Ideas of handicrafts made of cones. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ideas of handicrafts made of cones. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Cones are excellent material that is suitable forjoint creativity with children, for their development and just for creating a lot of beautiful and original products. Crafts made from cones with their own hands are usually considered actual on the eve of New Year or winter holidays, because of this safe and environmentally friendly natural material you can make a magnificent festive decor and other interesting thematic things. However, do not focus only on this use - in fact, You can work with them all year round, as any holiday will be decorated with a funny craft of cones.

Features and secrets of working with material

If you like to walk in the woods, then you will not beproblems to stock up with the necessary material. Very often the question arises, which bumps are better for making crafts. The most common trees in our forest area are trees and pines, so the products can be made from both spruce and pine cones. For crafts, there are still unblown cones, and those that have already been opened, depending on what kind of craft you are want to make. Since the lump itself is like a trunk or part of the body of an animal or a person, it produces excellent three-dimensional figures of all kinds of animals, fairy-tale characters, people. Ideas of crafts made of conesIn addition, various master classesdemonstrate to us that many other items can be made for interior decoration: a tree-topiary, a glittering ball that can be put in a vase or suspended on a ribbon, candlesticks, garlands, toys, bouquets, a basket of cones, etc. With this material very much it is pleasant to work for children as products turn out easily enough, and each time it is possible to think up something new and interesting. That's why in kindergartens and even in junior school, handicrafts made of cones for children are so popular. You can engage in such useful creativity with the child and yourself, because he certainly will like to first look for and collect them under the trees for a walk, and then turn into various beautiful things. Ideas of crafts made of conesBest of all, the kids get funnylittle animals: an owl, a bear cub, a hedgehog from cones, if an older child, you can offer him to make a basket of cones or a whole magic tree. That's what you need to know when starting to work with cones:

  • if you want to change the shape, soak it in water, and then tie it with a rope, giving it the desired shape. When the cone dries, the rope can be removed;
  • remember that they are revealed in warmth, sothat if you need non-dissolved, fasten them - leave for thirty or forty seconds in a solution of carpentry glue, then in the finished product they will no longer behave unpredictably;
  • they can be painted in different colors with the help ofacrylic paints (nail polish is also suitable) or whiten (for bleaching more suitable pine, than spruce). For bleaching, you will need ordinary whiteness, which will need to be immersed for about five hours. After this, remove, rinse well with water and dry first in the fresh air, so that the smell disappears, and then dry it in the oven (the temperature should be minimum).

The easiest way to make crafts from cones and plasticine. Older children can also be given glue. They are perfectly combined with other natural materials: dry branches of trees, dried leaves, nuts and acorns, chestnuts, etc.

Getting Started

If you decide to make crafts of cones and acornsfor the first time, then try to start with simple figures of animals or little men whose cones will serve as the trunk and the acorn as the head. Then you will only need to draw or make eye, nose and mouth from plasticine, add pens and legs or paws and a tail - all this can also be made from plasticine or cut from colored paper, but you can also use twigs, sticks, feathers, polymer clay. If there are no acorns, then replace them with large wooden beads. Complete the figure with knitted clothing or felt parts, add sparkles for the beauty, decorate the finished product with beads or other suitable decor. Crafts made of cones and plasticine are very light and are accessible even for children. Here, for example, look at the master class, just how does a hedgehog made of cones.

  • A hedgehog made of cones can be made quite simply: mold a muzzle and feet from plasticine and attach them to a bump.
  • There is a variant and more difficult. Take the pine cone and attach the bunches of pine needles under its scales. The muzzle and legs are also made of plasticine. Hedgehog, however, will have to cut a little more, so that the needles do not stick out from under the scales like a porcupine, and on the back it can put berries of mountain ash, fruit or mushrooms from plasticine.
  • It is possible to cover with big opened conesa colored plastic bottle that will serve as a torso. Such a hedgehog needs to be installed on some base, by decorating it with moss or leaves.
  • Crafts made of cones and plasticine can be very diverse:

    • cut off the top part with a knife or pliers - and you will have a ready shell for a turtle, to which only details of plasticine will remain;
    • attach a neck and a head from plasticine on one side, and on the other - add a little cotton wool under it to make a beautiful swan (you can replace it with feathers and chenille wire);
    • Thanksgiving can make a funnyturkey, halloween - creepy spiders, bats or an owl (use colored paper or clay for details), and on March 8 for a mother or grandmother - beautiful flowers of cones and ice cream sticks;
    • if you cut them into plies and paint themacrylic colors, then you will have a whole unfading bouquet of beautiful flowers, which can also be presented on March 8, or on any other holiday.

    From this material, you can get a wonderfulEcological bird feeder, which is easy to do with the child. Cones can be used to decorate chandeliers, door handles, windows, make them photo frames, make them paintings and panels, interesting elements for interior decor. A lot of master classes are devoted to this.

  • For example, fill a transparent vase with colored, golden or silver cones. Alternatively, attach ribbons to them and hang them on dry twigs, or make a garland of them.
  • To make an original candlestick, you canjust put a candle on the candles or decorate them with the candlestick you already have. Either sort out the big bump on the scales and paste them staggered layer by layer onto a circle of cardboard. Inside insert a glass with a candle.
  • Basket of cones is perfect for decoratinginterior. The master class for its manufacture is also very simple. You will need a lot of material that will need to be fastened together by a thick and strong wire (first wind the wire on each bump). Then unite them, tying them into a circle like a wreath. Make several such rings of different sizes. For the bottom of the basket of cones will need three very large specimens, which will need to be firmly fixed in the lower ring. Although you can use for the bottom and plywood or cardboard. The handle is also fixed with a wire (it is better even to take it in two rows) or fasten the cones together to liquid nails. Rings overlap each other tightly, and then tighten the wire vertically over the upper and lower layers. Secure the handle. That's all - the original basket of cones is ready.
  • The original decoration is a ball - maybe like ina kind of beautiful suspension, and part of the tree-topiary. The base for the ball will need plastic. If you want to make a tree, then in the basis it will be necessary to pierce the hole, so that the trunk (twig, stick) is inserted into it. Cover the ball with newspapers or paper, and when dry, paint with brown paint, so that there is nothing to be seen in the gaps. Then you can stick the bumps (use an adhesive gun for convenience). The basis for the tree can serve as any container that you just need to zadekorirovat: okleit sackcloth or other fabric, tie a ribbon, glue jewelry. Pour in a solution or putty and fasten the tree trunk. When the solution solidifies, you can spread glue on top and decorate inside the pot with beads or cloth. Between the cones, too, you can glue various decorations, and then sprinkle the tree with silver paint to give it a touch of snow.
  • Let these ideas inspire you to create new interesting crafts and original things from cones.