How to weave the spider out gums on slingshot and machine photo MK

How to weave the spider out gums on slingshot and machine photo MK


Spider from rezinochek will be a wonderful decorationand in the form of a ring, and a keychain for your mobile phone or keychain. He certainly like kiddies. Weave it easy. The easiest way to do this on a slingshot.

Weaving spider on slingshot

Typically, a gum to create a spiderblack color. Although the colors may be very diverse, depending on your preference. To make a spider, you will need the conventional materials for this type of needlework: the hook, plastic slingshot and a handful of rubber bands.
Expand the machine grooves to himself that it wasit is more convenient to work with. On one side put rezinochku. It is better to start with a color different from the basic example, with violet. Insert it into the groove and hold your finger to lock. Next will continue weaving the base color that is black.

The second horn wrap gum three times a second. Third rezinochku fold twice and put on the two horns, not crossing over it.
Throw off the right horn rezinochku in the center, she was dressed to the third.
Next, take the hook and knot tying two rubber bands. It happened two spider legs. In total he has six legs, so we need to repeat this three times. All loops are worn on the slingshot to the knot at the center of it, and legs - outside through the bars.
The next stage - gum, folded in half, puts on two pillars, cross it is not required.

The lowest rezinochki right side slingshot toss in the center. Then, in the same way we throw off the gum, which began weaving. It should be placed exactly in the middle.
Next - all gums from the left column. They also go to the center. On the right column should remain the last gum, which spread to the other side of a slingshot. The result is shown in the photo below.
The remainder of the gum is in the center of the product. It then remains only to cut the loops that have formed the spider legs.

Weave the spider can not only by this method but also using the machine.
Video: Spider from rezinochek

Weaving spider of gum on the machine

With the help of a special machine for weaving are more voluminous and expressive figures. Most often it is small toys or trinkets.
In order to make the machine spider usIt needs machine itself, a hook, a bit of material to create a keychain and beads for eyes. Slightly raise a central row of columns to make it easier to work with. First, it is necessary to weave the legs. Then they gather together. On average, one foot is 11 gum.

1 Res. four times wrapped around the column. Eagle Eye 2 double wrap cut. and remove it at first. Formed a free loop, which must be kept on the hook to weave not crumbled. According to this scheme provyazyvaem all 11 pieces. The result was a foot. Create eight feet.
We turn to the creation of the animal cells. Irises of different colors are placed in two rows, as shown in Fig.

The lower layer is removed irises, and the top - is thrown forward. By this simple method increases the amount of spider head.

Make another row rezinochek and repeat the steps. In total it is necessary to weave a 4-5 series, adding the last eyes. The tabs are attached at the bottom of the toy. Then fit the last layer and the spider is removed from the machine. For shaping the product, it is possible to fill a filler in the hole and seal the bottom of it.

Video: Various options weaving spiders