Ideas for children's suits sailor and sailor. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ideas for children's suits sailor and sailor. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Carnival costume of a sailor can be sewn byhands, as for a girl, so go with the boy. To create a child's sailor suit, a very detailed pattern is not required, because there is no detail in the attire that requires special accuracy and accuracy when creating them. It is enough to use simple instructions and ideas that are easily embodied in the home environment.

Carnival costume for the boy "sailor"

One of the most important details of this outfit forthe boy-headpiece. To create it, you need blue and white solid cardboard and white fabric. The illusion of solid blue cardboard is cut out by a strip that will serve as the basis. Egshirina should be about seven centimeters, the adeline needs to be determined by measuring the girth of the boy's head, and retreat a couple of centimeters to leave room for gluing. We glue the strip to make a circle. Fold the centimeter of its upper edge inward. The white cardboard is cut out an even circle, the diameter of which will be wider than the glued blue strip. It is necessary to make so that the edge of the circle retreats off the edges of the strip about a quarter of an inch away. The white cardboard circle is weaved and we paint it, retreating six centimeters from the edge. We glue the edges of the tissue to the inner side of the cardboard circle, not stretching it. Next, we glue the blue strip with a white top. Seaman's CostumeThe obligatory attribute of this costume is a collar. We cut out the cloth of forty cloth forty squares of centimeters. Visually measure half the square. We retreat oteenizhnyh edges popymjat centimeters, and we cut a semicircle doevershiny.Dalee, we retreat otkryev all a piece of centimeter and we sew it with a white ribbon of the same width. We retreat a centimeter of otlenta and sew one more white tape around the perimeter of the collar. CollarSew pants are optional, just find anyblack straight children's panties with an amazing buckle. But, if you have excellent sewing techniques, desire to sew them with your own hands, take a satin fabric of black or dark blue and give preference to the shape of flares. Hatch and collarA white satin fabric is required for the blouse. Sew it simply cut two wide details and connect them using a sewing machine, leaving gaps for the hands, the head of the body. The obligatory condition is that the upper cutout should be wide, so that the blouse can be simply worn over the head.

A simplified version of the children's attire for the boy

With their own hands, it is easy to sew a woven headdress. To do this, you need a blue wide rubber band and a white fabric. The ends of the blue gum are connected and tied. Weave a white color cut out the circle and sew it to the inner side of the rubber. It is not obligatory to sew a children's shirt, you can take a vest, and keep it under a white shirt buttoned at all. If the vest is not found, take a plain white shirt without sleeves and paint the blue stripes with acrylic paint. Seaman's SuitThe collar can be cut as well as for the first costume, but the strips can be painted with any white paint, anepishivat.Pryuchki for the boy, the usual black. Even the classical version is suitable. Suit kit

Carnival costume for children

It is necessary to try to find a white blouse withoutall kinds of unnecessary details. Drawing the nany wide cross blue strips, the isbly for the sailor is ready. The shape of the skirt can be anything except a pack or a very long model. Successful options are direct, flared or "sun". Sewing with your own hands, finding or buying, is your choice. Instead of a classic collar, one can takean ordinary little neck scarf to tie it up so that it holds the shoulders. An interesting version of the headdress of the sailor is a white beret with a blue pompon. It can be sewn from a few wedges of rubber, and it is easy to create apompon with equal pieces of woolen blue thick threads, tie them together and loose. You have to try to choose tights and choose tights. See similar master classes: See similar master classes: