Ideas for creating interior items from old things

Ideas for creating interior items from old things

The combination of two dissimilar things can givetremendous results, especially when you consider that both objects are obsolete and unnecessary trash, and in the end you can get a new, original piece of interior with your own hands! Below are a couple of ideas for the house, using a combination of several unexpected items together. Knitted sweater + stool = soft stool decor chairs with their own hands Old ugly stools in a fabulous wayreincarnated in stylish soft highchairs. For such decor of old furniture, you needed a knitted sweater, foam rubber (or old pillows of the right size), and a stapler for fixing materials to the tree. The main thing in work is to work well on the edges of the sweater so that the new cover does not open while the furniture is in use. old stools before decorating stools after decoration Wooden board + glass jars = chandelierA simple and economical idea of ​​making a lamp by your own hands. In the board of the desired size, you need to screw in the hooks, to which hang on the bundles of jars of different sizes. The whole construction of the suspension on the chains to the ceiling, and through the central hole of the new chandelier to pass the light bulb! I would fill the jars with different beads, sparkles, pebbles, ribbons, a colored cloth, some of them can be painted in full or in part with stained-glass paints. Thus, the room will be played with colorful glare. It will be necessary to tell the author of the idea. lamp by one's own hands Old T-shirts + special canvas = rug This project requires a lot of t-shirts and patience, but the result is worth it. a mat of old T-shirts with their own hands To create such an original rug, the author needed:

  • 50 small t-shirts
  • 20 T-shirts of size XL and XXL
  • 3 hooks with a latch (the first two broke)
  • 1 bag of dark orange dye
  • special canvas - canvas for crocheting 90 cm by 120 cm
  • 85 hours of work between March and July
  • 6 600 stripes of T-shirts with a length of 6.3 cm

carpet of old shirts The idea of ​​creating such a carpet originatedfrom the necessity of somewhere to put 300 cotton t-shirts with the logo of a non-existent church. The first step is coloring the T-shirts in the desired color, then you need to cut them into thousands of small stripes. According to the author of this carpet, estimate how many t-shirts you need on the carpet and multiply this amount by two. And then, not the fact that such a number will be enough for such a soft and fluffy cover on the floor. cut rug t-shirts Strips are woven into the canvas with a special crochet that can be purchased in sewing shops. back mat knitted carpet