The idea of ​​decoupage tiles with the help of the design of "minimalism" - creative ideas for home

The idea of ​​decoupage tiles with the help of the design of "minimalism" - creative ideas for home

The idea of ​​decoupage tiles in the design of "minimalism" The idea of ​​decoupling tiles in design To work on our own product, we canperform a variety of actions to create their own ideas. To your attention is the original idea of ​​creating a tile, which you can use to create a full picture. The lesson is extremely simple - you need to transfer the photo or picture to the desired surface of the tile. It will not be easy to do this, but special products and material will help to implement this non-standard lesson.

Tools for work

The idea of ​​decoupling tiles in design First of all, we will need a special material:

  • High quality photo
  • 9 Tiles in the size of 10 by 10 centimeters
  • 5 sheets of A4 size for printing on a printer
  • 5 strips of tissue paper in the size of 10 to 20 centimeters.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Printer
  • Knife (stationery)
  • Decoupage glue
  • Brush for processing

Preparing a photo

The idea of ​​decoupling tiles in design So, choose a good photo for processing. You need to take a full-length photo, which will show everything that you are going to portray. Then, it is necessary to form a square of the image 30 by 30. It is also necessary to discolor the image with the help of any graphic editor. After that, change the brightness and contrast of the image to highlight the outline of the picture. Using a white and black brush, get rid of unnecessary parts or imperfections. After this action, we work on dividing the image into smaller elements. To do this, you need to print the document, but first make a grid of 10 to 20 centimeters. Then, cut the squares between the lines, preferably in an indentation of 5 millimeters. Do this in such a way so that the face is not distorted. The squares are inserted into 5 different documents, 2 for each document, except for the last square. It must be inserted into one document.

Working with the printer

The idea of ​​decoupling tiles in design To put the tissue paper in the printer,will have to try. But, there is a solution. It is necessary to take strips of wrapping paper 10 to 20 centimeters. Use a double-sided adhesive tape to seal the top and bottom sides. Next, attach to the middle of the paper to make a seal. It is better not to use conventional glue in the printer, for this you should use a specialized one.

Glue pictures

The idea of ​​decoupling tiles in design We print 5 documents for 5 sheets. We cut the squares into 9 pieces. They should be cut with a clerical knife. We apply glue in order to make decoupage tiles. then, we glue the cigarette paper. Soft design of the image is very easy, for this you need to attach the pieces printed side to the tiles in order to get a more clear view. Next, glue the inside, so that the printed one is out. Using the drying, add 2 more layers of glue for decoupage to fix the tissue paper.


The workpiece is done! This idea is made in the style of "Minimalism", it is great for decorating the look of a designer apartment with your own hands. Materials are easy to get, and this hand-made article can also be used as a gift for people close to you. Using materials, it's easy to make by yourself. The idea of ​​decoupage tiles in the design of "minimalism" - easy to develop.