Ideas of crafts made of corrugated paper. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ideas of crafts made of corrugated paper. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Manufacture of corrugated paper craftswith their own hands is very fun and exciting. This beautiful and pliable material has won great popularity among needlewomen. In addition, corrugated paper is inexpensive and can boast a huge color variety. Corrugated Paper CraftsWe bring to your attention some simplelessons on the creation of handicrafts made of corrugated paper. They will help you to study this fascinating process in detail and will prompt a lot of new ideas for creativity.

Bouquet of hyacinths from corrugated paper with own hands - a master class

Corrugated Paper CraftsWe will need: corrugated paper of different colors, wooden skewers or sticks, glue and scissors. Step one. Cut the paper into the same strips. Fold each strip in several layers and cut it into thin strips (not to the end!), As shown in the photo. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep two. Each strip of resulting fringe is wound on a wooden skewer, which is then taken out. As a result, we will get curls along the entire length of the paper tape, which we wrap around the skewer so that the hyacinth inflorescence is obtained. The tip of the scoop before this we dip into the glue. To make the inflorescence more magnificent, it is better to use two strips with curls. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep three. We cut thin strips from corrugated paper of green color. We drip glue on the lower part of the inflorescence and from here we wrap the skewer with a green strip to the end of the stem, where we fix it with glue. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep four. Cut out two green rectangles of different sizes, and from them - leaves, we give them a convex shape. Then we glue the leaves to the stem. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep five. In the same way we make the rest of the flowers. Inflorescences can be made from two different colored strips. The more colors we use, the more interesting the composition will turn out to be. Corrugated Paper CraftsLuxurious bouquet of hyacinths, made by own hands, ready! Corrugated Paper Crafts

Topiary "Heart" made from corrugated paper with own hands - master class

Corrugated Paper CraftsWe will need:

  • pink corrugated paper
  • pencil for facing
  • a pot for a tree
  • cardboard, foam, glue and scissors
  • The trunk for a tree is any suitable stick
  • elements for registration

Step one. Cut the pink corrugated paper into the same squares and cut out the foam from the big heart. Further, we design the heart with the help of a three-dimensional application in the technique of facing. To do this, press the pink square to the blunt point of the pencil and fix it, as shown in the photo. We got a pipe-end. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep two. At the tip of each tube-trimmings we apply glue and glue the element on the heart. We continue to attach the formed pieces of paper elements, until we cover the entire surface of the heart. We try to place the trimmings very close to each other. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep three. We cut the finished heart with scissors so that it looks even and neat. In the pot for the tree fall asleep any filler. Next, cut out a cardboard circle on the diameter of the container for topiary with a hole for the trunk, decorate it in the technique of cutting the green corrugated paper and install it in a pot. The trunk is also pasted with a green paper strip, fixed in a pot, and the other end is glued to the heart. Corrugated Paper CraftsStep four. We decorate the tree with birds and satin ribbons. We also decorate the flower pot. You can make such a wonderful souvenir yourself and give it to your family or friends on Valentine's Day. Corrugated Paper Crafts

Stand for Easter eggs from corrugated paper with your hands - master class

Corrugated Paper CraftsWe will need: corrugated paper, cardboard for the basis, scissors, decorative elements and glue. Work order:

  • We make cardboard base for the stand.
  • We cut out a fairly wide strip of corrugated paper and paste it on a round cardboard base.
  • Fill the inside of the stand with piecesorganza, lace or soft wire. We supplement our creation with bright elements. You can apply paper flowers, beads, stones and other ornaments. Stand for eggs, created by own hands, ready.
  • Pineapple made of corrugated paper with own hands - master class

    Corrugated Paper CraftsWe will need: green and yellow corrugated paper, a low bottle with a low neck, golden foil, scissors, glue. Work order:

  • From the green paper, we cut the leaves 2 cm wide and 8 cm long, and from the yellow - the scales of pineapple 2-3 cm wide and 9 cm long. Then fold the scales in half and twist them in a fold.
  • Close the stopper bottle and wrap the toppart of the neck golden foil. Next, we paste on top of the leaflet bottles on top of the bottle, and on the rest of it - scales. We arrange them in checkerboard order.
  • We make the bottom with leaves and paint the pineapple with a felt pen with brown strokes.
  • Butterflies from corrugated paper with their own hands - master class Corrugated Paper CraftsSuch nice butterflies on the simple scheme we applied can be made in 15 minutes. For creativity we will need: corrugated paper, thread, scissors, glue and decorative elements. Order of work:

  • Cut out two pairs of colored corrugated paperwings of different sizes, we put them on each other, and then we band through the center with a thread and straighten the wings. If the butterfly is to be used as a suspension, it is not necessary to cut the thread.
  • Next we make a butterfly's body. To do this, cut out a narrow strip, bend it in half, make an incision, as shown in the diagram, and wrap it around the central part of the butterfly. From the incised tips we twist the antennae.
  • We paste on the wings of sequins or sequins - and the fluttering butterfly beauty is ready.
  • Some more creations of corrugated paper

    The most popular creations from corrugated paper are flowers. For their manufacture, there are many simple and detailed schemes. Here are just some of them. As you can see, corrugated paper is amazingmaterial from which you can create real masterpieces. Create, experiment, attract to your creativity your loved ones - and your life will be filled with new colors. Look at similar master classes: