Ideas of crafts made of natural material. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ideas of crafts made of natural material. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Nature gives us a huge amount of materialsfor interesting crafts. Having fun in the forest, in the park or on the river bank, you can collect untold treasures - twigs, shells, pebbles - and then create real masterpieces from them. Crafts from conesA variety of texture, color, shape of objects givemany reasons for inspiration. In your hands, these little things can turn into a fairy-tale character, a cute bauble or an original decoration for your home. You only need additional tools, a little time and an endless flight of fantasy. And our lessons will help you acquire the skill in making unique crafts and recharge with new ideas.

Basket of pine cones with their own hands - a master class

Crafts from conesWe will need:

  • more than 60 pine cones
  • two pieces of thin and thick wire, preferably brown
  • cardboard

Crafts from conesStep one. We make a circle of 11 or 12 cones, connecting them with a thin wire. First fix the wire on the first bump, as shown in the photo. Crafts from conesStep two. We attach the other cones, wrapping around each subsequent wire and forming a ring, equal to the size of the bottom of the basket. In this case, the bases of the cones form the outer edge of the ring. Crafts from conesStep three. Make a second circle of cones, the diameter of which is slightly less than the first. It takes 8 to 10 cones. Our basket is made up of two rings of cones. To make it deeper, you can make a third ring. Crafts from conesStep four. Finished rings are glued together. For the handle, we make a semicircle of cones, fastening them with a wire in the same way as the rings. To ensure that the handle does not lose its shape, we attach it to the wireframe of thick wire. Next we make the bottom of the basket from the cardboard, gluing it to the bottom ring of cones. Such a basket will decorate any interior. It can be put dry twigs or flowers made from feathers or paper, which will give our creation even more originality. Crafts from cones

Bunches of grapes from acorns - a master class

Crafts from acornsWe will need:

  • dried acorns
  • awl, wire, corrugated paper
  • Brushes, acrylic paints and varnish

Step one. With the help of an awl, we make holes in the acorns on both sides with neat twisting movements. We thread through the holes in the first acorn wire through, then bend its tip in the form of a hook, which is pulled through the lower hole. The hook remains inside the acorn and firmly holds the nut on the wire. Crafts from acornsStep two. In the same way, we prepare all the remaining acorns for transformation into grapes. Next, we glue the wires with corrugated paper of a pale green color and color the half of the acorns with green paint, and the other part of the nuts is dark purple. After the paint has dried, we cover the acorns with varnish. Crafts from acornsStep three. We gather grapes from grapes, interwoven their stems among themselves in the same way as weave wreaths of flowers. Vine leaves are done in the following way: we print out on the cardboard leaflets (you can take them from the Internet), paste green colors on the back of the corrugated paper, cut out the leaves, press veins on them and cover the surface with varnish. After the varnish has dried, use the wire to attach the leaves to the berries. Crafts from acornsVine bunches of acorns are ready. They will become a wonderful decoration of the kitchen interior. In the same way, you can make a branch of olive. Crafts from acorns

Flowers from feathers - a master class

Manufacture of crafts from all kinds of naturalmaterials is a fascinating and useful occupation, developing creative abilities and, importantly, very budgetary. Master crafts themselves and involve children in creativity - and there will be no limits to joy!