail of the snake, put the last loop on the hook, and move on to the weaving head.

In order to form a head three times the remaining loops are pulled through two new parts. Repeat this operation once more, weaving a black gum.
With hook you weaves three separatechains consisting of large loops that connect to form the snake's head. So you can better learn this needlework, you are asked to pay attention not only on the photo, but also to the next video.

All the latest loops of three chains head placed at the end of one rubber band in black, which is tightened gently, while carrying out consolidation of weaving all figures.
Video: Master Class snake weaving

Snake of gum on the machine

Video tutorial tells you how to make a snake outrezinochek the classic plastic machine. At the same time, we will carry out the weaving of the same snake, as in the first case, but other appliances. It is distinguished by the fact that the size is large, red forked tongue and realistic eyes of beads or large beads. For crafts will be used iris yellow, white and black. To make the tab, you will need a red gum. It is necessary to insert into the snake's eyes, and for this we will prepare a thin wire and a large black beads. Turn the machine open the bars on my own, and begin weaving snake. We put on the iris on the pegs at the line in that order, as shown in the video. Next, duplicate the entire first row, stringing the same elements in the columns. In the second line of the first three pegs strung yellow iris, and then the following elements, as shown in the lesson. In the third line are added to the gum in the same manner as the first.

Next, rotate the device open pegsto himself, and put on the first column on the extreme right lane twisted iris several times. Based on it, we propletaem special way the entire line using the hook, and then remove the netting and we put it on the middle row of extreme peg. Next propletaem all loops midline just as we did before, and remove all hooked. Now we transfer the work, and fasten it at the first row. Based on previously completed the loop, we continue to do the weaving of the last line. When finished, remove it from the machine on the hook, and then weave remains head of the snake with eyes and tongue. The head is also performed a hook on the machine. Carefully work, repeat all the steps on weaving heads, which are shown on the video. But first put on the red gum at the bar, where the beginning of the head will be. In the process, you need to add to weave beads to the eye.
Video: Scourge snake on the machine