How to weave a purse made of rubber bands: master class (photo and video)

How to weave a purse made of rubber bands: master class (photo and video)


A purse is not only a fashion accessory, but alsoIt's a very useful thing, because it's in it that we keep our savings! You can buy a nice purse in the store or do it yourself. We believe that the second option is much preferable, as it allows you to show imagination and make a truly original exclusive thing! Therefore, today we suggest that you study a small master class, which details how to weave a purse made of rubber bands.

Step-by-step master class of weaving a wallet

Today's master class entirelyDevoted to the theme of weaving wallets of bright colored rubber. They are very convenient to store coins and all sorts of trivia. Such purses look very stylish and unusual and therefore attract a lot of attention.

This step-by-step master class will be detailedDescribes the process of creating a two-color coin purse. Having mastered the technique of weaving such a model, you can try to complicate the task and, according to the same scheme, weave a purse made of multi-colored rubber bands. For weaving a two-tone purse you will need:

  • Yellow and green rubber bands;
  • machine;
  • An ordinary hook;
  • button.

Weaving a small purse in thisThe master class begins with the creation of its bottom. Since the bottom of the purse is made of yellow rubber bands, we will also start the work with them. At the first stage of the master class you need to take a yellow rubber band and twisting it in 2 turns, stretch diagonally between the first protrusion of the first row on the machine and the far post of the second row. Further on the same scheme it is necessary to pull all the details to the end of the machine, as shown in the photo.

Clinging the first layer of rubber, we moved to the leftTo the right, and now we need to attach the same workpieces, but at the same time we will move in the opposite direction. That is from right to left. As a result, a "fence" consisting of the letters "X" should appear between the columns. This fence will later become the basis, that is, the bottom of the purse. At the next stage of the master class master we will begin to weave the walls of the two-color purse. For the formation of the walls, we will need to put on one gum around the entire perimeter of the machine. Pay special attention to the fact that you do not need to twist these details!

Now the lower parts are hooked and dropped into the center of the weaving. After that, re-tension the layer of the rubber bands of the same color. And once again we discard the lower parts.

Under this scheme, we need to weave 12 more ryadochkovBright yellow color. At this stage, the training master of the class, the near row of purse is considered complete. Now the work will continue with the distant ryadochkom, since it will be attached to it the lid of the finished product.

On the back row you need to attach the irisesGreen colour. For convenience, the machine can be turned over, so that the distant rim becomes near. This will greatly facilitate the work and simplify the task for novice masters. Then the bottom layer of rubber bands hooks and is dropped to the center of the weaving. By the same scheme it is necessary to weave another 9 layers. Then the scheme of work will change a little, as it will be necessary to form a hole for the button. Therefore, after completing the second layer, the rubber bands from the far row will need to be reset.

The hole for the button will be in the middleWeaving. Therefore, the iris from the central column must be transferred to the left ledge. Next, we throw another layer, but in it the rubber bands from 6 to 7 and from 7 to 8 are twisted by the eight. Lower parts are thrown to the middle of the weaving. By analogy of the plait, there are 3 more such ryadochka. After completing the last row, we remove the finished two-tone purse made of silicone rubber bands from the machine.

The last loop is carefully hidden inside the weave, so that it is not visible. Attach a button to the purse.

We hope that thanks to this master class youNot only learned how to weave a purse made of rubber bands, but also were able to comprehend the basics of weaving, which will later help you easily create more complex models. The weaving scheme used is considered to be one of the simplest, but if you wish, you can easily complicate it a little by adding one or even several additional colors.

Video: Ways of weaving wallets